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Dating And Coronavirus

Study Reveals Video “Pre-Dates” Now Preferred Over Meeting in Person, Experts Predict Online Dating Surge

In a time of global uncertainty and health concerns, modern matchmaking company VIDA Select finds most dating app users intend to keep online dating – but largely prefer meeting a match for the first time via video chat, rather than in person. “Social distancing is vital, but it doesn’t have to mean social isolation,” said […]

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dating politics

Is Donald Trump The Reason You Can't Get A Date?

No matter which way you lean, everyone can agree that Donald Trump has had a polarizing effect on the nation. And the “Trump Effect” has manifested itself in some surprising places, like online dating. It would seem the more polarized the nation gets, the more singles want to find someone to connect with. eHarmony reported […]

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modern dating exhausting

Modern Dating Is Exhausting: The Science & Stats Behind Why

There’s no way around it: modern dating is exhausting. While there’s no doubt that online dating sites and apps make it much easier to find local singles, all that swiping and profile browsing eats up endless hours of your time. In fact, the average guy on Tinder spends 10+ hours a week on this app […]

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modern romance

7 Awesome Insights From "Modern Romance" By Aziz Ansari

Romance is hard. Romance in the digital age is even harder. But thanks to a ton of research, Aziz Ansari has given us plenty of insights into how to effectively navigate the modern dating scene. With his humorous, information-packed book, Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari gets into the nitty gritty of how modern romance works and […]

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