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5 Tinder Tips That Get You More Matches [With Bio Examples!)

Looking for Tinder tips because you're not happy with the quality (or quantity) of your matches?

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The average guy spends around an hour and a half each day on Tinder, checking the app about 11 times.

That translates to a lot of wasted time and a very frustrating experience when you’re not matching with any women you actually want to meet. Or worse - you’ve got no Tinder matches at all.

But don’t worry. These 5 Tinder tips will give your match rate the boost you’ve been hoping for - and you’ll get higher quality matches!

#1: Be Easy On The Eyes (No Matter What You Look Like)

If you want to maximize your results on Tinder, practice the KISS method when it comes to choosing your photos.

In a recent study, researchers presented participants with an array of Tinder photos and studied their swiping patterns and reactions. They discovered simple, uncomplicated photos were consistently rated as more attractive.

It all boils down to “cognitive workload,” which in layman’s terms simply means how hard you need to think about something. When it comes to Tinder photos, the quicker your brain can process what it’s seeing, the more appealing that photo becomes.

With that in mind, here are easy 3 ways to make your Tinder photos more attractive with an image editor like Pixlr or Photoshop:

Adjust the contrast:

high contrast Tinder tip

When there’s a higher degree of contrast, you stand out from the background and instantly catch her eye. That’s crucial when she’s swiping through multiple photos in a short amount of time.

Crop your primary photo:

how to crop a tinder photo

You want the first picture she sees to make the best impression possible, so consider turning it into a headshot with the crop tool.

Simple = more attractive, so crop in on the upper third of your body.

Thicken your limbal ring:

Thickened limbal ring example

The limbal ring is that dark ring around the iris of your eye, and having a more pronounced one gives your perceived attraction level a boost.

#2: Make Sure Your Photo Lineup Says All The Right Things

Choosing photos where you look good is important, but a lot of guys stop there. If you want to attract the highest quality matches, you need to take it a step further and capitalize on what your photos are signaling to her.

Signaling is the process of conveying meaning with a photo so you don’t have to explicitly state it. For instance, a photo of you zip lining in Costa Rica signals that you have the resources to travel and that you’re adventurous.

That’s an example of good signaling. Improper signaling happens when you think your photo is communicating one thing, but the viewer comes away with a completely different take-home message:

improper signalling in a tinder photo

Gathering feedback on your photos is one way to virtually guarantee you’re sending the right signals. Use a site like Photofeeler to evaluate your options, then use the most popular photos in your lineup.

You can also enable Tinder’s Smart Photos feature, which automatically rotates all your photos into the primary position, then adjusts your lineup according to popularity. According to the app’s data, you’ll see up to a 12% increase in matches.

For even more Tinder photo tips for guys, check out this article.

#3: Give Her One More Reason To Swipe Right

Ideally your Tinder photos will be all the catalyst she needs to swipe right. But if she’s undecided, a rock solid bio could make up her mind.

Besides, guys with Tinder bios get more matches than guys without - and getting more matches is the whole reason you’re reading this, right?

Your bio has one job: make her want to know more about you. If you can’t spark her curiosity, the odds of you two meeting in real life are slim to none.

You’re about to get 3 examples of good Tinder bios, but first grab a pen and paper and do this quick exercise:

  1. Describe what you do for a living in one short sentence.
  2. Jot down some of your hobbies. Maybe you travel, or like to go windsurfing, hiking or scuba diving. Or maybe you know your way around a BBQ or the karaoke stage.
  3. Add some of your favorite things, like your family, your dog, craft beer - whatever floats your boat.

Now check out these examples, and choose your favorite style:


good Tinder bio for guys


Tinder bio


Short Tinder bio example with emoji

Refer to your list, customize the particulars, and boom - you just got an irresistible Tinder bio you can use right now.

For even more tips for your Tinder bio, go here.

#4: Pony Up For A Boost

Tinder Boost makes your profile one of the top ones in your area for 30 minutes, and increases your profile views by a factor of 10. More profile views typically equal more matches, so it’s likely worth the small investment.

YouTube video

Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum users get a free boost every month, but if you’re not a paid subscriber you’ll have to pay for the privilege.

Depending on your market, a single boost costs around $7, with a price break for buying them in quantity:

Tinder Boost Cost
1 Boost - $6.99
5 Boosts - $6.00/each
10 Boosts - $5.00/each

#5 Choose A Few Passions To Display

Tinder shows you which Passions (or "Interests", in some markets) you have in common with a potential match by highlighting them on your bio.

Tinder profile displaying interest badges

Thanks to the “implicit-egotism” effect, people tend to gravitate towards other people who are similar to themselves. So having something in common could plant the seeds of attraction.

But stick to choosing interests you genuinely enjoy, since the topics are likely to come up in a message exchange.

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