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This review is chock full of all the details you’re seeking, like how she got her start, her matchmaking philosophy, dating advice, cost and more! 

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Meet Matchmaker Svetlana Mukha

Diolli matchmaker Svetlana Mukha

Before founding in 2008, Svetlana Mukha’s journey into the dating industry began while she was searching for a creative job that utilized her knowledge of foreign languages. 

An extensive traveler, she has visited over 40 countries, and speaks 4 languages fluently, and another 2 conversationally. 

She landed a position as an interpreter at an international dating service, where as she explains on her matchmaking website, she “was translating about 50 very private romantic letters” every day.

While there, the idea of starting her one business began to blossom. 

As she puts it

I was always passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures, learning foreign languages and traditions so I thought it would be fun and interesting to work with like-minded singles who, just like me, believe that all the borders are just in your heart and your head and love truly has no borders and frames.

She embraced her love for exploration and foreign languages, opening her international dating service in 2008. website

As Mukha shared in an interview with a Ukrainian dating advice blog,

I love being a matchmaker, and I love doing international matchmaking. I believe that two people from different countries can take the best from each culture and bring it into their marriage."

Diolli claims to stand out from traditional marriage agencies in Ukraine, maintaining an exclusive base of Slavic women and offering a premium matchmaking service for gentlemen living all over the world. 

Mukha described Diolli’s clientele in a conversation with 

We help fulfill the needs of men from different countries and in different age groups. All of our male clients are real gentlemen and quite successful in their professional lives, but they miss the romance and having a special someone by their side.

As she shared in an interview with Dating Advice, “The average age of male clients on Diolli is 32.” This younger age group is a trend she’s seeing more frequently and they come to her looking for ladies who will enjoy their entrepreneurial spirit. 

Not all her male clients are seeking marriage. As Mukha puts it, “I would say 80% already know it and the rest need to make this journey.”

And as for the women she recruits to be in her database, she explained that many of them value privacy and don’t want to be on dating sites and apps. Often they hold positions in the public eye, such as university professors, lawyers, doctors or singers, or a successful career makes them value discretion.

Diolli provides a private matchmaking experience, as they don’t offer an open catalog of profiles for either clients or the women in the database to browse through. 

From Matchmaker To Relationship Expert

Since founding, Mukha has expanded her presence in the industry by adding 3 other companies under The Diolli Group umbrella. Each caters to different aspects of the dating industry:

ParadiseDate website

ParadiseDate, also founded in 2008, focuses on attracting and preselecting beautiful Ukrainian ladies into their exclusive base. These ladies are then introduced to male clients from

Kablook website

For ladies seeking personal growth and empowerment, Kablook hosts educational offline events twice a year. With renowned speakers covering a range of topics such as healthy relationships, prenuptial agreements, fashion trends, and time management.

CupidOnDuty website

Recognizing the importance of sharing knowledge and elevating the dating industry in Ukraine, the newest addition to the Diolli Group is CupidOnDuty. This brand provides dating tips for both ladies and gentlemen and offers a wealth of psychological and business advice for Russian-speaking colleagues in the field. 

Inspired by her experiences as a matchmaker and entrepreneur, Mukha authored three books on dating, relationships and love: "7 Principles of the Woman: The Brand," "The Eighth Principle of the Woman: The Brand," and "Nothing Personal, Just Love." 

Additionally, she co-authored "Secrets to Drama-Free Love," a book that explores the keys to maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships.

She also offers advice for men dating Ukrainian women on her YouTube channel. Here are a few of her best first date tips!

Svetlana Mukha dating tips

Diolli’s Matchmaking Philosophy & Process 

Mukha believes that offline interaction is the key to successful connections. As she explains

We provide traditional matchmaking services and Diolli is an offline dating service. We introduce our clients the old-fashioned way — on a face-to-face date

She’s spent years cultivating her matchmaking process, blending her own techniques for identifying compatibility with aspects of both modern & classical psychology. 

For male clients, there are 4 stages to the matchmaking process. 

The first stage, which is actually a pre-stage, involves filling out forms online, completing questionnaires, and having an initial interview. After getting to know you better and what type of person you’re hoping to meet, they’ll determine if they’ve got women who meet your expectations. If so, they begin interviewing potential dates. 

On the website, Mukha claims to interview somewhere between 20 & 25 women to find one match. Often a client’s contract stipulates they’ll meet 5 women, so the team may interview anywhere from 100 to 120 women during your search.

Once a contract is signed stage 2 commences and the matchmaking process begins. Typically this part of the process lasts 4 or 5 weeks. 

You’ll have more interviews with Mukha and her team to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and priorities. During this stage, a psychologist assists in conducting interviews with your potential matches. 

Stage 3 is all about dating - when you’ll start meeting your matches. Coaching is part of the process, as Mukha’s team provides you with dating tips and guidance as needed. But as she advises on the website,

Of course, we can’t control how the date will actually go because a lot will depend on the attitude of the gentleman.

The 4th stage commences after you’ve traveled to Ukraine and met your matches. The Diolli team continues communicating with you and all of your matches to assess compatibility and attraction. 

According to their website, this is often when an official relationship begins: 

This is the stage when couples decide to be in exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, this is the stage of romantic proposals, beautiful engagement rings, and big decisions – in which country they will start their family.

For women interested in becoming a potential match for male clients, the first step is applying via the website. Your application is reviewed by the team, and if you pass the screening you’ll be asked to provide additional information and copies of your passport. Your profile then goes onto the waiting list and the screening process continues. 

As Mukha shared with Ukrainian Dating Blog, “To become a member the lady should pass several interviews including the interview with our psychologist and the interview with a matchmaker.”

How Much Does It Cost To Work With Svetlana Mukha?

Diolli offers several packages and services, but pricing isn’t widely publicized. What services they offer and how much it costs are discussed during the first consultation. 

You can likely expect to spend between $10,000 and $30,000, based on what former clients reported paying in their online reviews.

Let’s take a look at some of those…

Svetlana Mukha & Reviews 3.3 rating on Trustpilot has a 3.3-star rating on Trustpilot, based on one lengthy 2-star review. Trustpilot review

The reviewer went on to explain that he couldn’t see the matches until he had paid for the service, and that he was disappointed with the women he was meeting.

This person shared how much he paid for her services and explained his concern for not seeing any profiles in advance of meeting the ladies. 

This Ukrainian matchmaking service has a 3.67-star rating with sitejabber, based on 3 reviews.

Diolli sitejabber rating of 3.67 stars

Two of the reviews were 5 stars, with one reviewer dating one of his matches:

5-star Svetlana Mukla review on sitejabber

The other 5-star reviewer had a positive experience with the Kharkiv matchmaker, advising potential clients they would need to go to Ukraine to meet their matches: sitejabber 5-star review

On the other end of the star spectrum, this review gave a 1-star rating for Diolli on sitejabber, claiming it was a scam:

1 star sitejabber review for has also been discussed in online forums like HappierAbroad, where opinions ranged from “Diolli is great if you want to waste your time and money on spoiled narcissistic social media addicts” to “gold diggers paradise.”

Online reviews aside, Kharkiv matchmaker Svetlana Mukha received the title of 2016’s “Best Matchmaker” from the iDateAwards, and received a nomination in that same category in 2020.

But is she the best option for meeting Eastern European women? Cost is one of the considerations, and you’ll only find that out during an initial consultation.

This short-but-informative guide to hiring a matchmaking service breaks down all the crucial questions you should ask a potential matchmaker, before agreeing to a contract.

Because cost isn’t the only deciding factor - so is contract length and where the women you’ll be meeting are selected from.

Matchmaking contracts are often long-term, spanning 6 months to a year - sometimes even longer. And as a former client pointed about in his Trustpilot review, you’ll generally have to pay for the entire package up front before seeing any of your potential matches.

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