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Need Tinder Help? 6 Ways To Get Better Matches!

Looking for a little Tinder help because it seems like you’re the only one swiping right? You can have the best Tinder icebreakers in the world, but they won’t do you much good if she swipes left.

If you want the cream of the crop to love your profile, it needs to be magnetically attractive. Sounds like a tall order… but don’t worry, Tinder help has arrived.

Here are 6 ways to get better matches on Tinder!

#1 Focus On Your Primary Photo

When your photo pops up in her Tinder feed, her first impression of you is formed in about 1/10th of a second. It’s a make or break moment, because that impression will likely determine your fate.

You need the kind of photo she’ll instantly swipe right on, and then you can start working some messaging magic.

The good news is you don’t need Ryan Gosling-level good looks to have a photo that’s irresistible. You just need to apply a little science.

5 Most Attractive Tinder Photo Traits (According To Science!)

A group of researches recently used diagnostic tools like an EEG to study the brain activity of participants looking at Tinder photos.

They were then able to use that data to identify the 5 traits the most attractive Tinder photos all have in common:

You Immediately Draw Her Eye

The more contrast there is between you and your surroundings, the more you stand out.

perfect Tinder photo

Blending into the background is the kiss of death on Tinder.

She’s Looking At You (And Only You)

Don’t make her guess which guy you are. You’re only setting yourself up for failure if she’s disappointed when she realizes she guessed wrong.

It’s A Simple Image

When there’s a lot going on in the frame, it takes the brain longer to interpret what it's seeing. These “high noise” images were perceived as less attractive by the study participants.

It’s A Headshot

Closeups are eye catching, without a lot of visual clutter in the frame. Don’t get too close up, though.

Tinder photo tip

Researchers in a different study found that extreme closeups warp your image slightly. It’s subtle, but enough to make you appear slightly shady. On a dating app, you want to look as trustworthy as possible.

Your Eyes Are Visible

Obscuring your face, like with a pair of sunglasses or your hair flying in the breeze, is a no-no. Eye contact is subconsciously linked with trust - so if she can’t see your eyes, she may feel like you’re hiding something.

#2 Give Your Photo Lineup An Overhaul

If your primary pic doesn’t make her immediately swipe right, your photo lineup needs to seal the deal. Use at least 3 photos, because you’ll get 6x the matches you’d get with only one. A selection of 3-5 strong photos is ideal.

But all your photos need to shine, because she can swipe left at any time.

5 Most Common Tinder Photo Mistakes

Way too many guys make these blunders, so do your best to avoid them:

Shirtless Selfies

Tinder Photo tip

The women have spoken - and they’re not turned on.

If you want her to appreciate the result of all those hours you spend at the gym, include a photo of you at the beach, the lake, or the pool. In other words, in an attractive setting where it makes sense that you’re shirtless. Pointing a smart phone at your bathroom mirror doesn’t cut it.

Artificial Lighting

Photos taken under fluorescent lighting probably aren’t doing you any favors, and using a flash creates harsh shadows, washed out highlights, and red eye.

It also makes you look about 7 years older in your pics. Photos taken in natural light are usually more attractive. If you can, choose pictures taken outside an hour before dusk or right after dawn. Pro photographers love this time period, called the Golden Hour, because the light is mellow and flattering to everyone.

Poor Quality

photo that needs Tinder help

Whether it’s cropped wrong, or so blurry she can barely see your features, don’t hand her a reason to swipe left. If you want better Tinder matches, you need to look like a good prospect yourself.

Lack Of Variety

Your photo lineup should show what a fun guy you are to spend time with. An intriguing selection makes her want to know more about you, which is the first step in building attraction.

A boring lineup, on the other hand, will stop that budding attraction right in its tracks. If your entire lineup is 5 selfies taken from the same angle, you need to make some changes stat.

Special Effects

Save the creative filters and image manipulation for Snapchat and Instagram. On Tinder, she wants to see what you really look like.

#3 Crowdsource Your Tinder Help

Once you’ve chosen a primary photo and a potential lineup, soliciting feedback on it from total strangers should be your next move.

photo feedback

On Tinder, looking attractive goes deeper than your physical appearance. You want to look competent and trustworthy too. Research has shown strangers are in the best position to identify the photos that hit all the right notes.

Someone who isn’t familiar with you notices all the small details - like tiny imperfections, micro expressions, and even what's in the background, right away. And they take those details into consideration when deciding how attractive you are.

People who know you gloss right over those same details out of sheer familiarity, so their feedback isn’t as reliable when it comes to evaluating your dating photos.

You can test out your photos by turning on Tinder’s Smart Photos feature, which will automatically shuffle each photo into the primary position, then order them according to popularity.

If you want control over which photo women see first, use a site like PhotoFeeler to gather opinions.

#4 Stand Out With An Eye-Catching Bio

You may be tempted to skip writing a Tinder bio, since it’s so short. But that’s a mistake, because guys who fill out the “About Me” section get 4 times more matches than guys who leave it blank.

Think of your Tinder bio as your last line of defense. If she’s still undecided after scrolling through your photos, an irresistible bio may lead to a right swipe.

You want to appeal to the kind of high-quality women you’re looking to date, so mentioning your occupation is a good way to go. A recent study found 73% of women were looking for an intelligent guy with a job on Tinder.

Here’s an example of a Tinder bio for guys that checks the “smart career guy” box, plus mentions a few more attractive traits:

Best Tinder bio example for guys

If humor is your specialty, a witty bio could entice her. Women are drawn to a good sense of humor like a moth to a flame, which this Tinder About Me example showcases:

Best Tinder bio example

For 4 more Tinder profile examples and expert advice on how to write your bio, check out this article.

#5 Boost Your Profile

YouTube video

For a couple of dollars, Tinder will make your profile the top one in the area for 30 minutes. Tinder claims using a Boost will give your profile 10x the views, which could result in a lot of right swipes.

That means if you live in a large city, boosting your profile could pay off with a lot of matches.

How much it costs to boost your Tinder profile largely depends on where you live, but you can expect to spend around $3.99 for one.

If you’re a Tinder Gold subscriber, you automatically get a free Boost every month - so make sure your new & improved profile gets the action it deserves by using it!

#6 Outsource Tinder

If you’re anything like the average Tinder user, you’ll hop on the app about 10 times today, spending a total of 90 minutes swiping, swiping, swiping. And if you’re not matching with the type of women you want to date, investing that much time gets old, fast.

Why go through all that frustration when you can quickly get the results you want by outsourcing Tinder

VIDA’s dating experts will put together an entire Tinder strategy for you, from choosing your strongest photo lineup to writing a bio gets noticed. Our professional writers even handle all the back and forth messaging!

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