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Simply Matchmaking Reviews [Incl Cost, Praise, & More!]

Simply Matchmaking reviews

Seattle’s singles scene is notoriously frosty, so many frustrated daters turn to a matchmaking service to provide high-quality matches - and hopefully find their ideal partner.

Can Ali Migliore make some magic happen for you? These Simply Matchmaking reviews have the details you need to help answer that question, like cost, her approach to matchmaking, and even real customer experience!

Modern Matchmaking In Seattle

Ali Migliore Seattle Matchmaker

Prior to becoming a matchmaker, Migliore’s background was in event planning. She’d wanted to be a professional cupid since she was 15. When several interviews with matchmaking companies didn’t pan out, her husband suggested she start her own.

She founded Simply Matchmaking in 2013, and her husband is the CEO. She employs a team of 4 matchmakers and one matchmaking director.

While she also works with a network of matchmakers all over the country, the majority of her clients are in the Pacific Northwest. Many of them live in Seattle and Bellevue.

Simply Matchmaking has attracted quite a diverse clientele, ranging from 21 to 80 years old. Migliore and her team provide matchmaking services for straight, gay, bisexual and transgender singles.

She hasn’t been in business long compared to some other dating agencies. But she’s already racked up a few awards. In 2015 Simply Matchmaking was named the #1 matchmaker in Western Washington by King 5, and the best Seattle matchmaking service by City Voter in 2016 and 2017.

So what can you expect if you become a Simply Matchmaking client?

How Simply Matchmaking Helps Seattle Singles Find Love

Potential clients can opt to simply join the database and wait to be matched with paying clients. Or you can purchase a membership so that a matchmaker will actively search the database on your behalf.

The process starts with a “Discovery Session.” During this free 90-minute consultation you’ll meet with a matchmaker to discuss your dating past, relationship issues, and goals.

As Ali told Dating Advice,

We get to know every single client who comes through the door. It’s like dating therapy when you sit down with one of us.

If you decide to become a member, you’ll be paired with compatible Seattle area singles in the database. The date details are arranged for you. You’ll also get tips on what to wear and how to prepare for your date, if needed.

Afterwards, your matchmaker follows up with you and your match, and you’ll get constructive feedback on how you could present yourself better next time. You’ll also have the opportunity to give your matchmaker feedback on the compatibility of your match, so she can fine tune her search methods.

How Much Does Simply Matchmaking Cost?

Just having your profile included in the database is a one-time flat fee of around $199. The price varies a bit depending on whether or not they’re running any specials at the time you sign up.

Signing up as a paying client starts around $500 if you’re a man under 30. Otherwise, memberships can run north of $10,000. The pricier memberships come with additional services like personal coaching, image consultation, and the option to make your search national.

All contracts include unlimited matches and last for 12 months, as you'll have the ability to suspend your service as needed.

Matchmaking fees are non-refundable in most circumstances, and they don’t guarantee you’ll actually get any matches. As with any contract, read it carefully prior to signing so you understand exactly what service you’ll be receiving in exchange for you money.

Now let’s take a look at some Simply Matchmaking reviews from out in the wild...

What People Have To Say About Their Simply Matchmaking Experience

On Yelp, Simply Matchmaking has been reviewed 40+ times, resulting in a solid 3 1/2-star rating.

In their recommended reviews, some happy customers said they had found a serious relationship via the service:

Simply Matchmaking Yelp review

simply matchmaking yelp

This customer hadn’t meet his ideal partner yet, but was satisfied with the quality of the matches he met and thought he had picked up some valuable insight along the way:

simply matchmaking yelp reviews

Other customers however didn’t have such glowing things to say. This client felt his “must haves” were disregarded, and he ended up being matched with people he felt weren’t compatible:

yelp reviews for simply matchmaking

While this client reported going on quite a few dates, he thought the quality of the matches wasn’t on par with how much he had paid to meet them:

yelp simply matchmaking

In his lengthy review, he also expressed frustration about how putting your membership on “hold” works:

yelp review for simply matchmaking

Like the other unhappy clients, this reviewer thought his matches were low quality:

yelp simply matchmaking review

Simply Matchmaking Google Reviews

Simply Matchmaking also has a 4-star rating when it comes to Google reviews, based on 30+ reviews. The majority of reviews are 5-star.

One Google reviewer was thrilled to have met his “soon to be” wife:

Simply Matchmaking google reviews

Another praised her overall experience:

google reviews simply matchmaking

And this happy client said he would recommend them to other Seattle singles:

simply matchmaking google

Of course you can’t predict exactly what your Simply Matchmaking experience would be like from feedback on local review sites. But they do make a handy starting point for jotting down a list of questions to ask during your consultation.

In the meantime, one thing to consider when hiring a matchmaking service is how you feel about signing a 12-month contract that doesn’t actually guarantee you’ll get any matches at all, as Ali explained in her response to a Yelp complaint:

simply matchmaking contract

Why not add a matchmaking service that allows you to pay by the month for unlimited matches instead of signing a contract to your list of Seattle matchmaker options?

Let VIDA Select Help Find Your Perfect Match!

You pay only for each month you want matchmaking services, and the average VIDA client only needs a few short months to start a serious relationship.

That’s because VIDA’s elite matchmakers dip into Seattle’s most extensive pool of high-quality singles.

And here’s the even better news - with VIDA, you’re in 100% control of the process.

Since you’re only meeting matches you’ve pre-approved, you already know they meet your “must haves.” No more disappointing first dates!

Plus, our pay-as-you-go structure gives you the ultimate flexibility. You can pause, stop, or start your search whenever you’d like, and for any reason at all. If the service isn’t a good fit for you, no problem. You’re not locked into a lengthy, pricey contract!

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