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Is Toronto Matchmakers Legit? [2024 Service Reviews!]

Toronto Matchmakers reviews

Wondering if Toronto Matchmakers has what it takes to get you waving goodbye to the Ontario singles scene?

Reading reviews is a smart move no matter what sort of personal service you’re hiring, and in the case of matchmaking it’s even more important. You’re about to trust them with your heart (and your wallet!)

From the small independents to the big industry players, we've reviewed over 200 matchmaking services. Our extensive knowledge comes from comprehensive research, real customer reviews, and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

These Toronto Matchmakers reviews are packed with details like cost, complaints, actual client experience, and more. Everything you need to determine if this Ontario dating agency is the choice for you. Starting with...

Are They Local To Ontario?

Sort of. Toronto Matchmakers has 3 locations:

  • North York - 5075 Yonge Street
  • Toronto - 36 King Street East
  • Mississauga - 4300 Village Centre Court

Local offices, but not such a local business. In fact, they’re part of a network of matchmaking sites operating primarily in the United States.

Ann Arbor Singles and Detroit Singles are two examples. You’ll notice similarities in the sites’ functionality - they all have basically the same contact form. You’ll need to fill it out (or call them directly) to learn exactly how the matchmaking service works.


You can say “No Thanks” to sharing your email address, but putting in a phone number is mandatory. Did you happen to catch what you’re agreeing to let them do with it by submitting the form? It’s spelled out in the Privacy Policy (that you likely didn’t read…)

Check this out:

toronto matchmakers privacy policy
privacy policy toronto matchmakers

It’s simple. You’re granting them authorization to “provide” your phone number, email, and other info to direct marketing services. In other words, they’re likely selling your info on the back end as a way to make a little extra money from all the matchmaking websites.

Should you tap that big purple “Submit” button, you’ll access a form that starts off with questions like these:

toronto matchmakers questionnaire

Of course, eventually your matchmaker will need to know these details if she's going to select quality matches for you. But it’s not necessary to complete the form online. A matchmaker will be reaching out soon, as the initial consultation always takes place in a brick & mortar office.

How Much Does Toronto Matchmakers Cost?

That’s a number you won’t find anywhere on the matchmaking website! Instead, pricing is covered during the initial consultation/sales pitch, and it will be revealed after you spend some time talking to your potential matchmaker face to face.

The final price tag depends on a few factors, including but not limited to the amount you’re willing to pay, how many introductions you want, and how many months in your contract.

For budgeting purposes, you can use these Toronto Matchmakers BBB complaints as a guideline. Previous clients reported shelling out between CD $1,000 & $7,000 (+HST).

Some reviewers, like this one, also reported being offered a lower price that was only good if they signed the contract immediately:

toronto matchmakers cost

At any rate, all the particulars of your membership agreement will be detailed in the contract, like duration, number of matches, etc. Clients typically pay the entire matchmaking service cost upfront, but in some cases a payment plan is arranged.

Once that contract is signed, you’re committed. Toronto Matchmakers generally doesn’t provide refunds, as you’ll see in the fine print.

The Matchmaking Process

This Ontario matchmaker outlined the process in several of the BBB complaints that are on file. In a nutshell, here are the steps:

  1. One-on-one personal interview with a consultant
  2. If you pass the screening process, you’ll be offered a membership - and sign a contract
  3. Go through a personality/attitude profile that’s used as an example of how you’ll be matched with other paying clients
  4. Complete your personality/attitude profile

All told, the first 4 steps can take up to several hours. Once the enrollment process is complete, you’ll be shown compatible matches via the Toronto Matchmakers client login page.

toronto matchmakers client login

If there's mutual interest, contact numbers will be traded.

You’re required to give feedback on each match if you go on a date, and you won’t receive another one until that feedback is complete.

So what do actual customers think of their experience with this professional matchmaking service?

Real Toronto Matchmakers Reviews

Since you’ve already read about some BBB complaints, let’s start there. Toronto Matchmakers has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 10 complaints and 4 negative reviews.

These clients thought the matches they received didn't reflect their preferred criteria:

Toronto matchmakers BBB reviews

Or they received no matches at all:

BBB review for Toronto Matchmakers

This client said she received no matches until she filed a complaint with her bank, and that she had difficulty reaching her matchmaker (review edited for length):

toronto matchmakers review bbb

Toronto Matchmakers complaints filed with the BBB included no matches, poor customer service, and matches that didn’t come close to the specified criteria:

toronto matchmakers bbb complaint
toronto matchmakers complaint bbb
toronto matchmakers complaints

Several Toronto Matchmakers clients, like this one, complained that they were quoted prices in Canadian dollars, but charged in USD (review edited for length):

toronto matchmakers complaint

Toronto Matchmakers has 9 recommended reviews on Yelp, all of them 1 star:

yelp reviews toronto matchmakers
toronto matchmakers yelp
yelp toronto matchmakers

On SiteJabber, the 38 Toronto Matchmaker reviews were an almost even split between 1 star and 5 stars, resulting in a 2.5-star rating. Here is a sampling of the good:

site jabber toronto matchmaker
toronto matchmakers site jabber reviews
toronto matchmakers reviews site jabber

And here is a sampling of the bad/ugly:

sitejabber toronto matchmaker review
TM sitejabber reviews
toronto matchmakers reviews on sitejabber

These internet reviews should give you plenty to think about!

While there’s no way to predict if your experience with Toronto Matchmakers would be positive or negative, at least now you have some ideas for questions you can ask your potential matchmaker should you decide to go in for a consultation.

Do some reflection beforehand - you’ll want to have a firm budget in mind, not to mention the confidence to stick to it should you start getting the ‘hard sell.’

And consider how committing to a long-term contract fits your financial situation. At a minimum, you’ll be agreeing to a payment plan, if not paying the entire fee upfront.

Are you comfortable doing that for matchmaking service you have yet to actually experience?

What If There Was A Professional Matchmaking Service That Doesn’t Make You Sign A Long-Term Contract?

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