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Best Detroit Dating Service? 3 Matchmakers To Consider In 2024!

Wondering which Detroit matchmaker is the perfect fit for you? Researching matchmaking service reviews is a great first step. This short guide to the best Michigan dating services will point you in the right direction!

From the small independents to the big industry players, we've reviewed over 200 matchmaking services. Our insight comes from comprehensive research, real customer reviews, and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

April Davis, LUMA Luxury Matchmaking

April Davis

LUMA has four locations in Michigan, including one in Detroit (535 GRISWOLD ST) and one in Bloomfield Hills (41000 WOODWARD AVE). LUMA is based in Minneapolis, MN, with over 40 locations ranging across 17 states.

Matchmaker April Davis launched the company a decade ago, calling it “Cupid’s Cronies." It later rebranded, changing the name to an abbreviation of “Luxury Matchmaking.”


Each LUMA matchmaker only works with 15 clients at a time. The matchmaking service tends to take on career-minded, professional men and women who want to date someone of a similar background.


$2,800 - $100,000


Yes, contract length varies per client

What To Expect

If you want the chance to meet Detroit singles without paying for matchmaking services, LUMA does have a free option. You can submit your profile for inclusion in their database. But you’ll only be contacted when (or if) you happen to be a good fit for one of their paying clients.

For guaranteed matches, LUMA offers a Premium membership.

It's customized for each client, which is why there is such a wide price range. The final cost depends on factors like match criteria and your individual circumstances. Everything is outlined in the contract you’ll have to sign, and your matchmaker will cover the details during your initial consultation.

If you opt to become a Premium member, you're guaranteed to meet at least 3 singles. Matches come from LUMA's database, and your Detroit matchmaker begins your search by narrowing down a selection of up to 40 profiles.

Of that larger group, she’ll identify the ones who seem to be the best fit on paper, and interview those people in person. You meet the singles who pass that screening process. If you “click” with any of them you can swap contact info during your date.

If none of the 3 (or more) singles you meet seem like a relationship you’d want to pursue, you can request another round of matches for an additional cost.

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Emily Hellman, Caliber Match

Emily Hellman caliber match

Like April Davis, Emily Hellman started a matchmaking service that is now national in scope. You’ll find their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, but they work with a network of matchmakers and matchmaking websites across the US - and have a presence in Detroit as well.


Caliber Match works with a variety of singles, and accepts both men and women as paying clients.


$8,500 - $15,000+

Contract Required

Yes, with a 6-12 month commitment

What To Expect

Potential Caliber Match clients can choose from a 6-month membership starting at $8,500 or a 12-month one for around $15,000.

If you don’t want to be proactively matched, you can join the database for free. But you’ll have to wait until someone with a paid membership happens to be seeking someone like you. In other words - you may never get matched at all.

For paying clients, the first month of the membership consists entirely of “prep” work. Your matchmaker spends some time getting acquainted with you, and searching for Detroit singles who meet your criteria in their database. If there aren’t any, the Caliber Match team will expand the search to include their affiliated websites.

Caliber Match also trains “scouts” throughout the US. Scouts could be real estate agents, lawyers, students, etc. who receive compensation for recruiting local singles to join the database.

This initial prep period generally lasts a month, then you’ll begin to receive your potential matches - usually around one per month. They’re ‘potential’ because both people must be interested in meeting the other for an introduction to actually occur.

When a date does commence, you’re able to discuss how it went and provide any feedback you feel necessary to your matchmaker.

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Scott Valdez, VIDA Select

Scott Valdez

VIDA Select’s reach is international, but a combination of modern tech and data analysis allows your dedicated matchmaker to identify high-quality, incredibly compatible singles from Detroit’s largest dating pool.


VIDA’s elite matchmaking services are perfect for busy CEOs, investors, consultants, and other professionals who want to find their perfect match.


With an array of package options and 3 different service levels to choose from, you're sure to find a matchmaking package that fits your goals perfectly. Monthly package prices are highly correlated with the number of hours that should be dedicated to the search for your ideal partner, with your list of "must have" match criteria and locations taken into account.

VIDA's Basic matchmaking packages start at only $1195/month, with Premium matchmaking options starting at only $1795/month. Elite packages begin at $2595/month. On average, VIDA clients meet someone special in 3 months!

Contract Required

No - matchmaking services are purchased by the month.

What To Expect

After a screening call to make sure VIDA is a good fit, you’ll have an in-depth interview with your dedicated matchmaker.

She’ll come away from the conversation with a detailed list of what you’re looking for in terms of an ideal partner - and she’ll start the search for high-quality Detroit singles.

Every VIDA client gets unlimited matches, which you can review one at a time. You see a full profile and photographs, so you only meet people you’re already interested in. No blind dates!

The ‘pay-as-you-go’ model means you have total freedom over when you’d like to meet new people. Matchmaking services can be restarted, paused and stopped as needed, for any reason.

If your very first match is a home run, you can stop your service while you see where the relationship leads - you’re not locked into a long-term contract where you risk paying for time you don’t end up using.

See if you qualify for VIDA's Detroit matchmaking services here!

Additional Services

Dating advice/coaching, style/image consulting, pro photography

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Pro Tip: 5 Questions To Ask Any Detroit Matchmaker (Before You Hire Them!)

Questions to ask a matchmaker

Thinking about hiring a matchmaking service that requires you to sign a long-term contract? Make sure the answers to the questions above match what’s written there.

Verbal statements made during a sales presentation, for instance about the size of a dating agency’s internal database or the availability of matches in your age range, generally aren’t legally binding. Only the fine print above your signature counts.

Taking the time to read and understand what you’re about to commit yourself too - and in most cases, pay in full up front for - is essential. Here is an example of contract language you may come across:

Detroit singles contract language

The above excerpt is taken from a response to a BBB complaint about Detroit Singles.

This Detroit matchmaking service doesn’t put a time frame on when and how often you can expect to receive your matches. And when you do get them, you may not consider them compatible. But they still count as matches. If you’re not on the same page about that upfront, you’re setting yourself up for some frustration down the road.

“Endeavor To Find” type contracts are common in the matchmaking industry. That’s another distinction you’ll want to make sure you understand.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. They’re only promising to try and find people who match your criteria - not that your matchmaker actually will. Any effort on their end fulfills the contract, whether you meet compatible singles or not.

If you’ve got some hesitations, consider investing in a matchmaking service like VIDA that offers monthly services!

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