It Takes An Incredible Team To Make Incredible Connections

If you’re like most singles today, you’ve signed up for several dating apps at some point... only to discover they simply aren’t working to attract the quality of matches you want to meet.

You’ve likely even tried chatting up people you cross paths with in your daily life… but who does that anymore? (Heck, half the women at the bar seem to prefer swiping over being approached nowadays.)

Maybe you’ve been set up by friends or perhaps even hired an expensive local matchmaker... only to be reminded of how much you hate being stuck on a long blind date with someone who’s just not your type.

No matter what frustrations you’ve experienced in the past, the team here at VIDA Select will make dating enjoyable again.


Meet Your Dream Team Of Dedicated Matchmakers Who Will Set You Up With Your Perfect Match:

  • ScottValdez-200

    Scott, Head Honcho

    'Visionary & eDating Master'

Scott is the Founder and President of VIDA Select. Since 2009, he’s been hard at work taking VIDA Select’s systems, strategies, and success rate to the next level. Helping people get the dates of their dreams online is his greatest passion, and he’s recognized by the media as one of the world’s foremost online dating experts. Until meeting his ideal girlfriend on OkCupid, Scott was one of VIDA Select’s most loyal customers.

Read more about his journey here

  • ally

    Ally, Head Of Matchmaking

    'The Soulmate Specialist'

A romantic at heart, Ally loves helping VIDA Select’s clients find their soulmates. She’s got a special knack for figuring out what type of special someone would make them happiest, and is so good at matchmaking she oversees the entire department! In her spare time, she loves planning date nights with her fiancé or hitting the gym. Luckily, it has a daycare for her 2 rambunctious sons, ages 3 and 5. Having boys opened up a whole new world for her, since she grew up with all sisters. Now with a 3:1 male to female ratio in her home, she feels a little outnumbered from time to time.

  • Rosalia

    Rosalia, Client Success Specialist

    'The Miracle Worker'

One of VIDA Select’s most experienced matchmakers, Rosalia is adept at working with people of all different ages, cultures, and backgrounds thanks to her extensive travels. A veteran online dater herself, she’s the go-to matchmaker among her circle of friends and consistently has one of VIDA Select’s highest success rates when it comes to getting clients into relationships.

  • guille

    Guille, Chief Data Officer

    'The Number Cruncher'

Guille is VIDA Select’s resident data scientist. With a Master’s in Big Data, he has done extensive work in a variety of industries, including tech, finance, education and now online dating. His passion for crunching numbers and interpreting large amounts of data largely accounts for the soaring success rates that VIDA Select clients enjoy today.

Cat, VIDA Chief Operating Officer

Cat, Chief Operating Officer


Meagan, Director Of Operations

"Jack Of All Trades"


Maithreyi, HR Director

"The People Person"

Stacy, Internal Communications Coordinator & Matchmaker

"The Hyper-Communicator"


Sabine, Stylist & Matchmaker



Loren, Stylist

"The 4-Part Harmonizer"

Ellie, Matchmaker & Photo Department Manager

"The Natural Empath"


Dianne, Matchmaker

"The Relationship Builder"


Ana, Matchmaker

"The One Who Loves Love"


Ioana, Matchmaker

"The Introverted Extrovert"

Sheri, Matchmaker

"The Southern One"


Fe, Matchmaker

"The Romantic One"

Olivia, Matchmaker & Matchmaker Mentor

"The Social Media Guru"

Kala, Matchmaker

"The Modern Day Hippie"


Richil, Matchmaker

"The Lyrical One"

Francesca, Matchmaker

"The Psychology Fan"


Briona, Matchmaker



Joana, Matchmaker

"The Friend To All Animals"

MacKenzie, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Relationship Coach"


Adam, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Health Nut"


Jess, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Musician"


Courtney, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Scientific Artist"

Simeon, Photo Editor Team Lead

"The Natural Image Expert"

Jarred, Dating Specialist Manager

"The Scavenger Hunter"

Alberto, Dating Coach & Profile Writing Manager

"The Life Hacker"

Alexander, Profile Editor

"The Intrepid Explorer"

Andie, Content Manager & Writing Team Lead

"The Chicken Whisperer"

Oleg, Photo Analyst & Editor

"The One Who Takes Portraits"

Andrew, Dating Specialist & Tinder Expert

"The Musician"

Arielle, Dating Specialist

"The Rebellious One"

Ben, Dating Specialist

"The London Novelist"

Cammi, Dating Specialist

"You Can Call Me Cam"

David, Dating Specialist

"The International Jetsetter"

Bree, Dating Specialist


Trevor, Dating Specialist

"The Storyteller"


Gabriela, Dating Specialist

"The Composer"


Ed, Dating Specialist

"The Entrepreneur"


Michelle, Profile Writer

"The Active Mama"

Liana, Profile Writer

"The Social Justice Warrior"

Carina, Profile Writer

"The Theatrical Clown"


Teresa, Profile Writer

"The Aspiring Author"


Laura, Profile Writer

"The Wandering Writer"

Judy, HR Recruitment Associate

"The Awesome Networker"


Grace, HR Recruitment Associate

"The Natural Helper"

Fredy, Business Intelligence Developer

"The Techy One"


Abhi, IT Project Manager

"The Big Picture Guy"


Imman, IT Developer & Support Specialist

"The Morning Person"


Romeo, IT Developer & Support Specialist

"The Tech Enthusiast"

Isabel, Scout Team Lead

"Crafter Extraoirdinaire"

Cat, VIDA Chief Operating Officer

Cat, Chief Operating Officer


Meagan, Director Of Operations

"Jack Of All Trades"


Maithreyi, HR Director

"The People Person"

Stacy, Internal Communications Coordinator & Matchmaker

"The Hyper-Communicator"

A Note From VIDA Select’s Founder…

Hey, I’m Scott Valdez, Founder of VIDA Select.

It may be hard to believe that not long ago, many people thought meeting people online was kinda weird.

But times have changed…

These days, people routinely make new connections on social media sites. Two-thirds of US singles regularly use dating apps to expand their options, and thousands of intelligent daters are now turning to the experts for help finding their ideal match.

As the creator of VIDA Select, I’ve had the fortune of being featured on CNN, The Today Show, Fox News, and many other media giants. Although many were initially skeptical of my unconventional approach to matchmaking, they ultimately agreed VIDA Select was remarkably effective for finding lasting connections.

But here’s what surprises most reporters and potential customers alike:


I never intended to create a modern matchmaking firm that would help over 5000 clients find their perfect matches.

After all, before starting VIDA Select, I was just an overworked sales and marketing manager searching for love… However, putting in 70+ hour work weeks at an ambitious startup wasn’t exactly conducive to meeting my ideal match.

Hanging out in bars didn’t yield many great prospects, my friends and coworkers only seemed to introduce me to the wrong types, and waiting for the universe to manifest my ideal woman was clearly just a pipe dream.

However, serendipity did seem to intervene when I discovered an ad for a prominent matchmaking service in the back of an in-flight magazine. Intrigued by the possibility of being set up with carefully-selected matches, I coughed up several thousand dollars—nearly my entire year-end bonus. Six months went by and I was only sent on a handful of blind dates with women who didn’t meet my expectations.

The general idea of matchmaking did make sense to me, and they gave me a few valuable dating insights. However, in the end they didn’t seem to have any matches in their rolodex that really fit my criteria... I licked my wounds and shifted my search elsewhere...

Dating sites like Match, POF, and OkCupid were steadily growing in popularity. Their increasing numbers meant I’d have access to more single women than a traditional matchmaker could dream of recruiting.

But like most guys, I was never taught how to optimally present myself online in a dating context… I didn’t know the right messages to send… and I was clueless which steps to take to entice women to meet up in person.

In fact, I vividly recall the first night I set up my POF account.

After uploading a couple of photos and jotting down a few words in my profile, I proceeded to spend an entire evening writing personalized messages to 47 women who were just my type.

The next morning, I eagerly climbed out of bed to see which women were interested. You can imagine my disappointment when I logged in to find that I hadn’t received a single response. I checked a few more times throughout the day before crawling back into bed frustrated and bewildered.

I knew lots of people had to be meeting online and I was determined to find success for myself. I spent hundreds of hours on dating sites and created dozens of spreadsheets. I spent the next 6 months meticulously testing everything to discover what worked and what didn’t.

And after rigorous testing, I finally started getting dates with women I really enjoyed meeting, rather than settling for those who didn’t quite check all the boxes. But between my heavy workload at my day job and running rigorous testing at night on my dating profile, I didn’t have enough time to go out with as many of my matches.

I was just too swamped.

Dating became my 2nd full-time job... and the pay was crappy! :p

Then I had a crazy idea… Why couldn’t a highly-skilled matchmaker just do this for me?

I would get the best of both worlds and would surely find my dream girl.

After placing several ads for a unique position, I found Mike, a gifted writer with a knack for online dating. I hired him to conduct the search for my perfect match.

And with his help—along with my meticulous attention to detail—we eventually cracked the code.

We discovered how to:

  • Create a profile that high-quality women can't resist.

  • Appear twice as attractive in your photo lineup.

  • Capture the attention of your most compatible matches from the very first message.

  • Keep your matches engaged, make her laugh, and have her eagerly awaiting your next message.

  • Ask her out in such a compelling way that “Yes” seems like the only answer that makes sense.

As a result, I started meeting highly-compatible women each week like clockwork. Mike even introduced me to a woman I liked so much that I ended my search to start a relationship.

One night, while hanging out with my buddies, one of them asked how I had met her. With a few beers in me, I spilled my secret. They all laughed at first and said I must be joking. I assured them I wasn’t. Then one of them asked, “Do you think your guy could find me a girl like yours too?”

They had all dabbled with dating apps and had experienced the same lack of results most guys are all too familiar with. Only then did I realize how my crazy little idea could really help thousands of men (and women!) meet their match.

That’s why...

In 2009, I Founded VIDA Select.

It's Like Having An Army Of Dating Experts Working Around The Clock For You.

VIDA Select is the first company to offer a team of dating specialists with a wealth of expertise and thousands of hours of experience. We combine forces to introduce you to highly-compatible women who are excited to meet you, too.

We’ve tested tens of thousands of online dating profiles and messages. And we know exactly what works to match you with someone we know you’ll enjoy spending time with!

There’s no other dating service out there that can do this for you...

Ready To Meet Your Perfect Match? Here's What To Do Next…

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If you qualify, we’ll be in contact with you soon to schedule a casual yet highly-confidential consultation with one of our dating specialists. There is no obligation to sign up and we will never pressure you into joining.

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