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Is Tinder Plus Worth It? (2024 Review + 3 Tinder Tips!)

Debating if Tinder Plus is worth it?

This Tinder Plus review has all the info you need to decide. VIDA's dating experts have logged hundreds of thousands of hours on Tinder since the app launched back in 2012. We've used it on a daily basis, putting us in a unique position to study how the app has evolved and expanded over time.

Coming up, we'll break down all 6 premium features bundled with Tinder Plus, how much it costs, and most importantly, when it makes sense to upgrade. All based on our real-world, hands-on experience!

Let's get started!

Tinder Plus Cost Per Month

Tinder Plus pricing runs around $24.99 a month, with the monthly price dropping if you purchase a longer subscription.

How much Tinder costs also depends on what promotions are running at the time and what market you're in.

Tinder Plus 2024 Cost*
1 week - $12.99
1 month - $24.99
6 months - $99.99
*Price may vary by location

As with most dating apps your subscription is auto-renewed unless you cancel it with at least a day's notice prior to it expiring.

Tinder Plus Premium Features

Here is a quick run down of everything you get when you upgrade to Tinder's first level of premium membership.

#1: Change Your Location (Tinder's Passport Feature)

YouTube video

You’re no longer limited to seeing profiles in your general area!

Tinder’s “Passport” feature allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world, and swipe through those local singles.

So when you travel, you can have dates lined up at your destination before you even start packing for your trip.

#2: Incognito Mode

Tinder's Incognito Mode hides your profile from everyone, then only recommends it to the people you Like. That gives you control over who's checking you out!

#3: Unlimited Swiping

You can swipe right as many times as you'd like each day, but take that with a grain of salt.

Tinder's algorithm frowns on the "swipe right on everyone/sort 'em out later" approach. You'll likely get rewarded with more visibility and a higher internal ranking if you only "like" singles you're truly interested in.

#4: Control Your Age & Distance

This perk allows you to limit the information other Tinder users can see about you.

#5: Unlimited Rewinds

If you find yourself swiping the wrong way a lot, you’ll appreciate this one. You can fix any swiping mistakes as you go.

#6: Ad Free Browsing

Not only can you swipe as much as you like, in the upgraded version of Tinder you won’t be interrupted by pesky ads for stuff you don’t want anyway.

Pros & Cons Of Upgrading To Tinder Plus

To decide if Tinder Plus is worth it for you, consider these pros & cons.


  • More local singles will see your profile, which could mean more matches in less time.
  • Tinder's Passport feature allows you to spoof your location, which makes it possible to start conversations with local singles in whatever cities you plan on visiting.
  • If you want to be more discreet on Tinder, upgrading allows you to limit who sees your profile.


  • If you don’t travel often or don't care who sees your profile, you may be paying for premium features you don’t really need.
  • Upgrading to Tinder Plus doesn’t guarantee you’ll get more matches. If your Tinder bio and photos aren’t top notch, you could be wasting your money.
  • The average guy already spends 90 minutes a day on this popular dating app, and unlimited swiping could translate to spending even more time without getting better results. To meet the best local singles fast, consider outsourcing Tinder to the experts.

When Buying Tinder Plus Is Worth The Money

There are two main scenarios when upgrading Tinder is a good investment, and two scenarios where it makes more sense to keep using Tinder for free.

Tinder Plus makes sense if:

  • You travel frequently and want the ability to change your location to get a head start swiping in your destination city.
  • You live in a mega-city and find yourself frequently running out of swipes. Why wait 12 hours to get more?

Skip the Tinder Plus upgrade if:

  • You live in a less populated area. The majority of Tinder users live in larger cities. If you’re not willing to commute into a city center for dates, it’s probably not worth the monthly investment to upgrade.
  • You're disappointed with your match and message response rates. Fix those problems first, then upgrade.

The Differences Between Tinder Plus, Gold & Platinum

Tinder upgrade options

Tinder Gold includes all the Tinder Plus perks, as well as the ability to view the cards of everyone who already “liked” your profile on a single screen.

From there, it’s simply a matter of checking out the singles you’re interested in - or you can auto-match with everyone at once.

You'll get 5 SuperLikes to use every week, and a free monthly Boost.

YouTube video

Tinder Gold also includes a selection of 4 to 10 “Top Picks” every day.

Tinder Top Picks Example

These are people the app’s algorithm has determined you’re particularly compatible with.

YouTube video

A single month's subscription to Tinder Gold costs around $39.99.

For all the details, check out this Tinder Gold review.

Tinder Platinum is the top-shelf upgrade option, including *all* the perks of the other two levels.

You'll also be able to message someone before you've matched with them, although you have to use a Super Like to do it. The other handy benefit is anytime you "like" a profile, you'll get priority placement over free users in that person's match feed.

Tinder Platinum also allows you to review everyone that you've right swiped on in the last 7 days.

This level is only available to Tinder users who are already upgraded, so you'll need to purchase a Plus or Gold subscription before upgrading to Platinum.

The pricing varies by market, but you're likely to pay around $49.99 for one month.

Read all about Tinder Platinum in this review, or check out this Tinder upgrade comparison!

3 Tinder Tips For Guys Who Want More Dates

When you’re paying for a Tinder account, you want a profile that gets results. That means you need an intriguing bio, attractive photos, and a “go-to” icebreaker that actually gets responses.

Let’s start with your bio…

#1: Women  ❤️  Humor

Over 70% of women say a sense of humor is on her “must have” list, so show you’ve got a great one with a funny Tinder bio.

And here’s an even more compelling reason to add a dash of humor to your Tinder profile: women’s brains are wired to respond positively to it. That means funny guy = more right swipes.

Here is an example of a funny Tinder bio for guys:

funny Tinder profile for guys

Insert your favorite adult beverage and signature recipe, and you can use it right now!

For more Tinder profile writing tips and examples, go here.

#2: Take Advice From Strangers

At least when it comes to choosing your strongest Tinder profile pics.

As it turns out, a person who has never seen you before is way better at choosing photos where you look the most attractive, competent, and trustworthy.

You know - all those traits that will make her actually want to meet you IRL.

Research shows total strangers notice all those tiny little details you gloss over, like microexpressions and familiar surroundings.

You’re so familiar with your own appearance that you miss things someone who’s never seen you before would notice right away - and that’s why using Tinder’s Smart Photos feature is a good idea. You can also gather feedback on your Tinder photo lineup from a site like PhotoFeeler.

Tinder smart photo feature

A group of neuroscientists in the Netherlands recently studied the eye movements and brain activity of people looking at Tinder pictures, then used the data to determine what elements made for the most alluring Tinder photos.

According to their findings, you should make sure your primary Tinder pic follows this recipe:

  • High contrast - you don’t want to fade into the background.
best Tinder photo tip
  • Simple composition - you should be the only one in the frame.
  • Close up - showing the upper third of your body works best for the first photo in your lineup.
  • No obstructions - especially sunglasses. Hiding your eyes can make you seem untrustworthy, and that’s the last impression you want to make on Tinder, right?
#3: Get More Responses Faster With An Effective Cut & Paste Icebreaker

The very first Tinder message you send sets the tone for the entire conversation - and could mean the difference between getting a date and striking out.

You may not always have time to come up with a great opening line on the fly, which is why having a proven Tinder icebreaker in your back pocket comes in handy.

Here are 3 Tinder Icebreakers that actually work and can be sent to any woman!

tinder opening line that works

This first Tinder opening line example starts off with a gif. Not only are gifs eye catching, but according to Tinder, using one in your message means you’re 30% more likely to receive a response, and the convo will last 2x longer.

Tinder opener that works

This icebreaker works because it’s a fun question to think about, and it’s easy for her to answer. That’s why starting with something lame like “Hey” rarely works - you’ve put the conversational reigns in her hands.

Asking a question is vital - the less work she has to put into her reply, the more likely she is to actually respond.

good Tinder conversation starter

Funny Tinder messages get results, so asking her a humorous question like this will set you apart from all those guys who fall back on “hey, there” and “ur hot.”

For even more Tinder conversation starters, plus tips on how to keep the conversation going, check out this article.

The Fastest Way To Meet Someone Special On Tinder

If you want a serious relationship, why not take Tinder seriously? Putting your best foot forward on Tinder takes time - you need to select your best photos and send messages she actually wants to respond to.

For most guys, that stuff doesn’t come naturally - even with all the awesome Tinder advice you just got. And that’s why most guys strike out on Tinder. But the good news is you can outsource Tinder entirely, and let VIDA do the hard work for you!

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