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Intermezzo Montreal Reviews [Best Montreal Matchmaker?]

Thinking about hiring Intermezzo Montreal to find you your ideal partner? This Intermezzo Montreal Review is packed with information to help you decide if Joan Paiement is the best matchmaker for you.

Our team has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services, exploring their processes, client experiences, cost, and more. Our reviews draw from 14+ years of firsthand industry experience and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

Let’s start with getting to know the matchmaker…

From Motherhood To Matchmaking

Joan Paiement

Joan Paiement made a life-changing decision after spending two decades at the Montreal Stock Exchange. She chose to retire and focus solely on being a mother to her two children. 

As she shared with Global Love Report

“I was Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of the Montreal Stock Exchange. I worked there for 20 years and when I retired, I was convinced that I would never work again as nothing could be more exciting than the Stock Exchange. I retired to become a full-time mom.

During this period in her life, Paiement also embarked on a journey of self-reinvention, pursuing additional degrees. And in 2008, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Concordia University. 

Her journey to matchmaking began when a close friend, who had recently gone through a separation, reached out to Paiement for assistance in finding a new romantic partner. 

Despite Paiement’s limited experience in this realm, her friend encouraged her to apply for a position at a local dating agency. Intrigued by the opportunity, Paiement decided to go for it.

Intermezzo Montreal website

In 2011, Paiement joined the team at Intermezzo Montreal.  

Reflecting on the transition, Paiement described it this way:   

I have free time so I’ll apply, go in, and find her a boyfriend!” I said to myself that I would quit afterward.”

And despite her initial intentions to quit after fulfilling her friend's request, she discovered a passion for matchmaking. This unexpected twist eventually led her to take a significant step forward. In 2013, she made the decision to purchase Intermezzo Montreal.  

While Intermezzo is based in Outremont, QC, its influence extends far beyond the borders of Quebec. 

Serving members from Montreal, the South Shore, the North Shore, and even catering to some international clients, the agency has established a broad reach.

A Look At Intermezzo Montreal's Clientele 

Intermezzo Montreal attracts a unique blend of clientele, catering to both the Anglos and the Francos, who typically have their own unique requirements.  And according to Paiement, it’s important that they recognize these differences.  

As she describes it, 

Being in Montreal, we have to deal with 2 different clienteles. The Anglos and the Francos. They don’t have much in common, so it’s important for us to be well-versed in the customs and expectations of everyone.” 

However, Intermezzo's clientele isn't solely defined by linguistic preferences. The agency has also witnessed a significant surge in its millennial clientele. 

As Paiement shared with Concordia,  

That part of the clientele when I started here, there was nobody under the age of 30. Now millennials makeup 20 percent of our business and growing. I think millennials have a tougher time dating than previous generations.”

Intermezzo Montreal’s Matchmaking Process  

The first step to working with Intermezzo is meeting with a relationship advisor. During this meeting, you’ll be provided with an overview of services, details about the matchmaking process, and the cost. 

This session typically takes between 60 to 90 minutes. 

After the initial consultation, your assigned matchmaker works to complete your profile, administer psychometric tests, and prepare your portfolio. 

Drawing from the information you provide about yourself, your desired match criteria, and the results of your assessments, your matchmaker begins to search for potential matches in their database.  

Next, you’re presented with profiles of potential matches for consideration. You have the final say if you’d like to go out with someone. When the interest is mutual, clients are responsible for contacting their matches and planning the dates.

You’ll be given dating advice from your matchmaker throughout the process and after each date they request you provide feedback so they can make adjustments to their selection process if necessary.  

According to their FAQ, Intermezzo conducts criminal background checks and screens for addiction to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. 

While there are no specific membership criteria set by Intermezzo, they do exercise discretion in their selection process. For instance, individuals may be turned away if they don't possess the characteristics sought by other members. 

As stated on their website's FAQ section, membership approval is based on the preferences of their current members, which can evolve from week to week.

According to a Google Business review response from the Intermezzo Montreal team, the success rate of members is around 80-85%.

Intermezzo Montreal Cost 

Intermezzo provides three matchmaking packages,  but you’ll need to purchase the Intermezzo Prive package to work directly with Paiement.

Intermezzo Montreal matchmaking packages

Like many matchmaking services, they don’t disclose their pricing online, but fees will be discussed during your initial consultation. Certain factors like the length of service time and match criteria are taken into consideration when determining your total package price.

Online reviews indicate some clients paid between $1,800 and $3,000. According to Le Journal de Montreal you might see pricing go as high as $10,000.  

Speaking of reviews, let’s take a look at what clients are saying about their Intermezzo Montreal experience. 

Intermezzo Montreal Reviews

Intermezzo Montreal has a 4-star rating on Google. Among the 80+ reviews, there’s a mix of both positive and negative feedback:

Intermezzo Montreal 4.0 Google Business rating

These former clients had a positive experience, and said they met someone special through the service:

5-star Intermezzo Montreal review on Google
5-star Joan Paiement review on Google

There were also several 1-star reviews. 

This reviewer felt her matching criteria wasn’t taken into consideration:

1-star google review for Intermezzo Montreal

This Intermezzo Montreal reviewer also felt she was given matches that didn’t fit her criteria:

1-star Google review for Intermezzo

Online matchmaking service reviews can be a secret weapon - but it’s not just about a service’s rating. You already know that reviews are subjective, so you need to dig deeper than the stars when you skim through them.

You can use what other clients experienced as the foundation for developing insightful questions to ask during your initial consultation. You can also get a good idea of how a particular service handles customer service issues based on how they publicly respond on the review platforms.

One element of service you’ll want to be crystal clear on is where your matches come from. Many matchmaking services match clients with other clients, or with singles who have signed up to be included in the database for free.

Other services, like Enamour, make matches from within a curated database but also utilize recruiting technology and a network of scouts to vastly expand the search for compatible matches.

The dual approach - database + scouting - generally costs more but it also increases the odds of your matchmaker consistently delivering high-quality matches. 

That’s because finding two people whose deal breakers and must-haves align perfectly is difficult, if not impossible, to do solely from within a limited roster in a particular city.

VIDA Select, another option worth considering for Montreal singles, takes a modern approach to matchmaking that leverages the largest source of eligible singles there is.

Another advantage: matchmaking packages are all monthly, on a pay-as-you go basis. No long-term contractual commitment! On average, clients find someone with true relationship potential in just 3 months.

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