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Little Black Book Matchmaking Reviews [Meet Dr. Frankie Bashan!]

Are you considering hiring Dr. Frankie Bashan as your personal matchmaker? In that case, you'll undoubtedly want to delve deeper into how she got her start, her matchmaking philosophy, and what to expect as a Little Black Book Matchmaking client.

From the small boutiques to the big industry players, our expert team has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services.

Our insights are based on 14+ years of industry experience, comprehensive research, genuine customer feedback, and a profound understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

Let’s dive in!

Dr. Frankie Bashan’s Road To Matchmaking

Little Black Book matchmaker Dr. Frankie

Recognized by many from Season 8 of MTV’s “Are You The One?”, Dr. Frankie Bashan discovered her knack for matchmaking when she was just 13 years old. The first couple she brought together was her father and a woman whose personality seemed to complement his. 

As Dr. Frankie shared in an interview

That was my first successful match and they were married for 25 years.”

Dr. Frankie’s professional roots are in the field of clinical psychology. While she was a practicing therapist, she often helped women dealing with relationship challenges. 

Some were single and struggling to find the right partner, while others were navigating turbulent relationships. Their trials struck a chord with Dr. Frankie and she felt she could make more of an impact with these women as a dating coach and matchmaker. 

Dr. Frankie elaborated on what drew her into professional matchmaking in an interview:

I care about people deeply. I feel that I have a gift of being a conduit and connecting people with one another. I have a sixth sense when it comes to people being a great match for one another. I see it as a gift that I am lucky to share.”

In 2009, she established her first matchmaking company, Little Gay Book, in Oakland, California.

The clientele consists of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women interested in long-term relationships. 

She later expanded her reach by creating Little Black Book Matchmaking, a platform dedicated to facilitating connections among heterosexual singles. Dr. Frankie works with singles throughout the US.

A Taste Of Dr. Frankie’s Dating Advice

With her professional background in psychology, it’s no surprise Dr. Frankie Bashan is a go-to resource in matters of love and relationships. Her insights have earned her recognition in numerous media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, NPR, Glamour, and TedX. 

Dr. Frankie's perspectives were highlighted during an interview with Curve Magazine, where she discussed common dating mistakes among women. She noted that oversharing during first dates is a common pitfall and this tendency often acts as a deterrent. 

She advises, "Don’t talk about exes, dysfunctional family members, childhood trauma, etc." 

Instead, she recommends allowing personal stories to unravel naturally and maintaining an element of intrigue throughout the dating process.

Another piece of advice: the importance of patience. She warns against escalating relationships too quickly, underlining that "you’ll smother each other and extinguish the flame prematurely." 

In addition, Dr. Frankie advocates for an open-minded approach toward dating, discouraging hasty judgments and promoting multiple dates before making a decision about someone. 

In her own words, 

"I also recommend that clients go on a second date if they are at least 50 percent interested in the person. Anxiety levels are naturally higher on a first date, sometimes so high that it prevents people from showing their true personality."

Her guidance isn't confined to her immediate clients. Dr. Frankie disseminates her expertise across various platforms such as podcasts, blogs, and social media. 

On her Instagram, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong and reliable friendships for successful dating:  

"One of the most important factors for anyone trying to date is a solid, trustworthy group of friends - people you can compare notes with, debrief after dates, share the ups and downs with, and who hold you accountable to things like honoring your green flags and communicating directly with potential partners.”  

Now that you’ve gotten a peek at how she approaches the dating process, let’s take a look at how she approaches matchmaking.

Dr. Frankie’s Matchmaking Philosophy

Dr. Frankie's matchmaking homepage

According to Dr. Frankie, matchmaking requires a unique blend of intuition, effective people-reading skills, and an understanding of behavior and psychology. 

Her approach to finding compatible matches is built on the fundamental belief that all individuals have an innate desire to both offer and receive love. In an interview, she elaborated on how her work aligns with this idea: 

The truth is, we all want the same thing in life: to love and be loved. We all want to come home to a person who might hate our music but still loves our heart. Humans have an infinite capacity for love and it’s my job to guide you on the right path—via speed dating, coaching, matchmaking, or simply advice on my website.”

For Dr. Frankie, the primary foundation of working with clients revolves around establishing a deep rapport. By doing so, she can provide needed advice to each client that is essential for their growth and progression in the dating landscape. 

Developing a deep rapport with clients is fundamental to her process. According to her, this is where coaching and connection come into play because “it provides a safe environment to give feedback.” 

In a discussion with the San Francisco Bay Times, Dr. Frankie emphasized the importance of “mindful presence” throughout the dating and matchmaking process. This cultivates an open, conscious, and loving environment, setting the stage for flourishing relationships. 

However, she also acknowledges the limitations and challenges of the matchmaking process. In her own words

If you want to find a partner, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. You have to go on a lot of dates with people you might not necessarily be attracted to or don’t know much about.” 

What To Expect As A Little Black Book Client

If you're interested in working with Dr. Frankie as a matchmaking client, the first step is scheduling a “compatibility consultation” via the website. This call costs $750. 

During the consultation, you'll provide basic details about your lifestyle and what type of match you’re looking for. 

Singles who pay the fee are automatically added to Dr. Frankie’s database of singles as a “screened member.” Screened members have priority matching status over non-screened ones.

To add your profile as a non-screened member, which is free, you can submit an application via the website. You’ll be asked to provide information about yourself, including occupation, income level, religious affiliations, and the age range of your ideal match. 

Next, you'll upload 2 photos, one headshot and one full body shot to complete your profile. Once your submission has been reviewed someone from the team will reach out to learn more about your match preferences. 

Whether you’re a screened or a non-screened member, keep in mind there is no proactive search being done on your behalf. You may never be introduced to a paying client if you take that route.

This database of profiles is Dr. Frankie’s primary source of candidates to match with her paying clients. She also uses her matchmaking network to source matches.

How Much It Costs To Hire Dr. Frankie As Your Matchmaker

Curious about the Little Black Book Matchmaking price tag, apart from the $750 consultation fee? Like many matchmakers, Dr. Frankie doesn’t divulge the cost of her services on her website. 

The packages are typically discussed during the initial consultation, with the final cost based on factors such as geographical location, the scope of the search, match preferences, and contract duration.

To give you an idea of what you may expect to spend, let’s take a quick look at what a few other national matchmaking services charge.

Enamour website apply

Enamour, for instance, offers services to singles across the US as well as internationally. Known for its highly curated, invitation database of singles, Enamour should be on your short list if you’re looking to meet someone exceptional.

The team also utilizes an extensive network of scouts as well as an array of recruiting technology to identify compatible candidates from a variety of offline and online sources. This proactive approach greatly extends your matchmakers reach, helping to ensure you’ll meet your ideal partner.

Enamour’s packages start around $20,000 for a 6-month membership.

Tawkify homepage

Tawkify, a national matchmaker with a presence in major cities across the US, has packages that start around $4,000 and range all the way up to $70,000. 

The price varies depending on how many matches you want, as well as what level of service you want to purchase. 

Clients are matched with singles who have paid $99 to have a profile placed in the database. If you opt for one of the VIP matchmaking packages, some scouting outside the database can be done as well.

To learn more about how the service works, check out our Tawkify review.

VIDA Select matchmaking website

VIDA Select is another option worth considering if you want your personal matchmaker to have direct access to the largest source of eligible singles there is. 

Thanks to VIDA’s modern approach, you can look forward to first dates with people who check all your compatibility boxes.

And with VIDA, there are no multi-month, long-term contracts. Instead, packages are offered on a monthly basis. The cost highly aligns with the number of hours your matchmaker should spend on your search, taking into account the complexity of your match criteria, geographic scope, etc.

Basic matchmaking packages start at $1195, with Premium options beginning at just $1795. Elite packages begin at just $2595. On average, clients meet someone special within 3 months of starting service.

Curious about VIDA? Take a minute to see if you qualify for the service. Get started here!

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