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Tinder Loops: Use Them To Get More (& Better) Matches!

Tinder Loops are 2-second looping videos that you can add to your profile.

Tinder also increased the number of profile pictures you can upload to 9, so you won’t have to sacrifice any of your existing photos in order to add Tinder videos.

tinder loops screenshot

Like most changes to Tinder, this video feature was first tested in select markets before becoming widely available.

It debuted in Canada and Sweden, and in the first 3 months users who added a Loop experienced a 20% increase in their conversation length. And in the first month it was available in Japan, Tinder users with a Loop in their profile got 10% more right swipes.

According to Tinder, the whole point of Loops is showcasing your personality. As CPO Brian Norgard told PC Magazine,

With the addition of video, users have a new way to express themselves while also gaining key insights into the lives of potential matches. Whether it’s dancing at a concert, doing cartwheels on the beach, or clinking glasses with friends, Loops makes profiles come alive.

Keep reading to find out how to add videos to your Tinder profile, and get 7 tips on how to create Loops that will make potential matches swipe right!

How to use Tinder Loops

How To Add A Loop On Tinder

Adding a Loop to your Tinder profile is easy:

  1. Tap the profile icon
  2. Tap your photo to bring up the profile editing menu
  3. Tap an empty box in your photo lineup (or remove a photo to swap a Loop in)
  4. Tap the "Loop" button
  5. Grant permission for Tinder to access your photos if prompted
  6. Select the video you want to upload

Next, you'll need to edit your Loop on Tinder.

How To Edit A Loop On Tinder

Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to select the 2 seconds you'd like to display on your profile. You can also trim and crop the video as needed, or speed it up. Tinder loops have sound, so keep that in mind when choosing your video.

Tap "Preview Loop" to see how it will appear to potential matches. When you're happy with it, tap "Add To Profile" at the bottom of the Loop Preview screen.

Tinder does not allow you to record a video via the app, you can only upload an existing one.

Get Better Matches With These 7 Tinder Loop Tips

They’re short, but they pack a lot of punch. The last thing you want to do is turn her off during those 2 seconds, so choose your video wisely.

An effective Loop will both catch her attention and keep it. If you can intrigue her, she’s much more likely to swipe right and respond to your message. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

#1. Smiles Are Contagious

When a potential match is watching your Loop, she’ll also be subconsciously experiencing whatever emotion your expression is conveying.

Researchers call it an “instinct for facial mimicry,” which basically translates to this: if you’re smiling, she’ll also feel like smiling.

Of course, that means the opposite is also true. If your expression seems insecure or nervous, she’s going to start feeling the same way.

So whatever you’re doing for that 2 seconds, make sure you’re keeping those vibes positive.

#2. Take It Outside

Natural lighting is universally flattering, fluorescent lighting not so much. Chances are you’ll look a better in a video shot outdoors. If you want to make the best use of natural light, borrow a tip from pro photographers and take your video during the Golden Hour.

Golden Hour photo example

That’s the period just after sunrise and right before sunset where the light is softer and redder, which flatters everyone. The name is a bit misleading though, it’s not necessarily 60 minutes of magic. The length of time varies depending on your latitude and the season.

Use this Golden Hour calculator to figure out when it is in your area, then grab your phone and head outside.

#3 Highlight Attractive Hobbies

Tinder Loops are a perfect chance to give her a glimpse of what hanging out with you would be like. Hopefully you’re already doing this in your Tinder photo lineup, so your looping video should be the icing on the cake.

Like hanging out at the beach?

Have a friend take some footage of you paddle boarding or surfing. If you’re a hiker, shoot a vid with the incredible view as the backdrop. Whatever it is you’re into, you can make it look fun for 2 seconds.

Tinder Loops video tip

But here’s one caveat - if you edited out the part where you said, “Here, hold my beer,” don’t Loop whatever crazy thing you did next.

According to researchers, women are naturally attracted to men who are willing to take “hunter-gatherer” type risks, i.e. the ones that showcase physical prowess or courage. However, they’re turned off by men who take stupid ones.

#4 Include Your Dog

tinder loop idea

t’s hard to resist the allure of a cute dog, which makes them an excellent addition to your Loop.

But it’s not just that. Researchers have found dog ownership, even if it’s just perceived, makes you seem more attractive, approachable, happy and relaxed.

All that, and more. Here’s what else may be running through her mind:

  • You’ve got the financial resources to care for one.
  • You can handle being responsible for the physical and mental well being of another living thing.
  • Dogs like you, and they’re known to be great judges of character.

#5 Neutrals Are Not Your Friend

You already learned about the importance of positive emotions. But a smile isn’t the only thing that will bring good energy to your video - color has a huge impact as well. A video with vibrant scenery in the background will have much more visual impact than a beige interior wall.

If you want to maximize your attractiveness, put on something red and then create your Loop. Red gets her motor running, so to speak - according to researchers, women rated guys wearing red as more sexually desirable and attractive.

Besides, the majority of men choose to use Tinder pictures where they’re wearing neutral colors, so a brighter color instantly sets you apart.

Tinder photo tip wear red

#6 Keep In Mind She’ll Notice Everything

Everyone knows Tinder is all about first impressions.

There’s a subconscious phenomenon called “thin slicing” that takes place while she’s checking out your Loops and swiping through your photo array. In a nutshell, she’s cataloging everything from your body language to your surroundings, and using all those details to pass judgement on you overall.

Choose video footage where you look your best, and keep an eye on what else is visible in the frame. If your apartment is a mess or you’ve got sweat stains on your shirt, she’s going to notice.

Here’s one trick you can use to help ensure that first impression is a good one - take up a lot of space in the frame. Yup, bring the art of manspreading to your Tinder Loop.

manspreading gif

Flinging your arms wide and other so-called “expansive postures” make you seem more attractive to women.

You’ll also seem more approachable, confident, and powerful - the opposite of how you may come across with your arms crossed. Closed body language like that may leave her with the impression that you’re insecure or lack confidence.

#7 Make Eye Contact With The Camera

If you want her to feel an instant connection, make eye contact with her via the camera. Not only does a strong gaze imply confidence, it also makes you seem more likable and more competent.

In contrast, obstructing her view of your eyes with sunglasses or some other object will make her perceive you as less trustworthy, which obviously isn’t a good thing on a dating app.

You don’t have to stare at her for the entire 2-second Loop, but make eye contact once or twice.

The Easiest Way To Get Better Matches On Tinder

If you’re not getting the results you want on Tinder, adding a Loop or two isn’t going to magically make the most attractive single women in your area start swiping right and responding your icebreakers.

No, for that to happen you need to make sure your profile, photos, and messages are all on point - and that takes time and effort. The majority of online daters are men, so having a Tinder strategy is essential if you want to meet the type of women you’re interested in dating.

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