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Yvonne Allen Reviews [Best Matchmaker For Sydney Singles?]

Editor's Note: Yvonne Allen Introductions no longer has an active website. Check out this guide to the best Australian matchmakers!

Yvonne Allen founded one of Australia’s longest-running introduction services, leading to her being nicknamed the Matriarch of Matchmaking.

And if you’re looking for a matchmaker who also dishes out dating advice, you’re in luck. She has a degree in psychology and refers to herself as a “relationship mentor.”

But can she find the partner of your dreams?

From small boutique operators to the largest international services, our expert team has reviewed more than 200 matchmakers. Our reviews delve deep into their operations, success rates, and customer experiences, drawing insight from our 14+ years of industry experience!

Keep reading for all the details you’re looking for on Yvonne Allen & Associates, including cost and her matchmaking philosophy, so you can decide if she’s the right matchmaker for you.

Getting To Know Yvonne Allen

Allen got her first taste of matchmaking when she took a job opportunity at a matrimonial service. But she only lasted 10 days - quitting after she realized the two counselors who owned the business weren’t actually getting to know their clients before pairing them up.

As she told Financial Review, “I saw a need for a professional, ethical service for singles genuinely seeking a partner.” She decided to start her own matchmaking company, and founded Yvonne Allen & Associates in 1976. She’s been in the dating business ever since.

Along the way, she’s also become a published author, lecturer, and relationship coach. She’s been a featured commentator on numerous media outlets, and was profiled on ABC’s Talking Heads:

Matchmaking The Yvonne Allen Way

Allen brings her background in psychology into her matchmaking process. She helps clients understand not only the type of person they’re looking for, but also what they bring to the relationship themselves.

Prospective clients fill out a detailed questionnaire. Next they meet for a one-on-one session with a “Partner Search Consultant” at either the Melbourne or Sydney office.

In an interview with Financial Review, she likened her matchmaking service to a recruitment agency:

“We specialize in working only for the educated business ­professional – male or female – searching our wider database and the world at large."

Allen typically works with 150 clients at any given time, and the majority of them are in their 30s+. She takes on both men and women as paying clients, matching them with each other as well as singles in her database.

She says her matchmaking service goes “beyond the superficial.” And that’s one of the reasons clients typically don’t see photographs of their matches before a date.

All clients have access to a special website that’s accessed via the Yvonne Allen login page.

Whenever you get a match, you can review the profile details there. If you’re interested in meeting the match, you can accept it. If not, you can pass.

When there’s interest on both sides, contact info is exchanged. Coordinating the date is up to the two of you.

Your matchmaker gathers post date feedback from both of you, and she'll also encourage you to go on a second date. The rationale being nerves aren’t as much of a factor.

If there are no sparks even after several dates, you’ll be provided with another match and the process starts over.

Yvonne Allen Costs

Because Yvonne Allen & Associates is a boutique matchmaking agency, each membership package is tailored specifically for the client.

That means prices vary according to how difficult your matchmaker feels it may be to find someone who fits your criteria, how many matches you’d like to meet, whether or not you want relationship coaching, and other factors along those lines.

But typically 6- to 12-month membership packages range from $8,400 to $15,000+. And there’s also a $175 per hour consultation fee.

Members also have access to resources like videos and webinars, and will receive help preparing for dates if needed.

Is This The Best Way To Meet Singles In Sydney And Melbourne?

There don’t seem to be any Yvonne Allen reviews on local review sites. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth paying the $175 per hour consultation fee to see if she and her team of matchmakers feel “right” to you.

You’ll also want to consider how you feel about going on blind dates. Sure, you’ll get a profile with some background information. But you won’t know what your date actually looks like until you meet in person.

That approach may be fine for you! Or maybe you would rather invest your time and money meeting people you already feel physically attracted to.

After all, the heart wants what it wants. So why not pay for a matchmaking service like VIDA Select that introduces you to people who match all your “ideal partner” criteria?

With VIDA, you’ll receive a full profile - including photos - of every single match. So you can pre-select the people you’re interested in meeting. Then your matchmaker takes care of the rest!

You also have the flexibility of paying monthly for your service, rather than committing to a 6- or 12-month contract.

In fact, the typical VIDA client begins a relationship within 3 months, so you don’t have to worry about paying for “active search” time you don’t need.

VIDA’s pay-as-you-go pricing structure also gives you the convenience of being able to freeze and unfreeze your service whenever you need to. You can explore a promising connection, travel, or simply take a dating break if you want to.

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