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Love Story Matchmaking Review [Best Scottsdale Matchmaker?]

On the hunt for a Scottsdale matchmaker? Kelly Vockell’s service is one of many options for Arizona singles, so checking out Love Story Matchmaking reviews is a smart move. 

Our team of matchmaking experts has reviewed more than 200 services, diving deep into their processes, costs, and client experiences. With over 14 years of firsthand experience in the industry, we know exactly what clients value most in a service.

Let’s dive in!

Meet Scottsdale Matchmaker Kelly Vockell

Scottsdale matchmaker Kelly Vockell

After graduating from Yale in 1996, Kelly Vockell worked in business development and sales for a decade. In 2007, she brought her experience to Kelleher International, a luxury matchmaking service based in San Francisco

Vockell stayed at Kelleher International for 13 years, serving as a National Sales Director and Executive Matchmaker. In 2020, she left to become a VP of Client Services and a VIP Matchmaker for April Davis’ national service, LUMA Luxury Matchmaking.

In 2021, Vockell branched out on her own, becoming the owner of Love Story Matchmaking.

Now based in Scottsdale, Love Story Matchmaking helps clients in Arizona and beyond. They’ve worked with clients across the US as well as Europe and the Middle East.

On her website, Vockell says she specializes in matchmaking for Foreign Services officers, Ivy League singles, and other niche areas, such as those with generational wealth.

In addition to matchmaking, Vockell and her team also offer “strategic resources” such as dating coaching to help support clients throughout the process. 

Here’s a taste of dating advice she shared with Fox10 Phoenix, tailored for singles dating after divorce:

Dating after divorce tips from Kelly Vockell

A Peek At The Love Story Matchmaking Process

Kelly Vockell’s Scottsdale matchmaking service is truly boutique - she only works with 10 clients at any given time. As she explains on her matchmaking website, Vockell takes on clients if she’s “confident in your intent, coachability, and prospects.”

The process starts by completing a short questionnaire on the Love Story Matchmaking website. 

It all begins by completing a profile on their website, which includes uploading a photo of yourself and answering personal questions: your name, gender, birthday, email, phone number, height, and income.

Submitting the form will add you to the Love Story Matchmaking database of eligible singles for potential matchmaking with paying clients.

Love Story Matchmaking profile submission form

If Vockell feels you’d be a good fit to become a client, you’ll receive an invitation after they’ve reviewed your submission. 

Paying clients are matched with singles from the database, or with candidates sourced via Vockell’s network or scouting efforts.

When a potential match is found, the matchmaking team meets with them face-to-face to assess whether or not they are a good fit. If they pass the screening, the match will be presented to you for approval.

You’ll be able to see photos, and learn why they believe the match is a good fit. 

If you approve the match, Love Story Matchmaking sets up the date. They also contact both you and your match for feedback after the introduction has occurred.

Curious what former clients had to say about their experience? Reading matchmaking service reviews can give you insight into a particular person’s experience, however Love Story Matchmaking has yet to be reviewed on major platforms like Trustpilot or Yelp.

This Scottsdale matchmaking service does have a profile listed with the Better Business Bureau, along with 2 complaints lodged against it which resulted in an F-rating. However the BBB entry pre-dates Vockell’s ownership. 

How Much Does Love Story Matchmaking Cost?

Like many boutique services that cater to a high-end clientele, Vockell doesn't divulge cost on her website.

To get a ballpark idea of what you may expect to spend, let’s take a quick look at what a few other elite matchmakers for Scottsdale singles charge.


Enamour, for instance, offers a tailored matchmaking experience that starts around $20,000. Clients are matched with candidates from the invitation-only, highly curated database. 

The Enamour team also utilizes a large network of scouts, as well as recruiting technology, to identify potential matches from a variety of offline and online sources around the world. 

Every candidate is thoroughly vetted, either in-person or via video call, to help ensure long-term relationship potential. 

Erica Suzanne Fultz Matchmaking

Erica Suzanne Fultz launched her matchmaking service back in 2007, and often works with clients in their 40s and 50s. A boutique matchmaker like Vockell, Fultz limits her active client roster to around 15-20 clients at a time.

Fultz’s service is headquartered in Minneapolis, but she also has a presence in Arizona. 

Matchmaking packages begin around $12,000 and can cost upwards of $25,000, depending on contract length and other factors.

VIDA Select

Founded in 2009 by Scott Valdez, VIDA Select puts a modern spin on the matchmaking process that unlocks the largest pool of Scottsdale singles there is. 

VIDA’s reach isn’t just limited to Scottsdale, as the team can help singles dating in major cities all over the world. If you’re only in Arizona for part of the year, VIDA could be the perfect solution.

Packages are offered on a monthly basis, so no multi-month contract is required. Service starts around $1,195 for Basic packages, with Premium options starting at only $1,795. Elite packages start at $2,595. 

The cost of each package highly correlates with the number of hours your matchmaker will spend on your search. Clients typically meet someone special within the first 3 months of service.

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