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Valenti International Reviews [Fees, Lawsuits, & More Details!]

Valenti International matchmaking reviews

Valenti International, AKA Valenti Matchmaking, puts an interesting twist on finding your soulmate. You get to meet with a staff psychologist as part of the initial consultation.

But you’re probably wondering if that’s just a clever sales technique, or if Valenti Matchmaking truly has what it takes to find you the love of your life.

Keep reading for more details on this San Diego dating agency, including matchmaking service fees, what actual customers said in their Valenti International reviews, and information on the lawsuits filed against Irene Valenti.

We did the research for you, and it’s all right here in one convenient article!

A Different Type Of Matchmaking Service

Valenti International is headquartered in San Diego, located at 16275 Via De La Valle, Rancho Santa Fe.

But matchmaker and founder Irene Valenti works with clients living all over the world. She specializes in setting up introductions for clients who travel frequently, and are able to meet matches both domestic and international.

One thing that sets them apart from other matchmaking services is the fact that part of the pre-screening process involves a 1-hour phone conversation with one of the full-time “trained psychologists” on Valenti’s staff. You’ll talk about your background and past relationships, as well as describe your “perfect match”.

Prospective clients can schedule it by calling directly, or filling out the contact form on the Valenti International website.

Valenti contact form

This initial consultation costs $195, and you’ll receive written feedback at the end. You’ll also go through the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, which will reveal traits that Valenti feels could be potentially useful when finding your perfect match.

After this initial screening/psychology session, Valenti will review the notes and decide if she feels her matchmaking service can help you. If so, there will be another 20-minute conversation about cost and the terms of your contract.

Valenti International Fees

Each client’s contract is unique, and the cost varies depending on factors like how broad your “ideal partner” criteria is and where you’d like to meet matches.

You won’t find any mention of price on the website, as Valenti takes the results of your psychological screening into account.

But her matchmaking services generally fall into the $50,000 to $100,000+ range. Part of the money is due up front, and you’ll pay an additional “success fee” if you end up engaged or married to one of your matches.

The exact terms are negotiated into your contract. Valenti International doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find love. But they do guarantee they’ll continue to look for matches until you meet someone you feel is special.

What To Expect From Valenti International

Valenti Love Ambassadors

Once you’ve signed the contract, Valenti and her matchmakers start looking for suitable matches who live locally or in cities you’ll be traveling to.

You’ll be matched with other paying clients, as well as people who have heard about the service and want to be included in the database.

When a match is identified, you provide your schedule. Valenti International will make dinner reservations in the match’s city.

After each introduction, your matchmaker will gather feedback. She’ll ask what things you liked and didn’t like, then use that information to further narrow down the search.

If they feel like you need it, the staff psychologists will provide date coaching. There are both male and females on the team, as Valenti feels getting perspectives from both genders is important.

What Other People Are Saying About This San Diego Dating Agency

Reviews are quite a mixed bag. For starters, Valenti International lawsuits are numerous.

They were the subject of a Channel 7 San Diego investigation that discovered 31 people had filed lawsuits against Valenti International between 2003 and 2006, all of which settled.

In 2005, another unsatisfied client sued for fraud and deceit. She stated she felt she had been set up with men who bore no resemblance to her specified criteria. For example, she said she was introduced to a man in his 70s after requesting to only meet people her age (56 at the time).

7 more people sued in 2012. According to the Channel 7 investigation team,

"The documents allege the plaintiffs failed to hear from her or be provided with a match for a long period of time if ever. On the occasion a match was provided to the plaintiffs, the “match” was completely incompatible.”

Elaine Heine, a lawyer who represented many of Valenti’s unhappy clients, told the San Diego Reader that clients were promised high-quality matches, but the actual dates didn’t measure up:

“The men usually want a woman ten years younger. The range in age was from late 30s to late 60s. I heard the same story. [These women] were promised an intellectual, wealthy man. Then she gets set up with a guy who drives a taxicab.”

Heine said Valenti would settle the lawsuits out of court. But then the contract language changed in 2009, making it more difficult to sue as disputes would have to settled via arbitration in Nevada. Valenti also filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

But lawsuits aside, Valenti International has an C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

There are no Valenti International reviews or complaints on the BBB site.

Valenti Matchmaking Yelp Reviews

Valenti International Yelp reviews resulted in a 1 ½ star rating, based on 7 reviews.

The 5-star review was from a woman reporting her date went well:

Valenti Yelp reviews

But other reviews were 1 star. The reviewers were unhappy with the quality of their matches:

Valenti International Yelp reviews
Valenti Matchmaking Yelp

Valenti Matchmaking Google Reviews

When it comes to Google Reviews, Valenti International has 4.7 rating based on 30+ reviews. They are mostly positive.

This client felt like the matchmaking service made it a lot easier for him to enter the dating scene after his wife passed away:

Valenti international google review

This reviewer thought speaking with the psychologist was helpful:

Valenti International google

And this client loved the concierge aspect of the matchmaking service:

google reviews Valenti Matchmaking

Other Google reviewers weren’t as thrilled with this San Diego matchmaker. One complained about the lack of customer service as well as matches:

Valenti matchmaking reviews

This past client also mentioned the lack of matches in his Valenti International complaint:

Valenti Matchmaking complaint

Valenti International has three complaints filed with RipOff Report. This one is from a client who felt subjected to high-pressure sales tactics and poor customer service:

valenti international rip off report

This client also complained about concierge and coaching aspect of the matchmaking service:

Valenti Matchmaking Ripoff report review

And like other people who took submitted Valenti International matchmaking reviews, this customer was disappointed with the lack of matches during her contract period:

Valenti international complaint

Of course you likely already take internet reviews with a healthy grain of salt.

But when you start to see the same issues brought up across multiple platforms - and in lawsuits - that could be a reason to do a little more digging.

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