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The 10 Weirdest Dating Sites Ever

So you have “unique” tastes. And you learned the hard way you can’t just come out and say you have a clown fetish on or OkCupid.

But you really want to date a clown. Or maybe it takes an inmate or a vampire to get your motor running. Who’s to judge? After all - the heart wants what it wants, and that's where this "Weirdest Dating Sites Ever" list will come in handy.


They can make even your strangest fetishes and interests seem, well, normal.

And trust us, our team of modern dating experts has seen it all. We've been in the industry since 2009, developing strategies, optimizing profiles, swiping, and messaging on behalf of the clients we represent online. 

Thanks to thousands and thousands of first-hand experience, we understand all the ins and outs of niche dating platforms and can confidentially guide singles like you to the options that align best with your relationship goals, whatever they may be.

For a glimpse of what's lurking out there, check out our list of the weirdest niche dating sites in existence:

#10 - Naturist Passion

naturist passion

Tired of trying to picture her naked while she’s distracting you with tedious conversation? No imagination required on this first date thanks to - but remember, her eyes are up here, mister.

#9 - Brony Passions

brony passions

Never outgrew your love for colorful anthropomorphized horses? Neither did she, and you'll find her on

#8 - FurFling

fur fling

For those who want a love life that’s more NatGeo than Lifetime Network, find a fellow furry at

#7 - Stache Passions

stache passions

If you're rocking some legendary facial hair, find a woman who will finally recognize your manscaping as the art form that it is on

#6 - Age Match

age match

Tired of getting called a creepy old man on Some women are into the “May-December” thing. Find them at

#5 - Mullet Passions


From the front, you’re all business. But there’s always a party in the back and you’d like to meet a woman who truly appreciates that. Or rocks one of her own. Find her at

#4 - Women Behind Bars

women behind bars

Look no further than to find the bad girl your momma warned you about. And on the plus side, you'll always know where she is.

#3 - Diaper Mates

diaper mates

No more strange looks and "emergency" phone calls when you show up to the first date rocking your adult diaper. She's totally into it.

#2 - Clown Dating

clown dating

Your sad clown days are over, and your acrobatic nights are about to begin. Get your circus freak on at

#1 - Vampire Dating


Tired of that guy from Twilight getting all the action when you can't find a hot bloodsucker to call your own? When the sun goes down, head on over to

furry gif

No matter what type of strange you're into, VIDA can help you find it. Our team of experts can do everything from write your profile to messaging the clown/horse/vampire/diaper-wearing-hottie of your dreams.

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