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Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking Reviews [Can She Find Your Soulmate?]

Lisa Clampitt reviews

Wondering if Lisa Clampitt has what it takes to find your perfect match?

These Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking (formerly “Club VIP Life”) reviews cover everything from cost and matchmaking process to what actual customers wrote about their experience with this elite NYC matchmaker, so you can decide if her service is right for you!

A Jill Of All Trades

Matchmaker Lisa Clampitt

Lisa Clampitt is no stranger to high-end matchmaking - she once worked for the original “Millionaire Matchmaker” herself, Bravo TV personality Patti Stanger.

But before working for Stanger and then founding VIP Life in 2001, Clampitt was a social worker for 12 years. She says that gives her a valuable skill set to pull from when offering her clients relationship insights, coaching, and most importantly, compatible matches.

In an interview with Forbes, she said:

I’m very into the concept of psychologically profiling without it being therapy, but for the best possible match.

She also teaches people interested in the matchmaking industry how to start their own businesses. Clampitt founded the Matchmaking Institute in 2003, the nation’s only certified training program for matchmakers.

As she told Forbes, when she got into the industry, “there was nothing there. There was no way to be trained.

And in this interview with 20/20, she explains that she started the Matchmaking Institute for two reasons. She wanted to help maintain standards in the industry, and she wanted people to have more access to qualified matchmakers.

Many of the Institute’s students become successful matchmakers in their own right. Clampitt is able to use those connections to find interesting women to match with her VIP Life clients.

How This NYC Matchmaker Works

Clampitt is a boutique matchmaker, meaning she only takes on a limited number of paying clients at a time. Typically, that’s 30 - and the majority of them are men.

Most of Clampitt’s male clients are in their late 40s to early 50s, although they range from late 20s to 60s. Many are divorced.

While she takes on a few women as paying clients, most are listed in the database for free. The majority are in their 20s to 30s, and heard about her matchmaking service via word of mouth and referrals.

Women interested in joining Clampitt’s pool of 2,000 or so eligible NYC singles fill out an online form, come in for an interview, fill out a questionnaire, and have their photos taken.

Lisa Clampitt contact form

Men always join as paying clients and are matched with women in the database who fit their “ideal partner” list of criteria.

Clients who purchase the more expensive packages (more on cost in a minute) have the option for a team of recruiters to scout for suitable matches outside the database.

In that case, you’ll also be matched with women found at various events, on social media sites, and even dating sites if they match your criteria.

Here are how the membership packages break down:

VIP Life membership packages

Potential clients come in for a free consultation, and must pass through the interview process to become members.

To initiate the process, you fill out a short request for contact form on the website. Or you can call Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking directly.

VIP life contact form

How Much Does Working With Lisa Clampitt Cost?

Membership packages range from $50,000 to $75,000. The price increases depending on factors like whether or not you want a personal recruiter to scout for matches, or if you just want to be matched with women in the database.

Contracts span a total of 1 ½ years, but only 6 months of that is “active matching” time. The other 12 months are “hold time.” You can pause your membership whenever you want to see where things lead with a particular match. On average, clients get 2-4 matches per month.

Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking does offer a guarantee of sorts, as you’ll get the promised number of introductions over a period of time, and they guarantee the women you meet will fit your criteria. All the specifics are noted in your contract.

When it comes to your matches, you’ll be presented with photos and biographical information. You can either say yes or no. If you’re interested, Clampitt’s team will “sell” you to the match, and if she’s also interested then a date will be arranged for you.

After the date, you can give your feedback to Clampitt and her team so they can make any adjustments necessary when selecting your future matches.

You can also meet people at exclusive “members only” VIP Life events, like wine tastings.

In addition to matchmaking, Lisa and her head matchmaker, Rachel Russo, also offer dating and relationship coaching. That generally ranges from $10,000 to $20,000+.

Matchmaker Rachel Russo

Between the two, they’ve got a background in social work, marriage counselling, and family therapy.

What Are People Saying About Club VIP Life And Lisa Clampitt?

There aren’t a lot of Lisa Clampitt and Club VIP Life reviews on local sites like Yelp. But that’s not an uncommon occurrence for high-end matchmakers.

In fact, on Yelp there’s only one review, and it’s not recommended. It is, however, positive:

Lisa Clampitt yelp review

There was one old (circa 2010) review on RipOff Report. It's from a male client who was unhappy about paying for an introduction to a match when he didn’t fit what she was looking for. She wasn’t interested in seeing him again:

Lisa Clampitt VIP Life review

While the Better Business Bureau has a listing for it, there are no Club VIP Life BBB reviews or complaints.

Lisa Clampitt’s matchmaking service has been around since 2001. And in a highly competitive city like NYC that’s no small feat. She’s clearly doing something right. But is she the best boutique matchmaking service for you?

That’s up to you… and your budget.

NYC Matchmakers Are Practically A Dime A Dozen...

With so many NYC matchmakers to choose from, you certainly don’t lack for options.

That means you can afford to be choosy - and choose a matchmaking service with membership options that fit your budget.

Many elite matchmaking services, including Lisa Clampitt’s, require a year+ contract that’s paid in full up front.

Some people are fine with that, others might feel it’s a bit risky to make such a sizable investment in a service you haven’t experienced yet.

If you’re in that camp, you may feel more comfortable opting for a matchmaking service like VIDA Select where you don’t have to sign a contract, and payments are made as you go.

Paying by the month gives you the freedom to put your matchmaking service on hold any time you want to explore a relationship, or take a break from dating for travel or extended work commitments.

And because VIDA’s matchmakers access a virtually limitless pool of eligible New York singles, clients typically make a “love connection” within the first, second, or third service month!

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