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7 Hinge Photo Tips For Women Who Want Better Matches

You’re looking for Hinge photo tips, so you’ve already realized success on this dating app requires some effort in terms of how you present yourself. 

If you want sparks to fly with a relationship-worthy guy, you need the kind of profile pics that draw him in and make him want to message you. Hinge requires 6 photos in order to interact with other uses, and you need to make them all count.

Hinge photo tips for women

These 7 Hinge profile picture tips will help make you irresistible to the kind of men you want to meet most!

Let’s start with the most important profile pic of all…

#1: Make Your Primary Photo Picture Perfect

Swiping decisions on dating apps are made with lightning speed. On average, singles swipe right in less than a second, with appearance being the #1 factor motivating the direction. 

And if he’s not into your photos? Deciding to swipe left takes even less time.

The good news is certain elements make your primary photo universally more attractive. 

A European research team studied the science behind swiping on Tinder, and identified the 4 traits the most-liked photos all had in common:

  1. Eye contact - a clear view of your face
  2. Tight cropping - think “headshot” proportions
  3. Only one subject - save the group shot for later
  4. High quality image - crystal clear, brightly lit & good contrast between you and the background

And because they took a scientific approach to attraction, the photo advice is just as applicable to Hinge.

Other researchers have found choosing a photo with an “expansive posture” is more attractive than one where your body language is more contracted. (For instance, don’t choose a primary pic where your arms are crossed over your chest.)

And combining a smile with a slight head tilt also strongly influences your likability. 

Put that all together, and the perfect Hinge photo looks something like this:

Perfect Hinge photo for women

#2: Mix Things Up With Some Variety

In early 2021, Hinge released what it calls “What Works Guides.” Each contains a few simple tips in four categories: Photos, Prompts, Matching & Conversation.

Hinge "What Works" Photos Guide

You can access the Hinge What Works guides from the “Settings” screen.

In the photo one, Hinge recommends a lineup consisting of these 6 types of pictures:

  1. Headshot
  2. Group pic
  3. Hobby
  4. Full body
  5. Activity
  6. Candid

With the exception of leading with your headshot, you don’t need to follow that order exactly. 

Hinge’s advice aligns with what VIDA Select’s team of photo analysts have known for a long time - variety in your lineup is the key to showcasing all the facets of your personality.

A one-note photo lineup is boring, and boring is the kiss of death on a dating app.

An all-selfie lineup (more on why that can be an instant turn-off coming up) doesn’t really communicate anything compelling about hobbies, personality traits, or what you’ve got going on in your daily life. 

Hinge photo bad examples for girls

Consider filling one of your 6 photo spots with a video - that’s a great way to show off your personality in an authentic way. Natural lighting generally is the most flattering, so you’ll likely get the best results taking it outside.

These helpful Hinge video tips will help you take a great one.

To attract the really high-quality men on Hinge, some aspect of your profile needs to resonate with them - and ideally compel them to send a “like” and comment your way.

If you want to increase the odds of that happening, then...

#3: Include A Conversation Starter

Photos of you *doing* something or interacting with your environment in some way are generally more engaging than a pic of you staring at a mirror. Or worse, at your phone while it’s pointed at a mirror.

dating photo tip for women

Eye-catching scenery illustrates that you go to interesting places. And it makes it easy for him to ask, “Where was that taken?” or “That looks like ___, am I right?

Pets are always good subjects for a dating app pic. A simple, “Awww what’s his name?” gets the message exchange rolling.

good hinge pics for girls


Dogs and Hinge are an awesome pairing, but it’s not only because they’re cute. According to research, when a guy thinks you’re a dog owner, he’s likely to think you’re an even more attractive prospect. 

Survey respondents rated dog owners as happier, friendly and more relaxed compared to non-dog owners. And there’s also the “nurturing & long-term commitment” angle.

All that being said, you should always choose your photos based on how *you* look. Don’t include an unflattering pic just because Fluffers looks adorable in it.

Most women have gotten far more than their fair share of “hey” messages. But a common complaint of men using dating apps is not having much in the woman’s profile to go on. 

Hobbies, sports, and favorite pastimes are not only visually interesting, they can also lead to connecting over a shared passion.

Hinge photos that showcase hobbies

The advantage to using Hinge is the dating app goes out of its way to make connecting easier. 

Photo prompts, the ability to comment on individual bits of content, and even a “Standout Out” feed designed to curate profiles the algorithm thinks are especially compatible.

Hinge Standout Tip

When you choose Hinge pics that play well with all those features, you increase your odds of catching the eye of guys you actually want to date.

#4: Use Selfies Sparingly

A lineup heavy on the selfies is problematic for a number of reasons. If that’s the state of your current Hinge lineup, it could be the reason you’re not matching with intriguing, boyfriend-material men.

First of all, selfies have had their moment in the sun. Now 82% of people want to see less of them on social media.

No more selfies!

If your Hinge profile is saturated with selfies, research shows potential matches are likely perceiving you as more narcissistic, less likeable and less attractive compared to how they would perceive you in a non-selfie lineup.

They also make you seem self-absorbed, which isn’t a great first impression to make in the dating space.

Read more about why selfies are a big online dating mistake women make here (and see if you’re guilty of any other common profile no-nos!)

#5: Be Authentic

How seriously you take your dating profile says a lot about how seriously you’re taking online dating in general. Hinge is a relationship app, and men want to see what you actually look like.

Heavily filtered, obviously Facetuned pics instantly turn off many guys.

Facetune filter example

84% of singles wish there was more authenticity on dating platforms. 52% want dating apps to ban face filters outright (as many already have), and 70% consider using one to be deceptive.

Dating giant Plenty of Fish surveyed asked how singles felt about filters, and the words “immature”, “insecure”, “not serious about finding someone”, and “pretending to be someone they’re not” were common responses.

Not a great impression to make on your dream match, right? Skip the filters.

#6: Use “Signalling” To Your Advantage

Signalling is a fancy term for the impression he’s coming away with after checking out your photos. But it goes a lot deeper than just superficial appearances - it’s all about the inferences he’s making about you and your lifestyle.

And much like the decision to “like” or “pass” on your profile - those inferences are made very, very quickly.

Think for a minute about your perfect match - is he athletic? Handy? Outdoorsy? Trendy? Now ask yourself what qualities he might want in his perfect match. 

That quick exercise can help you select photos where you’re highlighting the qualities you think your ideal person is looking for.

Hinge photo tip for girls example

Including a picture of you on a hike signals that you’re physically fit, outdoors, and adventurous.

Example of a good Hinge profile pic for women

A snap like the one above conveys your playful, fun side.

Signal that you enjoy exploring the world, have cool hobbies, or make an effort to look great when you go out:

Examples of good hinge pics for women

Whatever it is that makes you girlfriend material, let it shine in your Hinge profile.

#7: Eye Contact Radiates Confidence

A strong gaze that connects directly with the viewer conveys confidence, and that’s an attractive quality to most men. 

It’s particularly important in your primary photo, but you’ll want to factor that in when choosing the rest of your lineup as well.

Example of good and bad eye contact in a photo

If you’re looking away from the camera or wearing sunglasses in too many pics, you could be sabotaging a potential spark. 

There’s another downside to wearing sunglasses in dating photos - you risk being perceived as less trustworthy and less likeable.  

For more dating profile pic tips all based on research, check out this article!

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