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Ultimate Tinder Guide For 2024 [Boost Your Match Rate!]

Whether you’ve been on Tinder for years or you just downloaded it yesterday, this Tinder guide has all the expert advice and Tinder tools you need to match, message, and meet the best singles.

Ultimate Tinder Guide

From profile tips and first message examples to advice on how to get the most out of every Tinder feature, better results on Tinder are just one click away.

Our team of dating experts has been using Tinder daily since it launched way back in 2012 - that's hundreds of thousands of hours of first-hand, real-world experience. We've watched this popular dating app and its features evolve and change over time, and we know all the best tips and tricks to make your match rate explode.

We've distilled all that knowledge into this handy guide to Tinder!

Tinder Guide: The Basics
What Is Tinder?
What is Tinder, and is it just for hooking up? Find out how Tinder works, and when you should give it a try!
Tinder Review
All the details you need to find out if this popular dating app is the best choice for you.
Tinder vs Bumble
See which app is a better investment of your time!
Tinder Guide: Premium Features
Tinder Platinum
Check out what features you get, how much it costs, and when upgrading makes the most sense!
Tinder Gold Review
Is Tinder worth paying for, or should you keep using it for free?
Tinder Plus Review
See if Tinder Plus is worth it for you, and what features you’ll get for the money.
Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold VS Tinder Platinum
What are the differences, and which premium level is best for you?
Tinder Priority Likes
Everything you need to know about this Platinum feature!
Tinder Boost
What it is, how much it costs, and the best time to use it!
Tinder Super Likes
Find out what a Super Like is, when you should use it, and how much it costs!
Tinder Passport
Learn how to change your location on Tinder - and how to get dates in the works before arriving at your destination!
Tinder Incognito Mode
Use Tinder discreetly by hiding your profile until you swipe right on someone!
Tinder Guide: Profile Tips For Guys
The 7 Best Tinder Profiles For Guys
Stuck on what to write in your Tinder profile? Get plenty of profile tips and great examples here!
9 Easy Ways To Make Your Tinder Pictures Irresistible
Get the formula for the perfect Tinder photo - and much more!
Best Tinder Bios For Guys
6 great Tinder profile examples written by the pros. Guys with bios get more right swipes, so use one of these for inspiration!
Funny Tinder Bio Examples
Women can’t resist a great sense of humor - so show her you’ve got one with these funny bio examples!
Great Tinder “About Me” Examples
Gifs are a great way to catch her attention and boost your response rate. Find out how to use them right!
Tinder Profile Tips For Men That Double Your Matches
From your Tinder photos to your bio, everything needs to be on point. Check out these expert Tinder tips!
Tinder Guide: Message Examples
Funny Tinder Messages
These witty Tinder messages are practically guaranteed to make her smile - and respond!
Tinder Conversation Starters
14 Tinder first messages that really work!
Tinder Opening Lines
Get 9 examples of messages that make women respond on Tinder, and learn how to write your own winning material!
Ultimate Guide To Tinder Conversations
From icebreaker to asking her out, learn the fine art of the successful Tinder conversation!
Tinder Guide: Tricks, Tips & Hacks
No Tinder Matches?
Get the expert advice you need to explode your match rate!
Top 10 Tinder Tricks & Tips
Everything you need to conquer Tinder!
How To Reset Tinder
Find out when resetting Tinder is a good idea, and how to do it the right way!
How To Delete Tinder
There's a right way and a wrong way to delete Tinder!
How To Unmatch On Tinder
Step-by-step instructions on how to unmatch or report someone on Tinder.
Tinder Guide: Free Features
Tinder Picks
How it works & and how to get it!
Tinder Smart Photos
Should you use this feature to choose your Tinder photos? Check out the pros & cons!
Tinder Super Likeable
You can’t use this feature on demand - it’s something you’ve got to wait for! See what it is, and how to maximize it when you get one!
Tinder Swipe Surge
What’s a Swipe Surge, and how can I use it to get more Tinder matches?
Tinder U
Everything you need to know about Tinder for college students.
Tinder Loops
Find out how you can use Loops to get more Tinder matches!
Tinder Explore
Discover how to get even more Tinder matches using the Explore hub!
Tinder Secret Admirer
A quick guide to this this in-app game!
Tinder Vibes
Find out how the feature works, plus 3 reasons you should be using it!
Tinder Relationship Goals
Discover why you should use this feature, and get 3 expert tips for boosting your match rate with it!
Tinder Hot Takes
All the details you need to find and use this Tinder feature!
Tinder Festival Mode
A quick guide to this music-based feature, and how to use it!
Tinder Online
Now you can access Tinder from any device - find out how!
Tinder Places
Find out this location-based feature can get you more Tinder dates!
Tinder Matchmaker
Learn how to invite your friends & family to recommend profiles for you, even when they're aren't Tinder users!
Tinder Feed
Find out what it is, and how to use it to get more dates!

Need a quick answer? The VIDA Select's dating experts have answered the most common questions in this handy Tinder FAQ!

Who does Tinder work for?

Tinder is the most downloaded dating app in the US, so it’s a good option for most singles in their 20s and 30s.

According to recent statistics, the majority of Tinder users are under 45 years old, with 35% in the 18-24 age bracket. 25% of people on Tinder are 25 to 34, and 20% are 35 to 44.

Only the remaining 18% are 45+. If that’s you, is likely a better bet.

Men outnumber women significantly, with 75% of Tinder users being male.

Where does Tinder work best?

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the US, and users tend to be concentrated in larger cities rather than rural areas.

Outside of the US, Badoo is the #1 dating app, although you'll find plenty of Tinder users in countries around the world.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder set the stage for the “swipe right to like a profile, swipe left to pass” model that many dating apps use now. 

Users create a profile and set matching criteria based on gender, age and distance. The app’s algorithm then presents profiles you can swipe through, choosing to “like” or “nope” each one.

When there is mutual opt-in, meaning both users “like” each other, you can then exchange messages with that person.

Can Tinder be used on a laptop?

Yes, Tinder can be used on a laptop.

Tinder Online (aka Tinder Web) is the web version of this popular dating app. You can log in at via Google, Facebook or mobile number.

Can you use Tinder without a Facebook?

Yes, Tinder is a dating app you can use without Facebook.

Can you use Tinder without a phone number?

No. Tinder now requires a phone number for verification purposes.

What does Tinder Plus offer?

Tinder Plus offers unlimited likes, the ability to remove your age and distance from your profile and the option to hide your profile from everyone until you swipe right on them. 

You can also change your location using Passport, “rewind” your last swipe and browse profiles without seeing any ads.

Tinder Plus is the least expensive of Tinder’s premium subscription options.

What does Tinder Gold offer?

Tinder Gold offers the “see who likes you” profile feed, where you can instantly match with any user you find interesting.

You’ll also unlock the “Top Picks” feature, which shows you a curated selection of highly compatible profiles.

Tinder Gold includes a monthly profile Boost, 5 Super Likes each week and all the Tinder Plus perks.

What does Tinder Platinum offer?

Subscribing to Tinder Platinum offers all the Plus and Gold features. You’ll also unlock the “message before matching” feature, which lets you Super Like a potential match and send a message along with it. 

The other Tinder Platinum perk is called “Priority Matching.” That means any time you “like” a user, your profile is given priority in their cardstack.

Which Tinder subscription is best?

Which Tinder subscription is best for you depends on factors like where you live and how often you use the app. For instance, if you live in a less populated area where there aren’t a lot of other users, it probably makes more sense to keep using Tinder for free.

But if you’re in a highly populated area like New York, the premium features can help your profile get more exposure. 

Seeing who likes you can save you a lot of swiping time, as can checking out specially curated profiles in the Top Picks.

Check out this Tinder Plus vs Gold vs Platinum comparison, so you can see which option is the best investment for you.

Is paying for Tinder worth it?

Yes, if you live in an area with a ton of other Tinder uses and you’re serious about dating. The premium benefits can save you time and help your profile stand out more. 

To decide which subscription is best for you, go check out our head-to-head comparison of all the upgrade options!

Are Tinder Boosts worth it?

Tinder Boosts are usually worth it if you have a lot of competition in your area and you use them at strategic times

But that being said, you’ll want to make sure your photos and bio are compelling before you spend money promoting your profile.

Can you see who liked you on Tinder?

Yes. Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers can see a special feed of people who have already “liked” your profile.

Can I change my location on Tinder?

Yes, if you have a premium subscription. To change location on Tinder, use the Passport feature.

Does Tinder have a like limit?

Yes, Tinder limits how many profiles you can like each day. It used to be that free users were limited to 100 right swipes in a 12-hour period. There is still a Tinder like limit, however it’s not the same across the board. 

Tinder hasn’t released how the daily like limit is determined for each person, but various sources speculate it’s likely tied to how and where you use the app, as well as factors like age.

For unlimited right swipes, you’ll need a Tinder Plus subscription.

Will Tinder refund me?

In most cases no, Tinder doesn’t issue refunds for in app purchases. 

However, depending on the laws of your state or in certain limited circumstances, Tinder may issue a refund for a subscription if it’s requested within a certain time frame.

Check out Tinder’s Terms for information about when refunds can be issued.

Tinder also cannot issue refunds for purchases made via App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll need to request a refund through that provider instead.

Why did my Tinder match disappear?

When one or more Tinder matches disappear, that generally means that those users have either unmatched with you or deleted their profiles.

If *all* your Tinder matches suddenly disappear, it’s most likely a glitch or problem with the app. In that case, open the “Settings” menu and log out of Tinder. 

When you log back in, your matches should be there again.

Who should message first on Tinder?

You should message first! Tinder isn’t like Bumble, where only women can initiate contact. On Tinder, either half of a match can send the first message.

To increase your odds of a response, send your first message on Tinder at a time when she’s likely to be logged in and using the app. Tinder activity usually picks up in the evenings, between 6 and 9 pm.

Need some icebreaker ideas? Check out these effective Tinder openers if you're a guy, or these conversation starters for women that will work on any dating app!

Can you search by name on Tinder?

If you’ve already matched with someone, then you can search your match feed for that user.

To search by name on Tinder, go to the messaging section and tap on the “Search Matches” bar at the top of the screen.

Can you rematch with someone on Tinder?

If you unmatch with someone on Tinder, there is no way to undo that action and rematch with them. You will not see their profile in your feed again. 

The exception to that would be if the user deletes their Tinder profile and creates a new one. Then they might show up in your cardstack again.

What do the Tinder buttons mean?

The arrow in a circle is the “rewind” icon. This lets you undo your last swipe, and it’s only available to Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum users.

The red X button is the “nope” or pass icon. Tapping it means you don’t want to match with that person, and is the equivalent of swiping left.

The blue star button is how you “Super Like” someone. If someone Super Likes you, you’ll see a blue star on their profile.

The green heart button on Tinder is how you “like” someone. You can either swipe right manually, or tap the green heart.

You can tap the purple lightning bolt button if you want to Boost your profile. That will show it to more local users for 30 minutes.

Are Tinder and Hinge connected?

Tinder and Hinge have the same parent company - both dating apps are now owned by Match Group.

Hinge vs Tinder - which one is better?

Tinder might be the most popular dating app, but Hinge is one of the fastest growing ones. Ideally you can use them both simultaneously.

If you don’t have time to manage two of them effectively, determining which dating app is better for you depends on what you’re looking for.

Hinge is a “serious” relationship app, so if hooking up is your goal start with Tinder. And while you will find people looking for committed relationships on Tinder, it has a much more casual vibe than Hinge.

If a long-term relationship is what you’re seeking, Hinge is likely the better bet.

For a head-to-head comparison across 8 important categories, check out this Hinge Vs Tinder article.

Is Bumble or Tinder better?

These two dating apps have very different vibes - Bumble is geared toward finding relationships, whereas Tinder is more casual.

Bumble has one other important consideration - only women can initiate contact. 

That’s great news for women who want to be selective about who they contact, and who they’re contacted by. But it can make Bumble a more frustrating experience for men, especially if you don’t have a strong, compelling profile.

For an in-depth look at these two popular dating apps, check out our Bumble vs Tinder comparison.

What is Hot Takes on Tinder?

Hot Takes is an interactive speed-dating style game you can play on Tinder. But it’s not an on-demand feature, nor is it available in all areas. 

If it’s been released in yours, you may get a pop-up notification to play when you log in during a Hot Events event. They usually run between 6 and midnight. You can also check Tinder’s Explore hub to see if you can join.

What is Tinder Vibes?

Tinder Vibes is a feature in the Explore hub that shows you profiles based on a mutual “vibe”. Participation requires toggling the feature on in the “Settings” menu. 

When a Vibe event starts in your area, you’ll get a pop-up notification asking if you want to participate. 

When you join, you’ll answer a few questions aligned with that event’s theme. Answers are displayed on each participant’s profile, and you can use them as a conversation starter.

Each event lasts for 48 hours, and you can opt-in at any time during that time span.

Learn more about Tinder Vibes here.

What is a Tinder Swipe Surge?

Swipe Surge is a feature that sends you a pop-up notification whenever Tinder activity spikes in your area. Read more about how Swipe Surge works here (and discover the biggest benefit of turning it on!)

When did Tinder start?

Tinder started in 2012, and was initially launched on select college campuses around the US. Created by Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, it is part of Match Group’s portfolio of dating sites and apps.

What is Tinder Secret Admirer?

Tinder Secret Admirer is an in-app game that randomly pops up as you swipe. You'll be shown 4 hidden profiles of users who have already "liked" your profile. The card you pick will be revealed, and if you "like" them back it's an instant match.

What Is Incognito On Tinder?

Incognito Mode is a premium feature that hides your profile until you swipe right on someone. You can toggle it on and off. When it's engaged, your profile only gets recommended to people you've Liked.

Tinder Incognito Mode requires a Tinder Plus membership.

What Is Tinder Matchmaker?

Tinder Matchmaker is a feature that lets you invite friends to use Tinder on your behalf. You send them a unique link that's good for 4 hours, and during that timeframe they can Like or Nope profiles they think are a good match for you. You'll be able to review which profiles got their nod of approval, and if you agree, a Like from you could result in a match.

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