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How To Add A Video On Hinge [Plus 7 Hinge Video Tips!]

Hinge allows you to upload a short video in lieu of a photo, which can be a great way to get a conversation started on this popular dating app.

Hinge Video Tips

A short Hinge video clip feels more interactive than looking at a static photo, and it’s the perfect medium to highlight an interesting hobby in a dynamic way.

Adding a video or two to your Hinge profile also adds variety to your photo lineup and gives her a taste of your personality.

But it’s only a successful Hinge strategy if the videos you choose increase your odds of getting a “like” or a comment. If she's not feeling it, a bad video could send her straight for that “nope” button.

Keep reading for 7 Hinge video tips that will help make sure she likes what she sees!

How To Add Video To Hinge

You can upload videos straight from your Facebook, Instagram, or Camera Roll. Here’s how:

  1. From the Settings screen, tap the “edit profile” icon beneath your primary photo.
  2. Tap on the empty photo slot, or the photo you’d like to replace with a video.
  3. If you’re swapping a photo for a video clip, tap “Replace Photo” in the upper right hand corner of the image.
  4. Choose Facebook, Instagram or Camera Roll from the pop-up menu, then select the video you’d like to post on Hinge.
  5. Tap “Done” once the video has compressed and uploaded. It will now play in a loop as Hinge users check out your profile.

Hinge video format is similar to other dating apps. Clips should be at least 1 second, but no longer than 30 seconds. You also have the option to mute the video – simply tap the speaker icon on the “edit video” screen.

Use Hinge Videos To Get More Likes

As with anything you include in your dating profile, you want to control the message and make sure you’re only sending attractive signals.

Signaling” is a fancy word for symbolic communication. In other words, what you’re communicating between the lines with your profile text, photos and videos.

For instance, including a photo of you rock climbing lets your potential matches know that you’re both adventurous and physically fit, whereas a photo of you catching a few Zs with your cat on the couch could signal the opposite.

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Since videos are typically more engaging than a photo, they can have an even greater impact on the impression your profile makes overall.

But don’t worry – these 7 Hinge video tips and ideas will help your profile get more likes & comments!

#1. Make sure it’s interesting. In other words – have a point. Show off that new trick you taught your puppy, your ability to do a front flip off a dock at the lake or the view from a scenic hike.

#2. Highlight an attractive hobby. This is a great way to subtly let her know you’re 100% boyfriend material. Show off your a DIY project (He’s handy to have around the house!) or your latest culinary creation (I can’t wait to try that!)

#3. If it’s “shaky” or poor quality footage, don’t use it. Besides being potentially nausea inducing, jumpy video is hard to watch. You wouldn’t use a blurry photo on a dating app, so don’t use low-quality videos either.

#4. Take it outside. Natural lighting is your friend when it comes to looking your best in any of your online profiles. Indoor lighting conditions just aren’t as flattering – especially if the light source is a fluorescent bulb.

#5. Make strong eye contact with the camera. You want her to feel an immediate connection, because that’s part of what makes sparks fly. Eye contact, especially in a moving image, is a great way to do that.

#6. Smile! Smiles literally are contagious, your mom didn’t just make that up. People tend to subconsciously mirror whatever emotions they think someone else is experiencing – so if you’re smiling, she feels happier as well. And if you’re frowning, or getting your angst on, she’s going to pick up on that too.

#7. Mind the background. Before uploading a video to Hinge (or any other dating app), make sure every single thing in the video is something you want her to see. For instance, don’t accidentally pan across a kitchen sink brimming with dishes, or your couch piled high with clothes on laundry day.

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