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Isn’t It Time You Finally Meet The Right Guy For You?

The bar scene is full of Mr. Wrongs, and if your friends really had “the perfect guy for you,” you wouldn’t still be single.

Bumping into Mr. Right at the grocery store? That only happens in the movies.

Maybe you're “always the bridesmaid and never the bride.” Or perhaps you’ve recently come out of a divorce, and feel you could use a little extra help getting back into the dating scene.

Whatever your case may be, you want to find a guy.
But not just any guy. You want to find a great guy.

Dating sites like and eHarmony looked like a promising way to find him - until you realized two things.

First, online dating’s a part-time job.

Second, you’re attracting all the wrong men. It’s so frustrating when all you have to show for that hard work is an inbox full of guys who don’t interest you!

You’re an intelligent, modern woman. You know what you want! You’re not settling for a second-rate man. Why does it have to be so hard?

Surely, there must be a better solution.

Stop Wasting Time Talking To All The Wrong Guys…

Let Us Find “The One” For You Instead!

Your search for your perfect man doesn’t have to be difficult.

Wouldn’t you prefer to meet up with friends or clear off your “To Do” list instead of browsing through endless dating profiles every night?

Well, you’re not alone.

According to academic research, the average online dater spends 12 hours per week on dating sites and apps.

You don’t have that kind of time... and even if you do, you’d rather spend those hours at the gym, a salon or heck... doing anything else!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else do all the hard work for you - while you go out on the dates?

With ViDA working for you, you’ll skip past the exhausting “profile searching” phase of online dating and fast-forward to the fun part... getting to know your perfect match!

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We Bring Out The Best In You To Attract Your Ideal Man

Introducing VIDA, Modern Matchmaking With A New Twist

Our online matchmakers find the perfect catch for you!

After learning about you and your ideal match, we’ll craft a captivating dating profile that attracts just the type of guy you’d like to meet.

Your best qualities will be highlighted in an authentic way that makes “the real you” irresistible!

Your perfect profile, with our professional matchmaking touch, will give you a feeling of liberation as more eligible men than ever before begin vying for your attention.

Your most compatible matches will be carefully prescreened by us before they’re approved by you. Next, we’ll even manage all of those exhausting back-and-forth messages leading up to your date or phone conversation.

We’ll reel in the “keepers” and weed out the “creepers” while you relax with the peace of mind knowing your search for love is in expert hands.

Wasting hours of your time meeting the wrong men is emotionally draining. Why continue doing the same thing over and over again when what you really need is a new approach?

With ViDA, you can finally show up to your dates with confidence—knowing that the man you’re meeting actually “checks all your boxes.”

Would you like him to be attractive, intelligent, ambitious and humorous... with about 13 other “must-haves”? No problem! You make the checklist, we make the matches.

You’ll feel like “the Bachelorette.” The only question is…
who will earn your rose?

Find Out Why So Many Smart, Successful Women Have Been Choosing Us Since 2009…

…and why media outlets like CNN, the Washington Post, Global News, Fox & Friends, and The Today Show love what we’re doing, too.

Here’s What Other Women Are Saying
About Our Service…

Alex T.
Austin, TX

ViDA has definitely improved my dating life 100%! And it’s been so lovely to get to know these guys, and to have a laugh with them – not to mention be on the receiving end of all these compliments and sweet texts. The best part is, I think I’ve found The One. So many thanks for the amazing job you’ve done!

Laura K.

Seattle, WA

Every single guy ViDA set me up with until I met my new boyfriend was hot and a great person. It’s such a wonderful service that VIDA provides. I’m so lucky I heard about you on TV (especially since I barely ever turn it on)! I’ve told like a dozen of my single girlfriends because I can’t recommend this service enough.

Erica M.

Los Angeles, CA

My sister told me about ViDA after she used the service and met someone. They re-wrote my profiles, responded to emails, and all I had to do was show up for the date! Within 2 months, I had gone on 13 dates with different successful guys!! I’m now seeing someone seriously that I REALLY like so hopefully I’ll be announcing my engagement soon. ♥

Charlene S.

Chicago, Illinois

VIDA's service has been great so far. I already went on one date and have another lined up. I definitely needed the photo shoot and I'm glad my Matchmakers set that up for me. Both Maria and Sheri are really prompt in answering questions. The list goes on and on and... I definitely see the value VIDA provides!

Victoria T.

Toronto, Canada

I used to think I was cursed to attract only the creepiest guys, wondering why can’t I just meet a normal, cute man? I had no idea a great profile would do all the hard work for me and introduce me to all these guys who are fun, attractive, and interesting. I can definitely say it’s made a huge difference because I’ve already met 2 Keepers in the first 2 weeks with my new profile!

Karen H.

Orlando, FL

I do have to say that you and the writer have been wonderful. It’s amazing reading all the messages that were sent out. I am really impressed. So worth it! I am glad that I don’t have to be the one dealing with some “jerks” on these dating sites. Boy, I just can’t deal with them.

Angie L.

Bismarck, ND

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