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Every single guy ViDA set me up with until I met my new boyfriend was hot and a great person. It’s such a wonderful service that VIDA provides. I’m so lucky I heard about you on TV (especially since I barely ever turn it on)! I’ve told like a dozen of my single girlfriends because I can’t recommend this service enough.

Erica M.

Los Angeles, CA

I was always one of the girls who never seemed to meet an interesting guy at a party, grocery store, mall, etc. I thought “should I go online again?” But I was hesitant because I had been on all the dating sites and still hadn’t met the one! Once I found ViDA, everything changed. I was amazed by the increased interest and the quality of the dates. After two and a half months on the service, I met James, the love of my life who I’m marrying in June!

Nancy S.

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I used to think I was cursed to attract only the creepiest guys, wondering why can’t I just meet a normal, cute man? I had no idea a great profile would do all the hard work for me and introduce me to all these guys who are fun, attractive, and interesting. I can definitely say it’s made a huge difference because I’ve already met 2 Keepers in the first 2 weeks with my new profile!

Karen H.

Orlando, FL

ViDA has definitely improved my dating life 100%! And it’s been so lovely to get to know these guys, and to have a laugh with them – not to mention be on the receiving end of all these compliments and sweet texts. The best part is, I think I’ve found The One. So many thanks for the amazing job you’ve done!

Laura K.

Seattle, WA

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