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Is Sugar Matchmaking Legit? [2024 Service Review!]

There's a variety of sugar dating sites available, but if you’re not attracting the right matches, those can be an exercise in frustration.

Sugar Matchmaking promises to make connecting sugar daddies with sugar babies a lot easier, but is hiring a sugar daddy matchmaking service the right move for you? This Sugar Matchmaking review will help you decide!

Our team of experts has over 14 years of first hand experience in the matchmaking industry, and we’ve helped many clients with sugar dating over the years. With a keen understanding of the matchmaking landscape, we understand what clients value most in a service.

To help singles connect with the best options, we’ve reviewed more than 200 matchmakers and their services, diving deep into their success rates, processes, client experiences, and more.

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Sugar Matchmaking Explained

Sugar Matchmaking website homepage

Sugar Matchmaking is owned by Authentic Matchmaking, a company founded in 2011 by Patrick Fletcher. Fletcher later established Sugar Matchmaking specifically to support those looking for the sugar dating lifestyle.

In an interview, Fletcher said he launched Sugar Matchmaking after continually hearing from single women about the large percentage of men whose online dating profiles were less than accurate. Or as Fletcher put it, “Men lie.”

Whether it’s misrepresenting physical appearance or their income, women were expressing frustration with what they kept seeing online. 

Recognizing the opportunity to connect disillusioned sugar babies with vetted sugar daddies, Fletcher explained to Dating News that coming up with a solution took awhile:

I took two years to ponder the problem — how do you stop people from lying on dating sites? The solution was about 4,000 years old. A matchmaker.

Now, he says it’s his mission to help younger women have a safer dating space: 

Sugar Matchmaking is run, owned, and promoted by women, that’s something I’m quite proud of.”

The company is based in Florida but works with singles all over the US. 

Men sign up with Sugar Matchmaking as sugar daddies, and are typically between the ages of 38 and 58. Fletcher explained that the service fills a specific niche:

“We assist men who don’t have time to go out and look for a high-caliber girl in traditional ways.” 

Joining as a sugar daddy starts with submitting a confidential application on the Sugar Matchmaking website. Someone from the team will reach out to discuss package options, verify your identity, and outline the next steps.

Sugar Matchmaking application for men

Sugar Matchmaking attracts a diverse range of female clients, from college students in their 20s to soccer moms in their 50s. 

There’s a different form for those interested in signing up as a sugar baby. You’ll provide some details about yourself, such as ethnicity, occupation, income, body type, and eye color.

You’ll also be asked to upload photos and answer a few other questions, such as “What makes you unforgettable?” 

Signing up as a sugar baby also involves taking a psychological assessment and personality test.

Sugar Matchmaking Cost

Sugar Matchmaking does not publicize its prices on the website, which isn’t unusual. The final cost varies based on factors like the package you choose, the extent of your search, and any supplementary services that you wanted included. 

As you’ll see in the reviews coming up, one client mentioned paying around $3,000, and prices likely range over $10,000 depending on your level of service.

Sugar Matchmaking offers three main packages:

  • Casual Sugar Dating (fun adventures with no strings attached)
  • Serious Sugar Dating (a consistent sugar dating arrangement)
  • Sugar Mentorship (defined by Sugar Matchmaking as “older rich men investing in college-age women”)
Sugar Matchmaking packages

Sugar Matchmaking Reviews

Sugar Matchmaking has been uniting sugar daddies with sugar babies for over a decade, but you won’t find many online reviews.

On Yelp, Sugar Matchmaking has a 2.3-star rating based on 3 reviews.

Sugar Matchmaking 2.3-star rating on Yelp

The sole 5-star review mentions a positive experience with the process and coaching services:

5-star Sugar Matchmaking review on Yelp

On the flip side, both of the 1-star reviews shared frustrations about the quality of matches and the cost:

1-star Sugar Matchmaking review on Yelp
Sugar Matchmaking 1-star Yelp review

Apart from Yelp, Sugar Matchmaking has yet to be reviewed on platforms like Trustpilot or the BBB.

Is Sugar Matchmaking Your Best Option? 

Deciding which matchmaking service is the best fit for you isn’t easy - and it’s not a decision to make lightly. After all, it’s a deeply personal search and you don’t want to invest your time, trust, and money unwisely!

That’s why our team of matchmaking experts put together this handy guide to hiring a matchmaker. It’s packed with informative tips, essential questions, and key considerations that you’ll want to read before signing a contract.

And if you’re thinking about Sugar Matchmaking because you’re striking out on sugar dating sites, here’s one more option to consider:

VIDA Select

VIDA’s matchmaking team has been helping singles find their ideal partners since 2009, and we can help you find the sugar relationship you’re looking for. 

By using a modern approach that leverages the largest pool of eligible singles there is, you’ll be meeting sugar babies who fit all your criteria - and who are excited to meet you!

VIDA also offers the convenience of pay-as-you-go matchmaking packages, so you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract. If you meet your perfect sugar baby right away, simply don’t continue with the next month of service.

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