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Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold VS Tinder Platinum – What Are The Differences? (2021)

When it comes to Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold vs Tinder Platinum, deciding which premium upgrade is best for you can be tricky. Do you really need *all* the Tinder Platinum benefits, or is Gold a better deal?  

Keep reading to find out the key features that set Tinder Gold apart from Tinder Plus, and what extra perks you get with Tinder Platinum!

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Tinder Plus vs Gold vs Platinum

Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold: The Two Key Differences

If the idea of firing up this popular dating app and instantly knowing which local singles have already “liked” your profile appeals to you, Tinder Gold is the way to go.

Upgrading to Tinder Gold has two main benefits over a Tinder Plus subscription:

  1. You can instantly see everyone who liked your profile
  2. Get up to 10 Top Picks every day
Tinder Gold Advantage #1: “Likes You” Feature

Thanks to a special grid layout, you can see at a glance all the people who swiped right on your profile since you last logged in. Returning the favor results in an instant match, meaning you can proceed straight to messaging.

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If you’re pressed for time, you can even auto-match with all of them with one quick tap – then decide who you want to message from your match feed at your leisure. No swiping required!

Tinder Gold users can still access regular old Tinder if you want to see the entire card stack in your area. A yellow heart icon will appear on the profiles of those who have already swiped right on you.

Tinder Gold Advantage #2: Tinder Picks Feature
Tinder top picks

The other major difference when it comes to Tinder Gold vs Plus is the full access to your Top Picks. Gold subscribers are presented with anywhere from 4 to 10 profiles that Tinder picks out as highly compatible matches. That's handy if you're in the market for a long-term relationship.

If you don’t have Tinder Gold, you can only interact with one of your Tinder Picks each day.

Upgrading to Tinder Gold includes Tinder Plus, so you’ll get access to all those bells & whistles. If you’re already a premium subscriber, you can upgrade from Tinder Plus to Gold, or just purchase a Gold subscription directly.

These premium features come with Tinder Plus:
  • 5 daily Super Likes – free users just get 1
  • Rewind – unlimited ability to undo your last swipe
  • Passport – you can change your location to any city in the world and start swiping
  • 1 monthly Tinder Boost – your profile goes straight to the top for a full 30 min of increased exposure (also available ala carte as one of Tinder's in-app purchases)
  • Swipe ad free
  • Right swipes are unlimited – no more time restrictions!
  • Control your visibility & what info is displayed on your profile

Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold: Price

Tinder Plus starts around $9.99, perhaps more depending on your age and location (Tinder prices tend to vary by market, especially when they're testing new features). For the benefits that come with Tinder Gold, budget around $29.99 for 1 month.

Tinder Cost Comparison

In both cases, the monthly price drops significantly when you purchase a longer Tinder subscription. For instance, Tinder Gold's monthly price drops to $12.50 when you buy a year's worth. That compares to $4.17 per month for a year-long Tinder Plus subscription.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

If you don’t live in a heavily populated area, Tinder Plus is better than Tinder Gold. After all, you’ll find out who’s already swiped right on your profile just by hopping on the dating app. If you’re in a rural area where you don’t get many matches, it won’t take long to figure it out.

But if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of matches, or live in a megacity where you’re up against some stiff competition for the hottest matches, Tinder Gold is likely worth the investment.

The ‘likes you’ feature can save you a ton of swiping time, and having a selection of high-quality matches presented to you is perfect if you don’t want to spend a ton of time on the app. (Don’t want to spend any time on Tinder but still go on amazing dates? Click here!)

Tinder Gold VS Tinder Platinum: The Two Key Differences

Platinum includes *all* the premium perks Tinder offers – upgrading unlocks Plus & Gold features too.

Upgrading to Tinder Platinum has two main benefits over Tinder Gold:

  • You can send a message along with your Super Like – before you've matched.
  • Any “like” you send gets seen before non-subscribers.
Tinder Platinum Advantage #1: Message Before You Match

Non-Platinum subscribers have to match with someone in order to send an icebreaker. But with the Platinum upgrade, you get 5 opportunities each day to send a message along with your Super Like.

Send A Message Before Matching On Tinder

If you find yourself struggling to even match with people, this benefit may tip the odds in your favor. A great first message can spark enough intrigue to convince someone to swipe right.

Tinder Platinum Advantage #2: Prioritized Likes

This benefit puts your profile ahead of all the non-Platinum subscribers in the card stack of anyone you like or Super Like. Depending on how many other Platinum users are in your area, that could potentially be a huge push to the front of the pack.

If your “dating radius” covers a lot of ground, or you have a sneaking suspicion your internal Tinder rating could use a boost, this feature may give you a big competitive advantage.

Tinder's matching algorithm likely factors in both the distance between you and a potential match and how popular *you* are when determining where to place your profile in their match feed. Your Platinum priority trumps that – which could translate to a big boost in your match rate.

Tinder Gold VS Tinder Platinum: Price

Because it's a relatively new subscription tier still technically in the testing phase, Tinder Platinum pricing tends to vary widely according to your location. In the US, it appears to be $39.99 for one month, compared to $29.99 for one month of Gold.

As with the other two tiers, you'll pay less per month when you invest in a lengthier subscription:

Tinder Gold vs Tinder Platinum Cost

When Is Tinder Platinum Worth It?

Getting a competitive advantage is the real value of Tinder Platinum. Potential matches swipe on your profile before seeing profiles for all the free, Plus, and Gold users in your area, Plus you can entice someone with a message before they've made their decision – a good icebreaker is a point in your favor.

If you're swiping in a city like New York or Los Angeles, Tinder Platinum is like an express lane for your profile. It quickly gets in front of the people you want to see it most.

If there aren't a ton of other users in your area and you're happy with the matches you already get, you probably don't need to spend the extra money for Platinum. Use Tinder Gold to focus on the singles who are already interested in you.

Make Your Premium Tinder Subscription Worth The Money

Whether you upgrade to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum, keep in mind none of the premium options are a magic fix if you’re not happy with the results you’re getting now.

If you’re not matching with the singles you want to meet most – or with anyone at all – take a hard look at your Tinder photos. Especially your primary one.

You can get some expert Tinder help courtesy of this article, but start by making sure you’re not committing one of these Tinder photo sins:

Tinder photo mistakes

You may also need to amp up your profile and make sure you look like a hot prospect in print, too. Use one of these great Tinder bio examples for inspiration!

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