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Linx Dating Reviews [Includes Cost, Complaints, & Praise!]

linx dating reviews

To many Bay area singles, she’s known as the “Silicon Valley Cupid.” But you’re looking for Linx Dating reviews, so you’re probably wondering if Amy Andersen really has what it takes to find your perfect match.

From the small independent boutiques to the industry's biggest players, our team of matchmaking experts have reviewed over 200 dating services.

Our insight comes from 14+ years of first-hand experience, comprehensive research, real customer reviews, and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

Keep reading to find out how much Linx Dating costs, what real clients have to say about their experiences, and how this elite Silicon Valley matchmaking service works!

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Linx Dating In A Nutshell

Amy Andersen Linx Dating

Founded in 2003 by Amy Andersen, Linx Dating’s clientele is largely tech-industry execs looking for “The One.”

The idea for her matchmaking service came to her during a blind-date-gone wrong, when she noticed the man she had met for drinks checking out other women around the bar. She called him on it, and he confessed he was looking for the “BBD” - the bigger, better deal.

In addition to matchmaking services, she also provides plenty of dating coaching and advice to make sure her clients don’t make the same mistakes her blind date did.

Amy Andersen's Dating Advice

During an interview with CNBC, she revealed the three pieces of advice she gives every client on how to make a good first impression on a date:

Rule #1: Love isn’t a problem to be solved. Tech-types are prone to over analyzing things, which can make them seem robotic.

Rule #2: Don’t prematurely exaggerate. In other words, keep the bragging to a minimum.

Rule #3: Keep the gadgets in your pants. Smart phones may go with the territory, but checking gadgets during a date is a major don’t.

She elaborated even further on her role as a dating coach during an interview with Yahoo! Finance, saying many of her clients, while extremely intelligent, were a bit awkward when it came to the “emotional” side of dating:

The matchmaking process leading up to those dates is simple - clients are matched with other clients in the database, unless you opt for the VIP membership. In that case, Andersen’s matchmaking team will scout for eligible singles “out of network,” and conduct a national or international search.

As Anderson puts it, she’ll do anything to find her VIP clients the perfect match:

“The VIP client gives me all access, full autonomy to search the world for the perfect needle in a haystack. I've been known to go to Stanford and literally chase after women looking for a potential match.”

Not surprisingly, that kind of dedication doesn’t come cheap.

So how much is Linx Dating? VIP clients pay between $100,000 and half a million for her services. But in case that’s not in your budget, there are other memberships to choose from as well.

Linx Dating Cost

Premium matchmaking services start around $45,000. VIP services can run up to $500,000. All of the membership packages include a 2-year contract and 4 months worth of hold time that can be used as needed.

This Silicon Valley matchmaker also offers a menu of concierge services, including personal styling and image consulting, date coaching, closet makeovers, restaurant and travel booking, and even proposal planning if you meet your perfect partner.

Prospective clients start by filling out a questionnaire on the website with questions like these:

linx dating questionnaire

This step is mandatory, as you can’t call this elite matchmaking service directly until you're a client. You won’t find their phone number on the website.

Next, you’ll receive an email with any additional questions the matchmaking team has for you.

You’ll also schedule an in-person, 90-minute(ish) visit with Andersen, for which you’ll pay a consultation fee of several hundred dollars. That’s when you’ll dive in-depth into what type of person you’re looking for, and discuss which membership is right for you.

Now that you know how the process works, what do actual clients have to say about their experience with this Silicon Valley matchmaker?

Linx Dating Reviews

When it comes to recommended Yelp reviews, Linx Dating has a solid 4.5 star rating. Many of the reviews were about Linx Dating events, like the “Link & Drink” mixers:

linx dating reviews yelp
linx dating yelp

When it comes to the actual matchmaking services, the reviews are more of a mixed bag. Some clients like this one were happy with the quality of their matches, and the overall process:

yelp reviews linx dating

But this client felt that Linx Dating didn’t deliver the level of service he was promised:

linx dating reviews on yelp

This Silicon Valley matchmaking service has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, although there are no Linx Dating BBB reviews on file yet.

Of course, while internet reviews can be helpful in terms of giving you some food for thought, at the end of the day only you can decide if Amy Andersen’s style of matchmaking is a good fit for you.

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