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Wisconsin Singles Reviews [Including How Much They Cost!]

Wisconsin Singles reviews

Investing in a matchmaking service is a big decision. So doing some research and reading Wisconsin Singles reviews first is smart. When you’re already frustrated by the Madison singles scene, choosing the wrong matchmaker is the last thing you want to do.

Keep reading for a full rundown on this Madison matchmaker, including how much they cost, who runs the show behind the scenes, and what actual clients thought of the service!

Wisconsin Address, Not-So-Local Ownership

They’ve got a local office in Middleton: 8500 Greenway Blvd. But the company that owns Wisconsin Singles isn’t anywhere near Madison. It’s actually part of a nationwide network of matchmaking websites.

You’ll notice a similar look and feel across all of them, and they also share the same process. If you want to learn any specifics about the matchmaking service, you’ll need to either call them or arrange to have them call you by filling out the simple contact form:

contact form WI singles

Check Out The Fine Print

Did you catch the fine print about the Privacy Policy? Clicking “Complete” means you agree with it, and chances are you didn’t read it first. Here are a few key snippets you may have missed:

wisconsin singles privacy
wisconsin singles privacy 2

The main takeaway from the above paragraphs is you’re more than likely about to get more telemarketing calls than usual. You may also notice an increase of banner ads when you hop on social media.

That’s because Wisconsin Singles, like all the matchmaking services under the same ownership, probably sell that personal contact info you just provided as a sales lead to other marketing companies.

Should you go ahead and tap that big orange “Complete” button, you’ll see a screen with some questions like these:

wisconsin singles questionairre

Most of the questions on the form are pretty standard fare for a matchmaking service. After all, they’ve got to get to know you first if they’re tasked with finding your dream partner.

But you don’t have to fill the form out online. You can hold off and discuss everything when a Wisconsin Singles matchmaker calls to set up the initial appointment.

You’ll likely find you can't get answers to many of your questions over the phone. That’s what the face-to-face sales pitch is for. It’s also when you’ll get down to the important stuff, like the price.

How Much Does Wisconsin Singles Cost?

According to a FOX6 investigation, it depends on when you sign up. There’s the “good today only” price tag, which goes up significantly if you want to take a day or so to think it over.

A Wisconsin Singles matchmaker insisted that wasn’t to pressure people into signing the contract, but rather to help them avoid procrastinating. As company spokesman Gerry Gross told reporters, “One of the biggest reasons single people are single is because they continue to put this part of their life off."

Clients told Fox6 investigators they’d paid between $5,000 and $7,000 for matchmaking services, and those prices are in line with what clients mentioned in their Wisconsin Singles BBB reviews (you'll see a few of those coming up!)

Typically, you’ll be asked to pay the entire membership cost upfront. The duration of your membership, how many introductions you can expect, and other details will be outlined in your contract.

Make sure you read that contract thoroughly before signing it. Wisconsin Singles only offers refunds within the first 3 days. Once the clock strikes midnight at the end of that third day, you’re likely out of luck.

And as the Fox6 reporters discovered, you may not have even heard from your matchmaker within that period:

wisconsin singles refunds

If you do sign up for Wisconsin Singles...

You’ll be matched with other Madison singles in their database. This dating agency doesn’t actually arrange the dates. Instead, both halves of the match receive contact information, plus some basic background facts like occupation and where they live. That counts as a “match,” which will be deducted from the total listed in your contract.

One thing you don’t get to see prior to the date? Photos.

As one of the Wisconsin Singles matchmakers told Fox6 reporters - the staff does “all the work” when it comes to determining compatibility, including choosing someone they think you'll find attractive.

Great time saver in theory. But in practice, does it really work? Check out what some real Wisconsin Singles customers wrote in their matchmaking service reviews...

Wisconsin Singles Reviews

This Madison matchmaker doesn’t have a rating with the Better Business Bureau, but you will see an “Alert”:

wisconsin singles bbb alert

You’ll also see 9 negative reviews and 7 customer complaints, but no positive reviews (yet).

Many of the reviewers mentioned low quality matches, and felt their “ideal partner” criteria wasn’t taken into consideration at all:

wisconsin singles bbb review
wisconsin singles bbb reviews

This reviewer was upset not only at the low quality of her matches, but also because some of them paid far less for the matchmaking service than she did:

bbb reviews wisconsin singles

This client was frustrated she wasn’t dealing with a local matchmaker:

wisconsin singles bbb

Wisconsin Singles has a 1-star rating on Yelp, based on 2 negative recommended reviews. This client mentioned several of the same complaints that were raised in the BBB reviews, like low quality matches and working with multiple matchmakers:

Wisconsin singles yelp review

The other recommended review for Wisconsin Singles was from a client who was upset that he was asked to pay an additional $900 to reactivate his membership after putting it on hold:

wisconsin singles yelp

There were quite a few negative reviews for Wisconsin Singles on Ripoff Report. Most of them again echo the same complaints:

Wisconsin singles ripoff report
ripoff report wisconsin singles

And finally, the customers who spoke with the Fox6 reporters also had negative things to say about this Wisconsin dating agency:

wisconsin singles investigation 1

So does the lack of positive reviews online for Wisconsin Singles guarantee your experience will also be bad? Not necessarily. After all, when someone has a positive experience they generally aren't as likely to share it on local review sites as people who feel they've been burned in some way.

But it does indicate you should probably proceed with caution. And maybe consider a few more matchmaking service options as well. Given all the reviews you just read, maybe you’d feel more comfortable hiring a matchmaker that doesn’t require you to commit to a contract?

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