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Tampa Singles Reviews (With Cost, Complaints, & More!)

Editor's Note: Tampa Singles appears to have closed, as their website is no longer online. Check out these top Florida matchmakers instead!
tampa singles reviews

If navigating the Tampa singles scene is not going so well, hiring a matchmaking service makes perfect sense - they take care of the hard part for you! In theory, you’ll be meeting local singles hand-picked because they meet all your “perfect partner” qualifications.

But for that to actually happen in practice, you need to hire the right matchmaker. These Tampa Singles reviews will help you determine if this Florida dating agency is a match made in heaven or if you should consider other options.

Local Singles, National Company

Tampa Singles has a local address - 3030 N Rocky Point Dr W. But it’s not a local matchmaking service.

It’s actually part of a much bigger organization owned by William Broadbent (and formally known as Romance Pros International) that has similar matchmaking websites across the US and Canada, such as Boston Matchmakers, Sarasota Singles, Naples Singles, and Connecticut Dating:

Matchmaking Companies

They aren’t just visually similar. They also follow the same SOPs. Prospective clients can either dial them up directly, or express interest via a contact form on the site:


Tampa Singles Privacy Policy

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not in the habit of reading privacy policies. In case you don’t take the time to read theirs, here is what you need to know about your private contact info and what may happen with it:

tampa singles privacy policy
tampa singles privacy

Granting Tampa Singles permission to call you makes sense - you’re interested in learning more about a service they provide.

But you may not be interested in whatever those third-party service providers have to offer, whether it’s in the Facebook ads you’ll start seeing or the telemarketing calls to the number you entered into the form.

The company who owns Tampa Singles and all the other matchmaking websites under their umbrella is likely also in the sales lead biz, meaning they’re making a bit of $ on the side by selling your personal info to other marketing companies.

In addition to submitting your contact info, tapping “Complete” also brings up this longer form with questions such as these:

tampa singles interview form

It’s your choice whether you want to answer the questions online, or just wait until a Tampa Singles matchmaker follows up with you via phone. She’ll be calling to schedule the initial consultation, which takes place in person at their office.

That’s when you’ll learn what your membership options are, and of course the price tag for the matchmaking services.

How Much Does Tampa Singles Cost?

It varies depending on the number of introductions you want and the number of months in your contract. For instance, according to this ABC Action News investigation, one client paid Tampa Singles $4,500 for 7 dates, and another paid $6,995 for 14.

You’ll either pay the entire membership up front, or put down a deposit and agree to a monthly payment schedule. All the pertinent details will be noted in the contract you sign.

And when it comes to that contract, make sure you read (and understand) it thoroughly so there are no surprises down the road. Apart from the 3-day “right to rescind”, Tampa Singles won’t issue refunds under most circumstances.

Back in 2012, the parent company was ordered to shell out over $21,000 worth of fees and restitution to unhappy customers who felt their contracts weren’t honored. Tampa Singles also agreed to comply with Florida’s Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Act:

romance pros court order

Now, as the ABC investigative team reported, Tampa Singles doesn’t guarantee your matches will meet your criteria, or that the information provided about those matches is even accurate:

Tampa Singles contract

Once you’ve paid for your membership, your matches will come from the Tampa Singles database. While you will learn some basic info about your match, like where they live and their occupation, you won’t see any photos, as explained in the response to a Tampa Singles BBB complaint:

tampa singles matchmaking

So what do other clients think about their experience with this Florida dating agency? Let’s take a look at some real reviews and stories from around the web.

Tampa Singles Reviews

Here are a few first hand Tampa Singles reviews, courtesy of ABC Action News:

YouTube video

As far as reviews on local sites...

Tampa Singles Google Reviews

Tampa Singles has a 4.3-star rating based on 50+ reviews on Google. Some of the clients who gave this Florida dating service 5 stars had good things to say about their matchmaker:

tampa singles google review
tampa singles google reviews

Others were happy they’d gotten into a relationship as a result of using the service:

Tampa singles google
tampa singles reviews on google

But not everyone was so thrilled with this Florida dating agency. This client felt he was pressured during the sales pitch, and that his dates didn’t match the criteria he provided:

google tampa singles

This reviewer thought Tampa Singles was a little too persistent in their efforts to get him to sign up:

google reviews for tampa singles

And this potential customer left the initial consultation without signing up after experiencing what she felt were high pressure sales tactics and inappropriate comments:

google review for Tampa singles

Tampa Singles Yelp Reviews

Tampa Singles has a 1.5-star rating on Yelp. The 4 recommended reviews are all 1 or 2 stars. Two of them were from clients who felt Tampa Singles didn’t honor the contract they signed:

Tampa Singles yelp review
Tampa singles yelp reviews

The other two reviews were from people who didn’t have a good experience during the initial consultation:

yelp reviews tampa singles
yelp tampa singles

Tampa Singles BBB Reviews

Tampa Singles has a F-rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 4 negative reviews and 28 complaints.

An investigation by WINK news found that Tampa Singles and other matchmaking sites under the same ownership had 60+ BBB complaints filed against them collectively:

In the BBB reviews specific to Tampa Singles, this potential client didn’t sign up, and compared the initial consultation with buying a used car:

tampa singles bbb review

This client did sign up, but wasn’t happy with the quality of her sole match or the lack of customer service:

Tampa singles bbb reviews

Common Tampa Singles BBB complaints were sales tactics that made people feel pressured to sign up, low quality or lack of matches, and difficulty contacting the staff:

tampa singles bbb complaint
Tampa singles bbb
tampa singles bbb complaints
bbb complaint tampa singles

There’s no way to know whether your experience with this Florida matchmaking service would be of the 5-star or the 1-star variety. But any time the same types of complaints pop up over multiple review sites you should generally proceed with caution.

Use what you’ve just read to generate some questions to ask during your consultation, and make sure you check out that contract thoroughly prior to signing.

You’ll also want to decide how you feel about contracts in general - if you’re comfortable committing to (and paying for!) a service you haven’t even experienced yet.

Photos are another point to ponder. Are you okay with blind dates, or would you rather walk into your date knowing you’re about to invest time/money on someone you’re already attracted to?

What if there was a professional matchmaking service that didn’t require a contract, and showed you a full profile and photos of your matches before you agree to meet them?

Meet VIDA Select - The Best Way To Meet Incredible Tampa Singles

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