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Sophy Love Review: Best Matchmaker For San Diego Singles?

Curious about San Diego matchmaking service Sophy Love? Read on for all the details you’re looking for, from cost to founder Sophy Singer’s approach to finding your ideal partner.

Our team of experts has reviewed more than 200 matchmaking services, ranging from small boutiques to major industry players. Our reviews draw on 14+ years of firsthand experience, extensive research, and an in-depth understanding of the matchmaking landscape. 

This Sophy Love review has everything you need to decide if this is the best matchmaking service for you!

Let’s start with a look at the founder...

Meet Matchmaker Sophy Singer

Matchmaker Sophy Singer

With a professional background in sales and real estate, Sophy Singer decided to channel her passion for bringing people together into a career in matchmaking. 

She left her sales agency manager position to take on a job at Tawkify – a national matchmaking service – where she worked as a matchmaker for 5 years. 

And in 2018, while Singer was still working at Tawkify, she founded her own dating agency on the side, calling it Sophy Love.

Sophy Love website

Singer left Tawkify in 2021 to focus on Sophy Love. She currently has a team of matchmakers who work with her, but Singer is the Chief Matchmaker, Dating Coach, and Dating Concierge.

What To Expect If You Sign Up With Sophy Love

While Sophy Love is headquartered in San Diego, they have a presence in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco as well. And depending on the type of service, Singer also works with clients all over the US and can provide a global search upon request. 

As Singer explains in the Yes Collective podcast, Sophy Love is a boutique, white glove agency:

“We have a small roster of paying clients and then we have database scenes with thousands of interesting, vetted, intentional daters.”

Potential clients start by filling out the contact form on the Sophy Love matchmaking website. Next, you’ll have a consultation with matchmaker Sophy Singer, or one of the 3 other matchmakers on her team.

If the team wants to bring you on as a client, and you think Sophy Love is a good fit, you’ll discuss the parameters of your search and decide what level of service you want. Matchmaking packages typically span 3 to 6 months, and include unlimited introductions.

Clients are matched with other clients, matches from Singer’s database, or via her network of industry contacts.

Singer often teams up with a network of certified matchmakers. In an interview with Big Time Adulting, she mentions how a matchmaker’s reach is arguably more important than where a matchmaker lives: 

“It’s really not about where your matchmaker lives, it’s about who they know and who they have access to.” 

Singer and her team also arrange single’s events, typically on behalf of a client or group of clients. The events are free but invitation only, with a selection of curated, compatible potential matches chosen from the database to meet the paying clients.

The events use icebreakers and games to provide a space for singles to create authentic interactions. While Singer’s executive matchmaking clients review photos of potential matches, the events take a blind dating approach: 

No one sees anyone's profiles. They all show up, ten men, ten women, whatever it is. And they've trusted in me that I put in the guardrails. I took care of their checklist. Everyone is within the parameters that they have expressed they are looking for, and then they all get to meet.

There is no charge to join the database as a potential match, however no proactive search is carried out for you. Unless you purchase a matchmaking package, you may never meet anyone that way.

How Much Does Sophy Love Cost?

Sophy Love costs between $6,000 and $50,000 for 3 to 6 months of service, with the price depending on what combination of matchmaking and/or coaching you’d like, the scope of your search, and the level of search complexity.

That’s in-line with other white glove matchmaking services. Enamour, for instance, is another option that should be on your radar. 

Enamour maintains a curated, exclusive database, and also offers local, national and international searches. Highly compatible matches are sourced in several ways, with an extensive network of scouts and recruiting technology extending the search far beyond the invitation-only database. 

Packages start around $20,000 for 6 months of service.

VIDA Select is another option to consider, whether you’re single in San Diego or any other major city. VIDA takes a modern approach that leverages the largest source of singles there is, meaning clients enjoy first dates with matches who check all of their boxes.

And with VIDA, there are no long-term contracts. Instead, matchmaking packages are pay-as-you-go. Clients can choose from a wide range of options, with the price of each package highly aligned with the number of hours that should be devoted to your search each month.

Basic packages start at only $1195 per month, with Premium packages starting at just $1795 per month. Elite matchmaking begins at only $2595 per month. On average, clients meet someone special in just 3 months.

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