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Top 3 Matchmaking Services For Wilmington Singles [Cost Comparison!]

Looking for the best Wilmington matchmaker? It's a big decision, so doing a little research is a savvy move. 

And you're in luck, because our team of matchmaking experts has done that research for you! We have reviewed over 200 matchmaking services, delving deep into their operations, cost, success rates, and customer experiences.

Our reviews are built on our 14+ years of first-hand industry experience, extensive research and a keen understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

This quick guide has 3 matchmaking services for Wilmington singles that are definitely worth considering. 

Make sure to check out the valuable advice at the end to help ensure you make the choice!


Enamour website

A white glove service designed for selective, busy professionals, Enamour is perfect for singles who want to meet matches who bring as much to the table as they do.


Enamour's team works with elite singles around the world, and has a presence in Wilmington.


Packages begin around $20,000 for 6 months of service.

What To Expect

As an Enamour client, you'll be meeting highly compatible singles selected from the curated, invite-only database. Enamour's team also recruits candidates from a variety of sources both online and offline, and utilizes an extensive scouting network.

Throughout the process, you'll be working hand-in-hand with a dedicated matchmaker who gets to know you, your lifestyle, and your matching criteria. She will screen all your potential matches for you, asking those delicate "3rd & 4th date" questions, so you'll be meeting relationship-worthy singles. All match screening is done either in person or via video call.

After each date, your matchmaker checks in with both of you, gathering insightful feedback and tweaking your search as needed.

Enamour also offers an array of coaching, personal styling, and photography services.

Scott Valdez, VIDA Select

Scott Valdez

Thanks to VIDA Select’s innovative approach to finding your perfect match, you’re not just meeting singles from a limited roster. 

Launched back in 2009, VIDA’s matchmakers expertly leverage the largest pool of Wilmington singles there is to find incredible matches who meet all your requirements!


VIDA helps singles from all over the Carolinas and beyond who are serious about finding someone special. Generally clients are career-minded, successful people in their late 20s to early 60s. 


Matchmaking packages are paid on a month-to-month basis, with no long-term contract. There are an array of Basic, Premium and Elite service options.

Package pricing is highly correlated with the number of total hours you and your matchmaker feel should be dedicated to your monthly search, given the complexity of your “ideal partner” criteria, number of cities you’d like to search in, and other factors. 

Basic matchmaking packages begin at $1195/month, Premium matchmaking options start at just $1795/month and Elite packages begin at $2595 per month.

What To Expect

VIDA Select has a quick screening process to ensure the service is a good fit for you (and vice versa). 

Before your search gets underway, you’ll have a comprehensive interview with your dedicated matchmaker. You can describe your relationship goals, what you’re looking for in a partner, lifestyle, and more. 

She’ll then get to work hand selecting highly compatible matches you’re going to be excited about meeting. You pre-approve each match, based on a profile and photos - no more disappointing first dates!

VIDA also offers a full menu of dating coaching, personal styling and other professional services that will help you make the best first impression possible. 

Want to find out more about how VIDA’s elite matchmaking team can help change your life?

Julie Wadley, Eli Simone

Julie Wadley

Eli Simone is based in Charlotte, but Julie Wadley works with clients from all over the Carolinas. She offers both matchmaking and personalized dating coaching. Eli Simone was founded in 2013.


Wadley specializes in helping women of color find love, although she does also work with women of other ethnicities as well as men of all races. Her clients are generally in their mid-20s to mid-50s. 


Membership rates depend on the number of introductions you’d like.

What To Expect

Dating coaching clients can choose from three programs, all of which run for 6 weeks.

Each one addresses a specific stage in your life - preparing to find love, attracting that love, and restoring love. She’s a firm believer in self-examination, as she told the Philadelphia Tribune

Two of the biggest missteps that people make are investing too soon into a person and/or relationship and mistaking what we want in a relationship for what we need.

When it comes to matchmaking, she’s a traditionalist. Clients are matched with other clients in her database. When she finds two people who are compatible and each expresses interest in the other, a date is arranged.

In an interview, she explained that she likes to set up dates that encourage people to communicate with each other. An example of that would be participating in an “escape room” scenario, where they have to solve a puzzle together.

If both halves of the match express interest in a second date, Wadley arranges it too. If not, she’ll gather feedback from both people and help them learn from “what went wrong.”

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2 Ways To Make Sure You’re Choosing The Best Wilmington Matchmaker

One thing that makes VIDA Select stand out from other matchmaking services is the flexibility to pay as-you-go. 

Some other companies require a signed contract that spans anywhere from 3 months to 2 years - and in most cases, you pay for everything at the time you sign it. 

So before you commit to a lengthy (and potentially pricey) long-term contract, you want to make sure you’re hiring the best matchmaking service for you - especially if you’re considering an option not on this list.

Here are two ways to do that!

#1: Look At More Than Just The Stars

Doing a quick search for local reviews is often where people start. 

And while it’s good to see how many stars a particular service got on Yelp or Google, digging a little deeper into how a company responds to a review is generally more valuable.

You can often get a sneak peek at the company’s communication style and how they address customer service issues, and maybe even a glimpse of the contract you’ll be required to sign.

Matchmaking service contract example

For example, the excerpt above is taken from a West Coast matchmaking company’s response to a complaint lodged against it with the BBB. 

There are three key takeaways here. This matchmaking service:

  1. Considers a match “made” when you’re given a phone number. This is important to keep in mind if your package comes with a set number of matches. If they never return your call, it still counts against your total.
  2. May introduce you to people who don’t meet some of your criteria. In fact, per the wording in this contract, you could meet people who meet *none* of your criteria - because your preferences aren’t requirements.
  3. May proclaim they have “the perfect match in mind for you” during the sales presentation. But then, once you become a member, you may find that person is suddenly no longer available. 

If you don’t understand exactly what you’re signing up for, it may be extremely frustrating. 

Use the information you learn from these responses to…

#2: Formulate A Specific List Of Questions To Ask During Your Consultation

The initial interview you’ll have before officially coming on board as a client serves two purposes: 

  1. Your matchmaker gets to know you and what sort of person you want to start a relationship with. 
  2. You learn how the company operates and what their approach to working with you will be like. 

Coming in with a list of questions of your own empowers you to make the best possible decision. 

Here are 7 great questions to get your list started:

7 important questions to ask your matchmaker

Decide what answers you’re comfortable with, and that will help ensure you choose the matchmaking service that best aligns with your expectations.

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