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How To Get A Tinder Select Invite

Tinder Select is the elite, uber-exclusive version of Tinder - and it’s meant for celebrities, millionaires, supermodels and the like.

Tinder Select

So naturally, you want in. Who wouldn’t want the chance to match with someone like that?

There are 2 ways to get a Tinder Select invite:

  1. Be nominated by a Tinder Select user
  2. Be selected for inclusion by Tinder
Tinder Select invite

How Tinder decides who is worthy of joining the upper echelon is a closely held secret.

But word on the street is it has to do with your Elo Score, which is the algorithmic rating system that determines how you stack up to other Tinder users - and who you match with.

Tinder has since said they abandoned the Elo Score, however they still have a ranking algorithm which rates how popular you are with other users in your area.

Regardless of what it's called, how many right swipes you get compared to other users is a huge part of your score. Your photos need to be on point. Check out these 9 easy to ways to make your photos Tinder Select worthy!

But other aspects of your profile matter too, as the algorithm also evaluates how “desirable” you are. Tinder hasn’t publicly shared the inner workings of their rating system, but the algorithm likely takes into account details like your education, occupation, bio, etc.

How Does Tinder Select Work?

Tinder Select toggle

Tinder Select isn’t a separate feed where you can swipe through a curated selection of other VIPs. Instead, you can toggle the Tinder Select algorithm on and off.

When it’s on, you’ll notice a change in the color scheme - the Tinder Select app has blue accents, rather than orange.

Welcome To Tinder Select

And you’ll know when you come across a fellow Chosen One, because Tinder Select profiles have a blue border and a “Select” badge.

So functionally you won’t notice a big difference between Tinder and Tinder Select. But where it really pays off is in the overall quality of your matches.

Nathan McAlone, an associate tech editor at Business Insider, said it felt like a giant Cupid was sitting on his side of the scale:

My feed felt a bit more curated, and front-loaded with people who likely were popular on Tinder.

He also noted he received more matches in general, and his profile got more Super Likes.

3 Ways To Improve Your Elo Score & Get Higher Quality Tinder Matches

If you don't happen to know Sean Rad (‎Founder & Chairman) or another Tinder exec, your only chance at getting an invite is by being extremely popular on Tinder.

And even if you fall a bit short of Tinder Select status, you'll still be more attractive and meet higher quality singles.

Here are 3 ways to get better matches:

#1: Simplify your primary photo.

Tinder photo examples

When it comes to processing images, your brain shows a marked preference for the KISS method.

In a recent study, scientists monitored the reactions of participants as they scrolled through Tinder profiles.

They found that across the board, photos with a low cognitive workload - i.e. it doesn’t take much brain power to interpret the image - were rated as more attractive.

Here are 3 key traits that make your primary photo instantly more appealing:

  1. It shows you - and only you. Ideally it looks like a traditional “headshot” - just your upper body. Can’t get much simpler than that.
  2. There’s lots of contrast. When you stand out from the background, you automatically become the center of attention.
  3. You’re making eye contact with the camera. Eye contact is a powerful thing, so don’t block them with sunglasses or look away from the camera.

This is an example of a perfect Tinder photo:

perfect Tinder photo

#2: Fill out all the bio information.

Tinder bio tip

Remember, Tinder’s algorithm considers all kinds of factors when calculating how desirable you are, so make sure to include details like where you went to school and your occupation.

Linking to your Instagram is a good idea - not only does it virtually guarantee your Tinder profile is the real deal, it could also boost your odds of getting a Tinder Select invite if you have a ton of followers.

Just make sure that everything in your IG feed makes you look good.

And when it comes to the Tinder bio itself - write one. You’ll get more matches than if you leave it blank, and it could be the factor that makes someone swipe right if they’re undecided after checking out your photos.

Choose a few of your most attractive traits, like your job or some interesting hobbies, and highlight those:

short dating profile for guys

For 11 more examples of good Tinder profiles for guys, check out this article.

#3: Put your profile in the spotlight.

Using a Tinder “Boost” sends your profile to the top of the queue for all the users in your area.

It only lasts for 30 minutes, but gives you 10x more views, which should give you more matches. And you’ll be shown to the most popular users too, so your matches will likely be higher quality.

If you have Tinder Plus, Gold or Platinum, you get a free Boost every month. If not, you can purchase them à la carte:

Tinder Boost cost

To get the most out of each Boost, deploy it when Tinder activity peaks between 8 and 10 pm.

There you have it. To get better Tinder matches, you just need: a compelling bio, attractive photos, and a Tinder strategy.

You also need the time and energy to make all that happen.

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