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Bumble Spotlight: What It Is & The Best Time To Use It!

Bumble Spotlight is a great way to get your profile in front of more eyes - but for maximum effect, you need to promote your profile at the right time.

Bumble Spotlight 2022

VIDA’s dating experts have logged hundreds of thousands of hours on this popular dating app, managing Bumble profiles for the clients we represent. 

Coming up, VIDA’s dating experts reveal the best time to use Bumble Spotlight to boost your match rate, plus how much it costs and if it's worth the price tag!

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What Is Bumble Spotlight?

Similar to how a Tinder Boost works, Bumble’s Spotlight feature highlights your profile for a full 30 minutes. So when singles in your area fire up Bumble, they’ll find your profile front and center.

You’ll know Spotlight is activated because you’ll see stars across the top of the app, but other users won’t know you’ve paid to promote your profile.

To activate the Spotlight feature, simply tap the yellow “Spotlight” icon at the bottom of the profile editing screen.

Bumble Spotlight icon

How Much Does Bumble Spotlight Cost?

One 30-minute Spotlight per week is included with a Bumble Boost, Premium, and Premium+ subscription. You can combine it with the purchase of a second Spotlight to net a total of 150 minutes.

However, the weekly Spotlight included in your paid subscription does not carry over the following week. So if you purchase a subscription on a Wednesday, that week’s Spotlight expires the following Wednesday and a new one replaces it.

But if you're using Bumble for free or you want to spotlight your profile more often, you can buy them in quantities ranging from 1 to 30.

2024 Bumble Spotlight Price* List
1 for $11.99
5 for $5/each
15 for $3.34/each
30 for $2.50/each
*Prices could vary by market

The Best Time To Spotlight Your Bumble Profile

App founder Whitney Wolfe has shared that Bumble activity is at its peak around 6pm, and people spend the most time on the app on Sundays.

Bumble also broke down the best times to be on their app based on age range. For example, if you’re between 18 - 22 years old you’ll want to look for a date on Bumble between 7 -10 PM. Or if you’re 23+, your best time to be on the app is between 6 - 9 PM.

So Sunday around 6 pm or shortly thereafter would be the ideal time to activate Bumble Spotlight if you want maximum exposure for your money.

Thursday is also a prime day to use this premium feature, as many singles are hopping on popular dating apps in hopes of lining up a date for the weekend.

Users also tend to flock to Bumble during terrible weather. So if a bad rain or snowstorm hits your area, consider Spotlighting your profile. An activity surge of 20-40% during large storms is common, so you’ll get even more profile exposure.

3 Ways To Get Your Bumble Profile Ready For The Spotlight

If your Bumble bio and photos aren’t camera ready, it doesn’t matter how many extra eyes see it. Spotlight isn’t a magical fix - your profile still needs to compel her to swipe right!

#1: Make Your Profile Picture Perfect

Specifically, your primary one. Everybody knows photos can (and will) make/break your chances on dating apps, and yet a lot of guys still don’t put much thought into which photo they’re leading with.

If you want dates with your best Bumble matches, don’t be that guy.

Keep these “perfect dating photo” traits in mind when choosing your primary Bumble photo:

4 tips for choosing your primary Bumble photo

This list was developed by neuroscientists, so you know it’s legit. They were studying Tinder photos, but an attractive photo is attractive no matter dating app you’re using, right?

#2: Start The Conversation - With Your Bio

It’s true that guys can’t send the first message. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the conversation started! It’s simple - include an icebreaker type question at the very end of your Bumble profile, like this:

Include a question in your Bumble bio

Thanks to the first Bumble tip she’s going to love your photo, and now your Bumble bio is handing her a ready-made message to send you. She doesn’t have to figure out what to say, she just has to answer your question and you can take it from there.

Want more examples? Check out these 12 great Bumble profiles for men!

#3: Answer Prompts To Get More Matches

Bumble prompts (AKA Move Makers) present the perfect opportunity for you to share a few attractive tidbits about yourself, in a natural way that doesn’t sound like bragging.

But if you use up that valuable real estate with an answer that doesn't tell her anything interesting about you, you're wasting an opportunity to inspire her. And that's crucial, because she's the one who has to start the conversation.

So don't go for the same obvious jokes or one-lines she's seen a thousand times. Include specific, interesting details in your answers that give her a peek at your personality and lifestyle.

Want Even More Bumble Advice?

Check out our Bumble Guide - it’s packed with profile and message examples, expert tips, and strategies you can implement right now to get more matches - and more dates!

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