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11 FaceTime Date Ideas & Tips [What To Do & How To Prepare!]

A FaceTime date is a perfect way to see if you actually click with a match from an app like Bumble, Hinge or Tinder before suggesting that you meet in person.

But the “audition” goes both ways, as your match will also be determining if they’re feeling chemistry with you.

More singles than ever before have embraced the idea of video dating, so you're likely to find yourself on one sooner rather than later.

Whether you’re new to the idea of video dating, or you’re just not sure what you do on a FaceTime date, you’ve come to the right place.

Our dating experts have been helping singles like you with every aspect of modern dating since 2009. These 11 FaceTime date ideas and tips are straight from our dating coaches! 

Ready to make a great impression and have fun while you get to know your next match on a video call?

Get started with some good FaceTime questions, or skip straight to the advice you need most!

Good FaceTime Conversation Ideas

Ideally, your first video chat with your match will be a seamless progression from message exchange to face-to-face conversation, even if it is via screen.

When you’re still in the initial “getting to know each other” phase, it can be helpful to have a few interesting questions on hand to ask your match that will keep the conversation going smoothly.

Here are 10 good questions to ask a match on FaceTime:

To great questions to ask on a FaceTime date

But there’s one caveat - don’t approach your list like you’re interviewing your match. Let the conversation evolve naturally, and sprinkle in your questions as needed.

Just the confidence of knowing you won’t be stuck with nothing to say can help calm any “first date” nerves.

PRO TIP: How To End Your FaceTime Date Politely

Some singles may be hesitant to try video dating because of the potential awkwardness of ending the call - especially if it’s because you’re just not feeling the chemistry.

Mentioning a time limit when your scheduling the video date is effective, as that will give you a natural “out” when the appointed time arrives.

For instance, you could say “I’d love to FaceTime at 7:00, but just a heads up I have to do X at 7:30.”

If things are going well, you can always make up a reason to extend the chat - or suggest scheduling another one.

But if your exit strategy wasn’t put into motion beforehand, it’s still easy to gracefully end a FaceTime date without having to blame your (suddenly) spotty reception or about-to-die battery.

“This has been a nice chat, but I need to ...”

You can use just about any reason with a hint of urgency, from letting the dog out or starting dinner to calling your mom or finishing up a work project.

“I have another call coming up” is perfect if you don’t want to invent a reason on the fly. And thanks to the vagueness of “coming up,” it’s also likely 100% truthful.

5 Fun FaceTime Date Ideas

If your conversation is off to the races from the moment you exchange “hellos,” great. 

But if you’re like many singles who aren’t super confident in their first date small talk skills, an activity can help take some of that pressure off - and lead to a more relaxed, fun and informative video chat.

Here are 5 great ideas for a FaceTime date with your match:

  1. Compare pantry notes and cook a meal together that you both have the ingredients for, then enjoy it over a glass or two of wine. Alternately, you can arrange to have a meal delivered at the same time.
  2. Unleash your artistic side, and try sketching a portrait of each other. Don’t worry if the result is closer to Picasso than Rembrandt - sharing a few laughs is a great way to feel more connected.
  3. If you’re in a more rural area where you can take a walk in a secluded park or greenbelt, FaceTime with your date as you stroll along. If the other person is cooped up in a big city, being a virtual companion on your nature walk may be just the thing to cheer them up.
  4. Playing a game like Two Truths and a Lie is a fun, creative way to learn more about each other. With the right match, Truth or Dare could be fun too!
  5. If you’re both into music, compare playlists. Swap suggestions for everything from your must-have workout mix to roadtrip favorites.

How To Prepare For A FaceTime Date

Confidence is attractive, no matter what format your first date takes. Being prepared is one of the best ways to calm your nerves, and using FaceTime is no different.

Here are 3 quick tips that will help you prepare for your video date!

FaceTime Date Tip #1: Create A Go-To “Video Dating Space”

It can be tempting to head outdoors to take advantage of the natural lighting, but keep in mind how frustrating just a tiny bit of wind can make a phone call. Not to mention honking horns, airplanes and your neighbor’s screaming kids or barking dog. 

When your FaceTime date is relaxed and distraction free, the odds are much higher your match will agree to another one.

Besides, chances are good your video date will be after dark so you’ll want to figure out the indoor lighting situation, preferably before your video date starts.

Choose a well-lit spot in your house where your features won’t be cast in shadow. You may need to experiment with positioning and angling a desk lamp or ring light to see what looks best on camera.

Good lighting is crucial - but it’s not the only thing you’ll want to consider when choosing where to have your FaceTime dates. Location is another key factor.

Think of a video date as giving a match a bonus glimpse into your lifestyle. A clean, orderly, inviting atmosphere is much more conducive to your match wanting to join you there. 

example of a messy backdrop on a FaceTime date

If what’s visible behind you during the call is disorganized, dingy or would make your mom cringe, you may find their interest in dating you waning.

Once you’ve got the lighting set and your backdrop tidied, you can use the same spot for all your FaceTime dates.

FaceTime Date Tip #2: Practice Holding Your Phone

Finding the perfect angle to hold your phone for a FaceTime call takes a bit of practice, so if this is your first FaceTime date you may want to call up a friend or family member to get an idea for which angles are the most flattering.

For instance, if the camera is positioned below your chin and shooting upward, you’ll likely appear bigger than you really are - and some of your features will look a bit distorted.

To look your best on a video call, try this:

Stand in front of a mirror and tilt your chin about ¾ of the way down. You’ll want to practice how you hold your head and shoulders to eradicate the “double chin” effect. 

Once you’ve mastered that and it’s a pose you can “drop” into naturally, you’re ready to add the phone to the equation.

best way to hold phone on a FaceTime date

Hold the phone at eye level approximately 12 inches away from your face, and tilt the screen downward slightly. The distance and angle will vary from person to person, but that’s generally the most flattering way to position your phone during a video call. 

FaceTime Date Tip #3: Dress For The Camera

There are plenty of accessories available that will help you strategically place your phone, and you can always use a few books or other objects to prop it up if you don’t want to hold it the entire time. 

What you choose to wear can also have a big impact - and not just in a “you need to look decent because this is a date” sort of way. You need to factor in what looks good on video.

You don’t want your clothing to steal the show - you want your match to focus on your face. 

Solid colors work best, as they tend to be less distracting on a screen. Patterns, especially “bold” ones, may continually catch your match’s eye and make it harder to focus on what you’re saying. Stripes can cause an “interference” pattern, which is definitely something you want to avoid.

Choose a shirt or blouse that looks good on you, but also coordinates with your chosen dating space. For instance, a green shirt against a green backdrop may disappear, making you look like a floating head. And a color that clashes with the backdrop may get increasingly more distracting as the date progresses.

For a full primer on how to make your video date a success, check out these expert video chatting tips!

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