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Boston Matchmakers Reviews (Cost, Complaints, & Praise)

Boston Matchmakers Reviews

Tired of navigating the singles scene on your own? A Boston matchmaker can make it so much easier to finally meet high-quality people. But first you have to choose the right one for you - and you’ve got a lot of options.

These Boston Matchmakers reviews will help you narrow down your short list.

From their matchmaking process and cost to authentic customer complaints and praise, find out what you can expect from this Boston dating agency.

For starters…

It’s Part Of One Big Happy Family

Boston Matchmakers has offices in Boston, Braintree, Woburn, and Marlborough. But this dating service’s family is much larger.

Boston Matchmakers is owned by the same parent company that runs matchmaking websites across the nation, like Texas Singles, Maryland Matchmakers, and Mature Singles Only.

The websites all share a similar format. To find out more information about how the matchmaking service actually works, you answer a few questions and provide your personal contact info so that a matchmaker can contact you:

Boston Matchmakers Contact Form

But before tapping “Complete,” check out “we respect your privacy” actually means, as detailed in this section of their privacy policy:

privacy policy

And then there’s this to consider:

Boston Matchmakers privacy policy

So long story short, by submitting your email address and phone number, you’re granting them permission to release that personal data to other marketing companies.

Boston Matchmakers probably gets paid by these marketing companies for providing sales leads, so they’re likely making money off you before you’ve even talked to your matchmaker!

But maybe an increase in oddly specific Facebook banner ads, spam email and telemarketer calls to your cell phone doesn’t bother you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be offered a service or product you actually want to buy.

Clicking “complete” brings up the opportunity to share even more personal data with Boston Matchmakers, so that they can learn more about you as well as what type of people you want to meet:

Boston Matchmakers interview form

Don’t worry, this form isn’t mandatory. You can answer all the questions when a Boston Matchmakers representative calls you. The initial phone consultation covers all the basics - you’ll describe your life, relationship goals, and dating history.

Apart from getting to know you, the other goal of the phone call is to set up the in-person meeting with a matchmaker. And that’s when you’ll answer the million dollar question...

How Much Does Boston Matchmakers Cost?

That’s one question you won’t find answered on the website. Instead, you’ll find out how much Boston Matchmakers service will cost you during the sales presentation at their office.

Membership packages are tailored to each individual client, meaning the pricing isn’t the same for every member. Variables include the length of time you want to commit to, how many matches you’d like to meet, and personal details like your finances and credit situation.

You’ll also likely find some “last minute” specials will be on the table, especially if you say no to the first number. In fact, that’s the plus side to not having prices set in stone - you can negotiate. On the flip side, that also means you’ll more than likely be subjected to a “hard sell.”

But to give you a starting point, Boston Matchmaking reviewers reported spending $8,000 for a set number of matches, ranging from 6 to 14.

All of the pertinent details like cost and number of matches will be added to your contract. You’ll sign that at the end of the consultation. You’ll also pay up front. So make sure you don’t leave any questions unvoiced. Boston Matchmakers fee is non-refundable.

What To Expect From Boston Matchmakers

Once you’ve signed on as a client, you’ll be matched with other paying clients in the database.

Your matchmaker will identify profiles of Boston singles she thinks may interest you. You can also access the Boston Matchmakers member login page to browse through profiles on your own.

Boston Matchmakers member login

This Boston dating agency has a ‘mutual agreement’ matching process, meaning both halves of the pair must express interest. When that happens, you’ll receive her contact info and vice versa.

Initiating contact is on you, although your matchmaker will encourage you to do it within 3 days. If you arrange a date, you can let your matchmaker know what you thought about the quality of the match afterwards.

Boston Matchmaker Reviews From Real Customers

This Boston dating service received a C+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. There is also a BBB alert posted for them:

Boston Matchmakers BBB alert

It has one 3-star review and 2 complaints.

The review was from a woman who wasn't happy with the quality of her matches or the customer service:

Boston Matchmakers BBB review

Boston Matchmakers Yelp Reviews

Over on Yelp, Boston Matchmakers in Woburn has a 1 1/2-star rating. But a handful of the reviews are positive, like the one from this client who had a good experience with the Braintree office:

Boston Matchmakers Yelp

This client had been with the service for a few years and had yet to meet her Mr. Right. But she was happy about how hard her matchmaker was trying to find him for her:

Boston Matchmakers Yelp Reviews

But the majority of the currently recommended Boston Matchmakers reviews are 1- or 2-star, with people complaining about the low quality of their matches:

Boston Matchmakers Woburn reviews

And the lack of matches:

reviews for boston matchmakers

Boston Matchmakers was also the subject of an article in the Boston Globe, after a customer named Tom Bluthardt reported paying $1,000 but only receiving one match - and then hearing nothing but crickets for 7 months.

As he told the Globe, he was on a dating site when he received a call from Boston Matchmakers. He was asked if he was interested in “real” matchmaking services. They apparently had gotten his phone number from his profile.

This Boston dating agency has also been the subject of 4 reviews on RipOff Reports. This one is from a client who was told prior to signing the contract that there were many matches who met her criteria, only to be told something different later on:

Boston Matchmakers RipOff Report reviews

While the negative Boston Matchmakers reviews outweigh the positive ones online, that’s not to say your experience couldn’t be a good one. Only you can decide if they are the best option for you, or if you should consider other Boston matchmakers.

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