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How To Hire The Best Dating Coach [Straight From An Expert!]

Thinking about hiring a dating coach? With so many options out there, finding the right one can seem almost as overwhelming as the dating hurdles you’re trying to solve. 

This quick guide will help you identify the type of dating coach you need and make the best hiring decision - in 3 easy steps!

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#1: Pick The Right Type Of Dating Coach

Start by identifying the main problem you want to solve. Common challenges include:

  • Attracting the wrong type of people on the apps
  • Feeling like you keep meeting matches that are not aligned with you
  • Struggling to turn message exchanges into dates
  • Feeling like you can’t connect with the other person on a date
  • Having a hard time getting a second date with someone you were interested in

This will help you narrow down the type of coach that will be most beneficial. They will look at the why behind your struggles, and give you actionable strategies you can implement to overcome them.

If you just want to focus on how you present yourself on the dating apps you use, you may only need to hire a professional dating profile writer.

Or, an online dating consultant or coach can do more than just help you market yourself more effectively on the apps. They can teach you how to optimize your profile to attract the right type of matches and take a more strategic approach to messaging.

You can also find dating coaches who specialize in helping you navigate in-person situations, like first dates and flirting opportunities in places like bars. 

Man flirts with a woman drinking a martini at a bar

Some will even observe you ‘out in the wild’, offering tips and feedback afterward, while others will provide mock date scenarios.

Others offer a wide range of expertise in everything from navigating the apps to texting to first dates and more. For instance, in a typical day VIDA’s seasoned dating coach helps clients:

  • Create a magnetic first impression
  • Learn to level up their texting game
  • Get in the right mindset to date successfully
  • Tap into their masculine or feminine energy
  • Carry on a conversation effortlessly and truly connect with their dates
  • Strengthen an existing relationship with their partner

You’re about to invest your money, time, and trust into a dating coach, so getting on why you’re seeking an expert is the first step to ensuring you’ll find one who can help you overcome those dating obstacles.

#2. Shop Around For The Best Fit 

When you’re researching dating coaches, consider these two questions: 

  • What do they offer?
  • What makes them qualified to be a dating coach?

Researching what a dating coach offers can be fairly straightforward; many provide these details on a website or are forthcoming about them during a consultation call. 

But gauging their professional expertise might prove a bit more difficult.

You want to hire a dating coach who has a track record for success, which includes proven and effective strategies. Some so-called experts push an approach that worked for them personally, which doesn’t mean it will work for someone like you.

Your age, lifestyle, personality, appearance, and location are all factors that should affect a dating coach’s approach, and you want to hire someone who understands that.

That’s why it’s important to do your research. Check their websites, read client reviews, and call the company to learn more. 

Be prepared to hear all sorts of sales tactics, but don’t lose sight of why you’re calling: You’re interviewing them to determine if they are a good fit for you

Which means you need to…

#3. Ask The Right Questions

The first step to hiring a particular dating coach is typically a consultation call, and this is your opportunity to ask insightful questions like these: 

How long have you been providing dating coaching services?

A dating coach’s length of experience in the field can indicate a level of success and expertise. 

The longer a coach has been helping clients, the higher the possibility they’ve encountered a vast number of dating challenges and have experience helping singles navigate your specific dating struggles.

How did you initially become a coach?

A dating coach often has a passion for matchmaking and is on an ongoing self-development path. Dating coaching is very much a ‘practice what you preach’ environment.

They should not base their professional experience on a single account of personal success (i.e. they met their spouse online and now they believe they are an expert).

What exactly am I paying for?

You’ll find a variety of pricing structures out there, and no one way is better than another. The key is making sure you understand what you’re getting for your money.

Some charge by the hour, others offer individual or bundled coaching sessions or training courses. You’ll also find coaches who offer a monthly or yearly membership that includes a specified number of service hours.

While some list pricing on their website, others don’t. If you’re considering a coach who takes this approach, they should absolutely provide a clear breakdown of those prices upon request.

In addition to asking the right questions, pay attention to how your prospective coach answers them. What kind of vibe do they give off? Are they open and approachable? Do you feel comfortable, and like you’ve built a rapport during your call?

A certain level of connection and trust is essential in a coaching relationship, especially one that deals with an intimate area of your personal life.

Couple toasting with white wine on a date

And most importantly, do they seem capable of suggesting proven and effective dating strategies that are applicable to someone in your situation and circumstances? 

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