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Fool-Proof Hinge Photo Tips To Boost Your Match Rate!

To match with you on Hinge, she needs to “like” - and hopefully comment on - a specific part of your dating profile. So your photos need to compel her to do just that.

Hinge’s Top Photo feature will automatically put your most popular pic first in your lineup, but don’t make the mistake of relying on that. It doesn’t give you any feedback, and if all your pictures are bad, it will simply rotate the best of the worst into pole position.

Don't worry - our team of dating experts has helped singles with their online dating since 2009, and we've been using Hinge daily since it launched in 2012. We've put together tens of thousands of photo lineups, using a proprietary, data-driven process to select the strongest images.

These tips on choosing your best Hinge profile pictures are based on countless hours of first-hand experience using the app, tracking what works and what doesn't when it comes to an effective and compelling Hinge photo lineup.

Ready to boost your match rate, and catch the eye of the high-quality, relationship-minded women you want to meet most?

#1: Lead With The “Perfect” Hinge Photo

Don’t worry - achieving perfection isn’t dependent on how you look. It’s all about choosing a dating profile picture with the most attractive attributes.

And thanks to science, there’s a checklist of the traits an online dating profile photo should have for maximum impact:

perfect dating photo

#2: Include A Few Photos That Invite Comments

Hinge requires you to have a full 6-photo lineup to “like” other profiles.

hinge photo lineup example

But scrolling through selfie after selfie isn’t visually interesting, and it definitely won’t give her a glimpse into any interesting hobbies you may have.

There’s another downside to selfie-heavy lineup. The taker of the selfie (i.e. you) is often perceived as being more narcissistic and less likeable and attractive than you would have been in a non-selfie pic. Besides, 82% of people surveyed thought social media could use a lot less selfies.

Photos where you’re actually doing something lend themselves to comments. Whether you’re hiking, hanging out someplace cool, or interacting with your adorable dog, it’s easy for her to ask you about what’s in the photo. And boom - your conversation is already up and running.

Make sure to add a caption or attach a pre-written prompt to a few of your Hinge photos - it’s another easy way to entice her to “like” one of your pics. 

PRO TIP: Dogs aren’t just great to include just because they’re cute. Owning one (or just having her think you do) can make you seem even more attractive.

hinge photo tip

She’ll also perceive you as being friendlier, happier, and even more relaxed. There’s one more benefit too - it lets her know you’re capable of long-term commitment.

Just remember, any photo you include on a dating app should be of you looking your best. Don’t prioritize an interesting setting (or a puppy) over an unflattering pic.

Hinge also lets you upload videos, and it's a great way to add some visual interest to your profile! Check out these Hinge video tips.

#3: Embrace Quality Control

hinge picture tips

Hinge has positioned itself as a “relationship” app, and as such many of the women on it are seeking a serious one. Your photo lineup should reflect that you’re taking the app, well, seriously.

Make sure all your images are high quality. Not only are dark, fuzzy, grainy photos a total mood killer, they’re also an excellent reason for her to hit that red X.

And if you include pics where most of your face (or all of it) is cropped out, she’ll think you just uploaded the first 6 Facebook pics you came across and called it a day. You want a thoughtful lineup that looks intentional.

That’s what will keep those “likes” pouring in.

#4: Choose “Simple” Hinge Profile Pictures

Numerous studies have shown that the brain has a natural preference for simple images.

That means you should choose Hinge pictures that have a low cognitive workload. In other words, it’s easy to understand what’s going on in the frame. The higher the cognitive workload, the less appealing an image becomes.

See the difference a simpler image makes? Between the blurriness, the giant yellow scribble, the bright light and the rampaging dinosaur, there’s a lot going on in that Hinge photo on the right:

hinge profile tip

Choosing sharply focused, well-lit and high-quality images will go a long way toward keeping things easy on the eyes - and brain.

#5: Select Your Group Shots Wisely

For starters - don’t lead with a group photo. If she guesses wrong about whose profile she’s looking at, that means the first thing you’ve made her feel is a vague sense of disappointment. Who wants to start off on that foot?

But group shots can actually strengthen your lineup. They show you’re a social guy who’s fun to be around and has friends. All attractive qualities! Just be selective about which ones you include, and make sure you're the focal point of the group.

Another attraction booster is touching someone else on the photo, for instance if your hand is on your friend’s shoulder. That will grant you more social status than the person you’re touching in her subconscious mind.

Have a friend who resembles you physically, but is a bit less attractive than you are? Seize the opportunity to benefit from the Ugly Friend Effect, and include a photo of the two of you together. She’ll likely think you’re even more attractive than she would have if you were in the frame by yourself.

#6: Command The Frame

great hinge photo examples

In other words, think confidence exuding power postures. The classic victory stance is a good example.

Not only will you appear more confident, expansive postures also make you more attractive to others.

The reverse is also true, though, so keep an eye on your body language. If your shoulders are slumped, or your hands are in your pockets and you’re gazing at the ground, you’ll have an aura of insecurity that will likely lower your perceived attractiveness.

#7: Understand How Signalling Works

In essence, signaling is another word for the take home message she’s getting from your photos, and it goes far deeper than just what you look like.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, she’s evaluating every little detail in your profile pic and forming her overall opinion of you accordingly. The impression you want to leave her with is “that’s a guy I’d love to spend some time with!”

So make sure the background of your photos is aesthetically pleasing - that means no laundry thrown all over the couch or a kitchen sink overflowing with dirty dishes lurking in the periphery.

There’s no need to mention that your bathroom should be clean, because you know better than to take a bathroom mirror selfie, right?

#8: Eye Contact = Increased Connection

Eyes being the window to the soul and all, you want to think twice about covering them up with sunglasses. Establishing eye contact, even through a photo, makes a stronger connection than you would get if she can’t see your eyes.

There’s also evidence that obscuring your eyes, whether it’s with a pair of Raybans, your hat, or your long flowing locks, can make you seem like you’re less trustworthy.

And the researchers over at Photofeeler discovered you’ll also be perceived as less likeable and even less competent when you’re wearing them.

Hinge Photo Hack: Studies have found that the dark ring that encompasses your iris, called the “limbal ring,” can affect how attractive people find you. The thicker it is, the hotter you are.

dating photo tip

Try using an image editor like Pixlr or Photoshop to thicken yours a bit. Don’t go nuts though - it still needs to seem natural.

#9: Consider A Pro Photo Shoot

Image quality has been a theme throughout this entire article, and there’s a reason for that. Poor quality photos can obliterate your chances of meeting the type of woman you want to be in a relationship with.

Pro photos can help your cause no matter how attractive you are (or aren’t). That’s because a professional knows how to work your best angles, find the most flattering light, and help you pose in a natural, confident way.
That’s literally in their job description, so hiring one can give your match rate a huge boost.

Many photographers are now specializing in dating photos, and excel at taking natural, candid shots that are leagues away from plopping you on a stool in front of a boring blue canvas.

Find one that will let you change outfits once or twice, and that’s willing to shoot in a few locations around town that are vibrant and interesting. Since you don’t want to make it obvious you hired a pro, don’t use more than one photo of you in each outfit at each location.

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