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Drawing Down The Moon Reviews [2024]

Wondering if Gillian McCallum and the team at Drawing Down the Moon have what it takes to find your perfect match? This Drawing Down the Moon review has all the information you need to help you decide.

Our team of experts has reviewed 200+ matchmaking services, delving deep into their processes, costs, real client reviews, and more.

With over 14 years of industry experience, we understand exactly what singles value most when seeking a matchmaker’s services.

Let’s start with…

How Drawing Down The Moon Got Started

Drawing Down The Moon logo

Drawing Down the Moon was established by Mary Balfour in 1984, who was inspired to match intellectual, book-loving singles in London. Which was fitting, considering she initially ran the service from the back of a bookstore in Bloomsbury. 

Balfour’s growth strategy revolved around catering to intellectual clientele or, in her own words, "thinking people." As a result, customers who initially visited for a book would find themselves leaving with a potential date.   

Fast forward to 2016 when Balfour stepped down and Gillian McCallum moved into the CEO spot.

Matchmaker Gillian McCallum

Over time Drawing Down the Moon has extended its matchmaking services beyond the UK, building partnerships with dating agencies in other high-profile cities across Europe and the US.

In an interview with Dating Advice, McCallum described their core demographic this way:

Drawing Down the Moon has always been known as the thinking person’s matchmaker. In the early days, it was artists and writers, and people who were working in the arts. Now it’s more likely to be lawyers, people in finance, high net-worth individuals, and even members of Parliament.”

The service prides itself on acquiring the majority of clients through word-of-mouth. As McCallum puts it

Referral is the number one way clients find us. Over 75% of the people who contact us to be matched have a friend or family member whom we previously introduced to their life partner.

Gillian McCallum’s Matchmaking Philosophy

One of Gillian’s McCallum’s main objectives when working with clients is to help guide them to a place where they can be receptive to an authentic relationship. 

In an interview with Dating News, she explained that singles need to be welcoming and positive towards love if they hope to find lasting connections.

The point is to leave yourself open to possibilities. If you want to have a family, and it’s a driving force in your life, you need to think about the qualities that are valuable to you and seek opportunities to meet those kinds of people.”

McCallum and the Drawing Down the Moon team don't depend on algorithms. Instead, matchmakers choose to meet with clients in person at the beginning of the matchmaking journey. 

As she explained in an interview

We have a team of experienced matchmakers meeting our clients in person, to gain an understanding of them as individuals, and deciding who we believe to be a strong, compatible match for them.”

In a conversation with the Telegraph, McCallum debunked some misconceptions concerning male matchmaking clients, sharing that contrary to popular belief they don't generally approach her seeking a "younger model." 

What they're typically looking for is a mature, compatible relationship.

As she puts it,

The men might be attracted to women who are younger, but when they want a relationship, they want it with another adult.”

During the matchmaking process, McCallum helps clients identify and address any roadblocks standing in their path to a meaningful relationship. She also tries to help singles realize that a solid relationship isn't always about love at first sight.

In her own words

People expect to have a clap of thunder when they meet the right person. But that’s not how it works. Sometimes a maybe doesn’t turn into a yes until a second, third, or fourth date.”

McCallum doesn't just dole out dating advice to clients, as she's often interviewed as a dating and relationship expert. 

Here are 3 of her best dating tips from around the web!

Matchmaker Gillian McCallum's best dating advice

A Peek At The Process 

The first step in becoming a Drawing Down The Moon client is by completing an online inquiry. Next, a member of the team reaches out to schedule an initial introductory call. 

During this call, a matchmaker gets to know a little about your past relationships and what you’re looking for in the future. This conversation is used to determine if you might be a good fit for their matchmaking services.

Drawing Down The Moon journey illustration with an old-fashioned man and woman talking on phones

If the matchmaker thinks there's potential, you're invited to an in-person meeting at the Drawing Down The Moon office located in the heart of Marylebone.

This meeting, which typically lasts about an hour, serves as an opportunity for the matchmaker to delve deeper into your personal preferences, likes, dislikes, and more. 

If both parties feel the service is a good fit, you move to the next phase by signing a matchmaking agreement and paying upfront for your membership package.

The Drawing Down The Moon matchmaking team is diverse, with matchmakers bringing experience from backgrounds in therapy, headhunting, public relations, and publishing.

Their team will source your suggested matches either from their database or via their matchmaking network, depending on your agreed level of service. As McCallum explains, their approach to matchmaking is steeped in tradition:

"We still do things the way Mary did all those years ago. Our high-quality matchmaking continues to be undertaken by our skilled, friendly team rather than by computers."

The team encourages clients to be open-minded about first dates, and according to some online client reviews, you aren’t shown any photos of your matches. 

Rather than sticking to a "superficial checklist," you're recommended to be receptive to the person and experience.

In an interview with Dating News, McCallum elaborates on this:

"My key message to singles is that love is not a list. If you have too many deal breakers, you could cancel out a huge number of fabulous, interesting, and capable matches."

This philosophy is also echoed on the company's FAQ page, where McCallum claims that they have a 100% success rate. 

However, this level of success is contingent on following their guidance on 2 things: Be open to different types of people and give them a genuine chance. 

Now, let’s take a look and see what actual clients had to say about working with Drawing Down the Moon.

What Clients Are Saying About Drawing Down the Moon

They have a 4.6 rating listed on their Google business page that’s based on 50+ reviews.

4.6 star rating for DDM on Google

The majority of the reviews were positive, many from clients like these two who shared they met someone via the matchmaking service:

5-star Google review for Drawing Down the Moon
Drawing Down The Moon 5-star Google review

And in their Drawing Down The Moon reviews, these former clients said they enjoyed working with their matchmaker:

5-star DDM Google review
5-star DDM review on Google

Among the glowing reviews there were a handful of 1 stars. For instance, this former client was unhappy with the perceived match quality:

1-star Drawing Down the Moon Google review

And this former client didn’t find the value matched the cost:

1-star Drawing Down The Moon review on Google

In his lengthy review, he also goes on to say that he felt misinformed about some aspects of the process:

Continuation of 1-star DDM review

Drawing Down the Moon has a Trustpilot rating of 3.2 stars, however that’s based on only 1 review.

DDM 3.2 star Trustpilot rating

Similar to the 1-star reviews on Google, this former client was dissatisfied with the matches and the price of service:

1-star Drawing Down the Moon Trustpilot review

In the lengthy review, the former client summarized their experience and also provided an update:

Continuation of 1-star Trustpilot review for Drawing Down The Moon

Now that you’ve heard what a few former clients had to say, let's take a look at how much it costs to hire Drawing Down the Moon. 

The Drawing Down The Moon Price Tag

Membership packages are typically run for either 6 months or a year.

And similar to many matchmaking services, Drawing Down The Moon opts not to publicly reveal its pricing details online. The total cost you pay depends on several factors, including your match preferences, assigned matchmaker, and other specifics laid out in your matchmaking agreement. 

However as you’ll find mentioned in various Drawing Down The Moon reviews, many clients reported paying £10,000 for 5 arranged dates over the course of 6 months.

Curious how that compares to other UK matchmaking services that are likely on your radar? Let’s take a quick look!

Enamour, for instance, offers a white glove matchmaking experience to accomplished and selective singles around the world. 

Matches are sourced from the highly curated, “invite only database”, and the team also uses recruiting technology as well as an extensive network of scouts to leave no stone unturned in your search.

Enamour packages start around $20,000 (USD) for a 6-month search.

Berkeley International, founded by Mairead Molloy in 2001, also caters to successful professionals looking for love. Contracts generally span a year, with package prices ranging from £15,000 to over £100,000.

The service is headquartered in London’s Berkeley Square, and has 13 offices spread across Europe. They also have a presence in New York and Melbourne.

VIDA Select is another service that offers matchmaking to singles in major cities across the world. 

Thanks to taking a modern approach, VIDA’s matchmakers have access to the largest source of potential matches there is. With a nearly limitless pool, it’s no surprise clients typically meet someone special within just 3 months.

VIDA’s packages are sold monthly, meaning there is no long-term contract. Basic matchmaking service begins at just $1195 USD, with Premium packages starting at just $1795 USD. Elite matchmaking begins at just $2595 USD. 

The cost of your package highly aligns with the total number of hours your personal dedicated matchmaker should devote to your search, given factors such as how many locations you’d like to include and the complexity of your criteria.

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