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Seattle Love Broker Reviews [Best Matchmaker For You?]

Dating in Seattle can be hard, so first dates with singles hand-selected for compatibility seems like the perfect solution. But with so many Seattle matchmakers out there, is Monique Le the right choice for you? This Seattle Love Broker review will help you decide!

With over 14 years of matchmaking experience, our team of experts knows exactly what clients are looking for in a matchmaker. 

We’ve reviewed over 200 services, diving into their cost, process, client experiences, and more.

Here’s what you need to know about Seattle Love Broker, so you can decide if Monique Le is the best matchmaker for you!

Matchmaker Monique Le’s Approach To Dating

matchmaker monique le

Before becoming a matchmaker, Monique Le worked for a decade in finance as a wealth manager. She founded Seattle Love Broker in 2014, and she brings plenty of insights from her former career into her search for each client’s perfect match. 

In an interview with Rainier Avenue Radio, Le said: 

“In a way I am still in Investment Management because I consider a relationship probably the most important asset a person can have in their life and it’s worth protecting.”

Similar to the New York Stock Exchange, The Love Broker’s matchmaking services operate as a sort of exchange board for clients. 

But before she can set anyone up on dates, Le has to examine whether a client’s match criteria would actually be their ideal match, or if they’ve created an unattainable fantasy. 

As Monique Le said in the same interview: 

“It is my job to guide that process if their vision of the future versus their reality doesn’t quite jive or coincide. Then I have to point out the discrepancy in reality versus fantasy.”

Monique Le told Rainier Avenue Radio that singles should be focusing on finding people with long term investment potential: 

“Just like I used to manage other peoples money, I always advocate for long-term investments… quality investments, so I would encourage people to find the Microsoft, find the Amazon and the Facebook in people – quality people.”

While physical appearances are an important component for attraction, it doesn’t need to be everything, as Le states

“To find one [romantic partner] you have to keep an open mind, and I think a lot of people dismiss people based on appearance without getting to know the person’s inner beauty.” 

As she goes on to explain, putting too much emphasis on superficiality is a mistake.

... Men wanting the outward appearance and women wanting the WOW thing… you have to shift your focus to a person’s character, their values, whether they value family or where they are going in their life. What’s important to them? And see if your direction in your life coincides with theirs.

According to Le, there is an inverse correlation between relationships and work life because one can take away from the other if you spend too much time at work. 

“You have to learn skills to manage these relationships effectively while still maintaining a quality profession – a good career. It’s important to assess what’s important to you. Whether there’s a balance that needs to be stricken or if you want to focus on what we call in the financial term, being ‘all in’, basically focusing all of your energy into one area and sacrificing the rest.”

What To Expect As A Seattle Love Broker Client

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Seattle Love Broker works with clients of all ages, but Le says the majority of her clients are successful professionals between 35 and 55 years old. As she explained in an interview,

“I work with a fairly special clientele… I worked with high net worth clients in the past. When I transitioned into this line of work I utilize a lot of the skills and understanding of that group of people to help them manage their relationship and their love life.”

As with most matchmakers, Le approaches the search for your ideal partner from a quality over quantity perspective. As she explains, an abundance of choice is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in modern dating.

“Learning how to curate who’s right for you is a very important part of dating. The more choices you have the more paralyzed people become because there’s too many options and they don’t know how to choose. It’s not like Costco!”

She also encourages clients to focus on understanding both themselves and their partners, which is a key ingredient in making a long-term relationship viable. 

“People put a lot of emphasis on compatibility, but I believe they need to put a lot of emphasis on the personal self-education and triumph of differences. There are always going to be differences in men and women… But if there’s a lack of understanding and compassion for the other person, then there’s bound to be some problems down the road.”

If you’re thinking about hiring Monique Le, the process starts with filling out a form on the Seattle Love Broker website. That’s followed by a quick screening phone call that takes around 15 minutes. 

This is also the process if you’d like your profile included in the Love Broker database. 

For those who pass the screening, a more in-depth consultation is scheduled. You’ll discuss your relationship goals, lifestyle, ideal match criteria, etc., and also learn more about the packages and cost (more on that coming up!).

As a paying client, you’ll be matched with singles deemed compatible by the matchmaking team and the algorithm they use to help find candidates.

If you simply want your profile included in the database, you’ll only be contacted if you’re chosen as a potential match. There is no active search done on your behalf.

Both clients and database members can attend monthly events hosted by Seattle Love Broker, such as mixers and seminars. 

How Much Does The Love Broker Charge?

It costs $25 to apply either as a client or a database member, but you get this fee back if you are not accepted. 

If your application is approved, then you schedule a consultation with Le. This can take place in person, on the phone, or over Skype. The consultation fee varies depending on a few factors: 

It’s $100 for a small group consultation of 2-5 people who are 35-years-old or younger, and $285 for a one-on-one interview. 

Seattle matchmaker Monique Le takes on both men and women as paying clients, but the cost is different.

Women can purchase a basic matchmaking package that starts around $7,500. 

There is also a more expensive “private” matchmaking service, wherein Le conducts what she calls an “executive search” for your perfect match. Pricing varies by client.

The majority of Le’s paying clients are men, and matchmaking packages typically start around $15,000 for a year-long contract. 

The final price tag takes into account factors such as how difficult it may be to find potential matches, given your criteria. 

Now, let's take a peek at what some former clients have to say about their experience working with matchmaker Monique Le.

Seattle Love Broker Reviews

On Yelp, the Seattle Love Broker has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating based on 15+ reviews.

4.5 star rating on Yelp for Seattle Love Broker

Many of the 5-star reviewers appreciated Le’s individualized approach that included coaching and lifestyle advice:

5-star Yelp review for Seattle Love Broker
Seattle Love Broker 5-star yelp review
5-star Yelp Seattle Love Broker review

A handful of reviewers reported a less-than-positive experience, although in one case the original 1-star review updated their Seattle Love Broker review to be 5 stars:

1-star Seattle Love Broker Yelp review

This Seattle Love Broker client described a negative experience working with Le and her team:

1-star Yelp review for Seattle Love Broker

Another 1-star Seattle Love Broker review wasn’t from a client, but rather from someone who expressed frustration with the process to get a consultation:

1-star review for Seattle Love Broker on Yelp

Seattle Love Broker also has 32 “not currently recommended” reviews on Yelp that range from 1 star to 5 stars. 

On its Google business page, Seattle Love Broker has a 4.9-star rating based on 40+ reviews.

4.9-star rating for Seattle Love Broker on Google reviews

Similar to Yelp, many of the positive reviews were from clients who appreciated the guidance they received throughout the process:

5-star Seattle Love Broker google review
5-star Google review for Seattle Love Broker
5-star Seattle Love Broker review on Google

The 1-star Seattle Love Broker review was from someone who had done the application but was not accepted into the service:

1-star Seattle Love Broker review on google

Is Seattle Love Broker The Right Seattle Matchmaker For You? 

It’s clear from online Seattle Love Broker reviews that Monique Le is working her magic for some singles. But whether you’re considering this service or any of the other matchmaking services in Seattle, one thing to keep in mind is where your potential matches come from.

Often boutique services pull candidates from an internal database, meaning you’ll be matched with other paying clients or singles who have submitted a profile. And if your ideal partner happens to have chosen the same service you did, you’ll likely be happy with the outcome. 

But compatibility has to flow both ways for a match to be successful. When you’re working with a limited number of singles in any one city, finding a match where both people’s “must haves” mesh seamlessly is nearly impossible to do consistently - the numbers simply aren’t there.

So you may also want to consider a matchmaking service that offers proactive scouting as well. 

With an exclusive, invitation-only database of exceptional singles, Enamour is one option that’s likely already on your radar. Enamour offers tailored matchmaking packages to accomplished, selective singles - and they all include proactive scouting.

The team uses an extensive network of scouts as well as recruiting technology to pinpoint highly compatible candidates from an array of sources, both offline and online. 

Matchmaking packages start around $20,000.

VIDA Select is another option worth considering for Seattle singles. Taking a modern approach to finding your ideal partner, VIDA’s matchmakers leverage the largest source of singles there is. 

VIDA also offers the convenience of monthly matchmaking packages, so there is no long-term contract. Instead, the cost of each package highly correlates with the number of hours your matchmaker will spend that month on your search, taking into account the complexity of your criteria, how many cities you want to include, etc.

Basic packages start at just $1195, while Premium options begin at $1795. Elite packages begin at $2595. On average, VIDA clients meet someone special within the first 3 months.

Find out how VIDA can find your perfect match, too! Just click here to learn more.

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