Facebook Dating Openers [7 Opening Lines That Really Work!]

Facebook Dating is like any other dating app – the hotter she is, the harder you’ll have to work to get her attention.

Sending an icebreaker along with your “like” is smart, as it could compel someone who was on the fence to go ahead and match with you.

But it’s crucial to send a good Facebook Dating opener, since you only get one opportunity. If she doesn’t respond or at least “like” you back, you can’t send another one.

No pressure, right?

Don’t worry – you’ve got this.

These 7 Facebook dating openers really work, and you'll also get plenty of tips on exactly why they're so effective – so you can come up with your own custom starter lines for online dating!

Invite Her To Get Creative

good Facebook dating opener

Why it works: One of the biggest reasons is simple – it's a question. Asking one in the first message you send on any dating sites and apps you use is key. You’re steering the conversation, so she’s not stuck figuring out what to say next.

Responding with a funny GIF couldn’t be easier!

You’re also setting yourself up as someone who can carry on an entertaining conversation – another point in your favor.

Unleash The Power Of Humor

Facebook dating opener example

Why it works: There’s a reason why “a good sense of humor” is so prevalent in online dating profiles – it’s scientifically proven to be sexy!

And here’s another reason making her laugh can be your golden ticket – a study discovered that when you make an effort to be funny and she laughs at your jokes, she’s more likely to be interested in dating you.

Give this funny Facebook Dating opening line a try:

icebreaker example for Facebook

Or you can take a different approach, and remind her of something she thinks is humorous:

facebook dating opener that works

Want more witty material for inspiration? Click the link for even more examples of funny messages to send a girl you like!

Common Ground = Instant Connection

facebook conversation starter

Why it works: Having something in common with a match can draw her in like a magnet, thanks to something called the implicit egotism effect.

It’s theorized that people have a subconscious preference for things they associate with themselves, and that’s something you can use to full advantage on Facebook Dating – especially when you’re messaging a suggested match from one of your events or groups.

facebook dating events and groups

Because this Facebook Dating opener example is a two-part message, you’ll only be able to send it to someone you’ve already matched with by “liking” each other's profiles.

This next Facebook conversation starter finds common ground in a goldmine – her pets.

Odds are excellent she’s got her dog featured in her Facebook Dating photos, and it’s hard to resist a chance to talk about your furry friend:

great Facebook opening line

Originality Stands Out

good opener for Facebook dating

Why it works: She’s tired of getting the same old messages from men, over and over again.

examples of boring facebook dating messages

No big scientific secret here – you already know boring conversations rarely lead anywhere promising at parties or clubs, and they don’t fare any better on dating apps. If there's no compelling reason for her to start a conversation with you, she won't bother to reply to your opening message.

Sending A Facebook Dating Icebreaker Is Just The Beginning…

Thanks to these 7 opening lines that work on Facebook Dating, getting a conversation off the ground just got a whole lot easier.

Keeping it going, on the other hand, is challenging for many (if not most) online daters. Before you can lock in the date, or at least move the conversation somewhere like WhatsApp or text, you need to fan the flames of attraction – and build up some trust.

Studies have shown that great conversations on a dating app can lead to better conversations on a first date, so putting in some effort now pays off later.

But any little mistake can derail that train, and it can be difficult (if not impossible) to get it started again. If you don’t have a team of modern dating experts to help you out (read: do it for you), you’ll want to pay attention to this next section…

4 Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make On Facebook Dating

1: Not Messaging After Matching

Women quickly learn they have no reason to initiate contact on dating apps because they get flooded with messages. That means the more attractive she is, the less likely she’ll be to take the first step – she’s too busy responding to all the guys who did.

facebook dating mistake

You just got 7 great Facebook Dating conversation starters, so no excuses. Pick one and send it already!

2: Giving Up Too Easily

Once you’ve matched, you can send multiple messages even if she hasn’t responded yet. That means you have a second chance if your Facebook match doesn’t reply to your icebreaker.

You have nothing to lose by reaching out again – and according to a study by the folks over at Hinge, sending a second message increases your odds of getting a reply.

Their data indicates the best time to follow up is around 4 hours later, but even waiting an entire week still resulted in a response one third of the time.

One strategy is to make the second message relate back to the first.

For instance, if you send the Facebook Dating icebreaker about winning a trip, you could say something like:

no response on facebook dating

Or you can send a more general response, like:

3: Killing The Mood With Negativity

Most people don’t enjoy listening to someone complain – it’s a real-life conversation ender for 41% of singles, and there’s no reason to think it will have a different effect in your online dating messages.

example of a terrible FB dating message

Keep your messages upbeat and positive, and always end by asking her a question she’ll enjoy answering. That's one of the best ways to keep a message exchange going, no matter what online dating sites and apps you're using.

4: Not Recognizing When She’s Ready To Meet You

No matter how excellent your dating site conversational skills are, even the most patient of women won’t hang around forever. She’s on Facebook Dating to meet someone – and if you want that person to be you, at some point you’ll need to ask her out.

But nailing the timing isn’t always easy – propose a date or number exchange too soon, and you risk turning her off. Wait too long and you risk losing her interest. It’s a delicate balance for sure.

Recognizing the signs takes practice, and there is no exact time table as each conversation – and each woman – is different.

But here are some general indicators that she’s getting ready to move things off Facebook:

  • She’s answering your questions, and asking you some in return. In an online dating conversation, curiosity is one of the most reliable indicators that she’s interested. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t want to learn more about you.
  • She responds quickly. The vast majority (around 89%) of singles surveyed said they respond within 12 hours when they’re interested in someone – and 23% respond right away.
  • She starts asking you about your weekend plans or drops hints about not having plans for the weekend yet. This is the equivalent of her waving a big sign saying “ask me out already.”

When it comes to how to ask her out on Facebook, you want to be strategic about that too.

First, start by making a statement she likely agrees with, then offer her a choice of date activities:

A message like that puts her in an agreeable state of mind, because she’s likely to feel the same way about chemistry. Then you’ve shown you can take the reins when it comes to planning a date – all she needs to do is pick what time works best for her.

See how that’s far more effective than saying something like “Hey, we should meet up sometime…”

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