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Scott, Head Honcho

"Visionary & eDating Master"

Scott is the Founder and President of VIDA. Since 2009, he’s been hard at work taking VIDA’s systems, strategies, and success rate to the next level. Helping people get the dates of their dreams online is his greatest passion, and he’s recognized by the media as one of the world’s foremost online dating experts. Until meeting his ideal girlfriend on OkCupid, Scott was one of VIDA’s most loyal customers. Read more about his journey here.

Rebecca, Dating Expert

"The Industry Veteran"

In 2014, Rebecca brought nearly 10 years of matchmaking and management experience from the largest dating agency in the world to VIDA’s table. After hearing about VIDA on CNN, she decided it was time for a more modern approach to finding clients the match of their dreams. She’s one of those rare people who truly wants to change the world, and she couldn’t be happier about her decision to join the team.

Rosalia, Client Success Specialist & Matchmaker

"The Miracle Worker"

One of VIDA’s most experienced matchmakers, Rosalia is adept at working with people of all different ages, cultures, and backgrounds thanks to her extensive travels. She’s always been interested in helping people, especially by doing something that can help change someone’s life in a positive way. A veteran online dater herself, she’s the go-to matchmaker among her circle of friends and consistently has one of VIDA’s highest success rates when it comes to getting clients into relationships. Her passion for tango lured her to Buenos Aires, where she’s living now and blissfully dancing her nights away.

Guille, Chief Data Officer

"The Number Cruncher"

Guille is VDA’s chief data officer. With a Master’s in Big Data, he has done extensive work in a variety of industries, including tech, finance, education and now online dating. His passion for crunching numbers and interpreting large amounts of data largely accounts for the soaring success rates that VIDA clients enjoy today.

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Cat, GM

"The Jack of All Trades"

Ann, Photography Manager

"Photographer Expert & Talent Agent"

Andrew, Photo Editor

"The PhotoShop Guru"

Bojana, Photo Editor

"The Other PhotoShop Guru"

Jennifer, eDating Strategist

"The Persuasive One"

Meagan, Matchmaker Team Lead

"The Hopeless Romantic"

Benjamin, Writing Team Lead

"Mr. Adventure Sauce"

Clester, Assistant Team Lead

"The Shy Online Dating Pro"

Andie, Content Manager

"The Chicken Whisperer"

Ellie, Matchmaker

"The Sweet Family Girl"

Brianne, Matchmaker

"The Bubbly Funny One"

Stacy, Matchmaker

"The Hyper-Communicator"

Jamila, Matchmaker

"Tango Dancing Behavior Expert"

Kiernan, Matchmaker

"The Other Hilarious Twin"

Kristin, Matchmaker

"The Romantic Tomboy"

Ally, Matchmaker

"The Fitness Expert"

April, Matchmaker

"The Fierce One"

Alinda, Matchmaker

"The Romantic One"

Andrew, Professional Closer and Tinder Expert

"The Musician"

Arielle, Professional Closer

"The Rebellious One"

Connor, Professional Closer & Profile Writer

"The Invincible One"

Jared, Professional Closer & Profile Writer

"The International One"

Josh, Professional Closer

"The One Who Plays With Fire"

Sarah, Professional Closer

"The Next Tina Fey"

Ryan, Professional Closer

"The Island Scribe"

Mark, Profile Writer

"The Life Coach"

Michelle, Profile Writer

"The Active Mama"

Leandra, Profile Writer

"The Northern Wordsmith"

Recently, AOL's Asylum.com wrote "Scott Valdez can attract hundreds of women each month in his boxers."

Not quite.

Usually, I put on pajamas.

Hi, my name is Scott Valdez.

... And while CNN.com, FOX News, Men’s Health, and a laundry list of other well-known media giants want to paint me out to be this fancy-pants President of VIDA...

… The TRUTH is, eight years back, I was just an ambitious kid who was swamped with work. I was working fifty to sixty hours a week trying desperately to turn a small startup into a seven-figure business, and wanted to find a way to have a normal, healthy dating life.

So I turned to online dating.

You could say that my first attempts at it were “less than successful.”

I sent 47 messages on PlentyOfFish.com...

... and got ZERO responses.

It Felt So Frustrating When ALL The Women I Wrote Ignored Me.

Despite the disappointment, I was determined to make it work. And for nearly a year, online dating was literally all I did when I wasn’t at the office.

I was extremely meticulous, and systematically tracked and tested everything possible. One of of my friends still calls me “mad scientist” to this day. I shouldn’t have showed him the Excel spreadsheets.

Over time, it did start to work. And boy did it ever work!

Through Hundreds Of Hours Of Trial And Error, I Finally Figured Out How To:

  • Gain the attention of the most desirable women online.
  • Craft an online dating profile text that makes my ideal type of girl feel compelled to contact me.
  • Keep the woman engaged, make her LOL, and have her eager to receive my next message.

  • Appear twice as attractive in my photos.
  • Consistently capture an attractive woman’s attention from my very first message.
  • Ask her out in such a compelling way that “Yes” seems like the only answer that makes sense.

I'd developed a simple, easy-to-replicate system for meeting women online. As a result, I was consistently meeting 1 to 3 great girls every single week.

Remember how I first sent 47 messages with ZERO responses?

Now I was getting roughly 1 response for every 5 messages I sent. About 50% of those turned into dates.

But when I hit my peak, that's when then things got even crazier at work...

Life Just Got Too Busy For Online Dating.

Here's the thing.

I wasn't interested in hooking up with the sleazy drunk girl everyone else was having their fun with.

I was interested in high quality, “marriage-material” women. I'm much more of a "quality over quantity" kind of guy.

The problem is.... sifting, sorting and swiping through hundreds of profiles is A LOT of work.

Coming up with a clever way to break the ice with dozens of women... handling all the back and forth messaging once they respond… working out the logistics of where and when to meet. Good grief - it was like a part-time job!

As I became busier and busier at my job, I found it impossible to keep up with my online dating. Not responding quickly enough was costing me my best matches.

That's When The Idea First Hit Me…

"Why don't I just hire someone to do it for me?"

That's what led me to Mike - the absolute genius with words I hired to set up dates for me.

Mike was my very first "Virtual Dating Assistant".

I gave him all my best material, and trained him to sound just like me. In a few short weeks, Mike restored my dating life completely.

I Could Finally Focus On MEETING These Women Rather Than Chasing Them Around Online...

At the next poker night, I casually mentioned to a few of my buddies what I figured out.

They immediately asked me to get them VIDA because they were experiencing the same issues.

Apparently they started talking to their other friends because within a few days I was getting phone calls from random guys begging me to help them too.

I felt like a mini-celebrity, but I was kind of reluctant at first.

It worked like crazy for me, but I wasn't sure if I could duplicate the process.

I tried working with two different matchmakers but the results were just OK (at best). With VIDA, I got what I really wanted. My matchmaker was more caring and seemed to understand me much better. I felt that she was able to represent me accurately in my most attractive light. And it worked! I’ve stopped seeing new women and the one I’m pursuing is moving in with me next week. If I’m ever single again, I’ll be starting back up with the service, but I’ve got a feeling it won’t be necessary anytime soon.

Howard B.

Dallas, TX
Prior to VIDA I was spending countless hours, sending unsuccessful emails and meeting no one. Within a few short weeks, I had more responses and women looking to meet me than there were days in the week. I'd highly recommend this service to anyone who is frustrated with the hassles of online dating.

Sanjeet S.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

When I saw dozens of other guys getting results similar to mine, I decided it was time to take our proven system and develop a team that could help more guys like me enjoy the same experience - having dates delivered to them on a silver platter.

In 2009, I Founded VIDA.

It's Like Having a Team Of Online Dating Experts Working for You.

VIDA is the first company to offer a fleet of online dating specialists who combine thousands of hours of experience and expertise to set you up dates with your ideal type of women.

Here's how it works:

We currently have over 30 dating professionals dedicated to helping you land high-quality dates each and every week.

  • Some specialize in writing irresistibly attractive dating profiles
  • Some are experts at breaking the ice with women and captivating their attention.
  • Others are masters of handling the “nitty gritty” stuff to lock in your date…

We combine forces to get high-quality women attracted to you and begging to meet up with you.

There’s no other dating service on the planet that can do this for you the way we can...

We’ve tested tens of thousands of online dating profiles and messages. And we know EXACTLY what works to attract the high-caliber women that you desire!

Imagine How Different Life Will Be...

...Once You Have The Power To Selectively Date Only The Women That You Want To Meet.

Picture what it would be like to never have to spend another Friday night alone because in spite of all of your efforts, you were unable to get a date...

Think of what it would feel like if you were able to arrive at gatherings and have your colleagues and friends jealously eying your beautiful new girlfriend wondering, “What is his secret?”

And imagine finally being with the woman of your dreams--someone you truly connect with and perhaps even want to spend the rest of your life with.

With the help of VIDA, you can experience all of this and more… effortlessly!

Here's What To Do Next...

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There is no pressure or obligation here. We aren't "hard sellers". In fact I feel that if you don't truly understand how valuable this is, I don't even want you to sign up for the service.

This is simply to see if we might be a good fit for each other.

So fill out the form below. We'll get in touch to schedule a quick, friendly, 15-20 minute chat and see if you're the kind of man we're looking for.

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