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Quick Guide To Tinder Feed [What It Is & How To Use It]

If coming up with great Tinder icebreakers isn’t exactly your forte, Tinder Feed could make your life a whole lot easier. Now once you’ve matched with someone, checking out Feed means you've got even more material to inspire your first message right at your fingertips!

Find out what Tinder Feed is, and how you can use it to have Tinder conversations that lead to more dates!

Editor's Note: Tinder removed the Feed feature around July of 2020, although it may pop up again in the future. But you don't want to miss the expert messaging tips - skip to the end and read them now!

How Tinder Feed Works

In a nutshell, Tinder Feed is a timeline of all your matches’ recent Tinder activity all in one place. It's chronological, with the latest changes to the person’s profile shown first. When someone swaps a profile photo, updates their bio or adds a new Spotify anthem, you’ll see it in Feed.

Tinder Match Feed

To access your Tinder Feed, simply tap the chat icon at the top right of the screen. Then tap “Matches” and start scrolling through all the recent activity.

Tinder Feed is interactive as well. The idea is that having specific content to comment on makes reaching out to a match easier.

You can send your match a direct message by tapping the conversation icon, or tap the green heart to react with an emoji:

Tinder Match Feed reaction

And double tapping a particular piece of content or tapping the blue conversation icon opens up a message box. So sending a direct message to your Tinder match is a snap.

Send a message from Tinder Feed

You may recognize the format from Hinge. That’s likely where Tinder got the inspiration for this feature. The key difference is Feed provides real-time updates according to your matches activity on the app.

How To Post On Tinder Feed

All your recent activity automatically shows up in your matches’ Feeds once you enable the feature. This means it's worth it to tweak your photo lineup or bio periodically.

To enable the Tinder Feed feature and share your content:

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Scroll to “Feed Settings”
  4. Tap "Shared Content” to access the menu
  5. Toggle on whichever content you'd like to share in your Feed

Share My Feed Tinder

Messaging Tips For Tinder Feed

Feed gives you plenty of inspiration for starting a conversation on Tinder. There’s really no excuse for not reaching out to matches who intrigue you! You got the right swipe, now you need to take it to the next level. After all, the whole point is to use Tinder Feed to get more dates, right?

Need extra motivation? A recent study revealed that 83% of singles think a great conversation on an app like Tinder can lead to better conversations on the first date.

You want to get the ball rolling, but in a good direction.

Here are 3 messaging tips for Tinder Feed:

#1: Ask A Question

Commenting “hey, nice photo” doesn’t work on Feed any better than it does as a Tinder message. Not only is it boring, but it doesn’t steer the conversation in any specific direction.

Your match has essentially three ways to respond. And only one of them will likely result in a meaningful message exchange that has future date potential:

  1. Ignore it
  2. Respond with something just as lame, like “thanks”
  3. Take control of the conversation and ask you a question

The first option is by far the most common, especially if your match is attractive and not lacking for attention on Tinder. And even if you do get a brief response back, it’s a boring conversation they likely have no interest in continuing.

If someone is really interested in you, they may go with option three. But that’s work. Unless they’re really motivated, chances are they won’t bother to try and think of something good to write.

That means if you want the best shot at a Tinder message exchange leading to a date, you need to take control of the conversation from the very first message. And you do that by asking a question.

If she’s holding a dog in her newly posted photo, comment that you’re a proud dog dad of a German Shepherd named Ralph. Then ask what her dog's name is. Who doesn’t love to talk about their pets?

If it’s a travel photo, say something about your recent trip and ask where her pic was taken.

In just one message, you’re establishing that you have something in common (i.e. love of dogs or travel) and asking a simple question that will only take a few seconds to answer. And just like that, your conversation has begun.

PRO TIP: Finding Common Ground Can Boost Your Response Rate

Thanks to a phenomenon called “Implicit Egotism,” your matches will feel more drawn to you because people naturally gravitate towards others who remind them of themselves.

A recent POF study confirmed it - the messages that got the highest response rate referred to a shared interest or experience.

#2: Mind Your Grammar

Singles who responded to a recent nationwide survey identified conversations on a dating app as the best way to determine compatibility - even more so than looking at profiles or photos.

The majority of those same singles admitted they’d choose bad sex over faulty punctuation and poor word choices. A whopping 58% of them simply “couldn’t live with subpar grammar.” That study was conducted by the dating site Plenty of Fish, but there's no reason to think Tinder users would feel any differently.

(Wishing you’d paid more attention to that high school English teacher? Consider outsourcing your Tinder to someone who did!)

#3: Make Some Changes To Your Profile

Want to increase your odds of getting messages on Tinder Feed? Stay active on the app! Swap out one of the photos in your line up for a “message bait” pic - something where the comments practically write themselves.

Hold an adorable puppy, take a selfie in a colorful or unusual environment, anything that will make someone curious about what's in the photo. Swap a picture from the end of your lineup, though, as your primary photo should always be your strongest one to ensure local singles keep swiping right.

If you're not sure your new photo is Tinder worthy, gather some feedback on sites like PhotoFeeler.

The Easiest Way To Manage Tinder - And Get More Dates!

Tinder Feed adds another dimension to this popular dating app... and if used effectively it could be a great addition to your strategy. But maybe you're having trouble finding enough time to devote to the care and feeding of your Tinder profile. Or perhaps you read that last sentence and started thinking, "Wow, maybe I should have a Tinder strategy!"

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