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East Bay Matchmakers Reviews - Is This Alamo Matchmaker Legit?

Editor's Note: Both Google & Yelp reviews report that this matchmaking service has closed. Check out this guide to the best Bay Area matchmakers instead!
East Bay Matchmakers reviews

Executive matchmakers are practically a dime a dozen in California. It’s no wonder you’re looking for East Bay Matchmakers reviews! After all, you’re not willing to settle when it comes to your soulmate. Why would you settle when it comes to a matchmaking service?

Keep reading for all the details you’re looking for, including cost and real customer experiences!

Is East Bay Matchmakers A Local Dating Service?

While you’ll be matched with Alamo singles, East Bay Matchmakers isn’t a local company per se. It’s actually owned by a company that runs a host of matchmaking websites across the US.

Different Sites, Same Process

Potential clients need to contact them to learn the specifics of the service, which you can do by calling directly or submitting your info via a website form:

east bay matchmakers form

Note that by clicking on “Complete”, you’ve agreed to the Privacy Policy. You’re likely not in the habit of skimming those, so here’s a sampling of what they'll have them permission to do:

east bay matchmakers privacy policy
privacy policy 1

All that can be summed up in two words: “sales leads.” East Bay Matchmakers is more than likely selling your private contact information to third parties, which means they’ll probably make money off you whether you end up hiring them or not.

But you never know, maybe one of those third party offers you'll get turns out to be a great deal!

If you do submit your phone number, email, and other personal data, you’ll be directed to complete a “Compatibility Profile.”

It’s filled with questions just about any matchmaking service will ask you. They’ll need to know your background, relationship goals, and that type of thing in order to find you suitable matches:

east bay matchmakers compatibility profile

You can hold off on submitting the form, though, if you’d rather just save it for the initial phone call. You’ll go over your background, and she’ll also ask you to come in for the in-person consultation at their office, 3195 Danville Blvd. in Alamo.

This is when you’ll get answers to all of your burning questions that can’t be answered from looking at their website, like cost and membership packages.

So How Much Does East Bay Matchmakers Cost?

There’s no cut and dried answer, as membership prices can vary by client. How long your membership lasts and how many matches you want will affect the bottom line, as will more personal details like your credit limit, history, and score.

East Bay Matchmakers reviews on Yelp mention prices ranging from $3,000 to $8,000, so you can expect to pay somewhere in that neighborhood.

But before you pick up your pen and sign on that dotted line, read through all the fine print carefully so you know exactly what East Bay Matchmakers is - and isn’t - promising to deliver.

If you end up not being happy with the service, you’re basically out of luck when it comes to getting a refund. The only way for that to happen is cancelling within 3 business days of signing the contract.

Understand What You're Signing Up For

The VP of East Bay matchmakers parent company, told NBC Bay Area Responds that not fully understanding the contract leads to unhappy customers down the road:


He was interviewed as part of an investigation into a pattern of complaints from customers who felt duped by the matchmaking services the company runs.

One client, Kim Williams, said she was promised a “personal and local service” with a “surplus of available men.”

She paid $3k for 6 months of matchmaking services. But she only had 4 dates - which she said were set up via phone by matchmakers who weren’t local.

"Ultimately, what it is is very little service for a lot of money. I’ve been totally taken advantage of. Taken to the cleaners.”

He responded that the complaints don’t “alarm” him, as more than 6,000 Bay Area singles have signed up in the last 5 years.

Let’s see what a few of those 6,000 singles have to say on local reviews sites...

Real Customer Reviews for East Bay Matchmakers

On Yelp, East Bay Matchmakers has a 2-star rating, with the majority of recommended reviews being 1- or 2-star.

But there were a handful of 5-star reviews from clients who were happy with the service, like this one who thought she met someone pretty special after a few not-so-great matches:

East Bay Matchmakers Yelp

And this client thought his matches met his specified criteria:

east bay matchmakers yelp reviews

Those are the high points. The rest of the Yelp reviews painted a somewhat different picture of this California matchmaking service.

For instance, this client felt that what was promised during the initial consultation wasn’t what she ended up getting, both in terms of her matches and customer service:

east bay matchmakers reviews on yelp

These two unhappy clients also thought their matches were low quality:

yelp reviews for east bay matchmakers
Yelp reviews east bay matchmakers

BBB Reviews For East Bay Matchmakers

This Bay area matchmaker has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Which is a bit surprising given there are 7 complaints listed, but no reviews yet.

East Bay Matchmaker complaints include low-quality matches and customer service, as this client experienced:

east bay matchmakers bbb complaint

East Bay Matchmakers Google Reviews

They have a solid 3.5 star rating on Google, with reviews ranging from 1 to 5 stars. On the positive side, this client thought he received great customer service and was happy with his matches:

east bay matchmakers google reviews

And these two clients weren’t thrilled with the service originally, but thought East Bay Matchmakers was able to fix the problems:

east bay matchmakers google
google reviews east bay matchmakers

But other clients felt like their list of criteria for the matchmakers to take into consideration when selecting matches was ignored:

east bay matchmakers reviews on google

This reviewer wasn’t happy with her overall experience:

1-star google review for Bay Area Matchmakers

And this reviewer didn’t enjoy her initial consultation at all:

google review for east bay matchmakers

That’s a fairly mixed bag of East Bay Matchmakers reviews. But whenever you see the same core complaints being mentioned again and again, on multiple local review sites, that could indicate the need to proceed with caution. Especially when you’re paying for the service up front!

Is This The Best Bay Area Matchmaker For You?

Only you can decide. Are you comfortable signing a contract and paying in full for a matchmaking service you haven’t experienced yet? You don’t have much recourse if you aren't satisfied with the results, since you only have 3 days to back out of your membership.

What if there was an affordable executive matchmaking service that let you pay as you go, and didn’t limit you to a set number of matches?

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