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Who Is Julia Bekker? [Elite Matchmaker Profile]

If Hunting Maven or Love Boss Matchmaking is on your radar, it's worth delving deeper into how founder Julia Bekker approaches the search of finding you someone special.  

Thanks to our team of matchmaking experts, conducting this research just became much simpler! We've thoroughly reviewed over 200 matchmakers and their services, ranging from boutique agencies to major industry players.  

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Julia Bekker’s Journey Into Matchmaking

Julia Bekker Love Boss Matchmaking

Julia Bekker, AKA the Hunting Maven, initially moved to New York City with aspirations of becoming a singer/songwriter. 

However, after a decade of pursuing her musical dreams, she came to the realization that it was time to look for something more traditional, or as she puts it, “get a real job.” 

That goal prompted her to respond to an ad on Craigslist for an event planner/executive assistant position at a dating agency.

The dating agency turned out to be none other than Janis Spindel's millionaire matchmaking service. Bekker spent the next 8 years working closely with Spindel at Serious Matchmaking

According to Bekker, during her time there she came to love matchmaking so much it created a desire to start her own company.

In 2010, her dreams became a reality by launching her own elite matchmaking service in NYC, Hunting Maven.

Julia Bekker Hunting Maven

Bekker considers herself a naturally sociable person who has a knack for bringing people together. 

In her own words,

I have always been a natural connector and a people person. My ability to understand people and what they need is an innate skill. I turned my personality into my profession.” 

She later expanded into the South Florida area, co-founding Love Boss Matchmaking in 2012.

Love Boss Matchmaking

The Hunting Maven’s Matchmaking Philosophy

Bekker takes a boutique approach to matchmaking, intentionally limiting her roster of active clients at any given time.  Her clientele primarily consists of successful men in their 30s to 60s who are looking for a serious relationship. 

Women can join her database and be considered potential matches for her male clients.

Bekker mentions that people choose to work with her because it can be challenging to find someone special in a major metropolitan city. She describes her clientele this way:  

My clients typically have no problem dating on their own, but meeting the right person in a city like New York, and sustaining a relationship isn’t as easy as it seems.” 

According to Bekker, her hands-on and thorough approach to matchmaking is what sets her apart. 

She personally meets every potential match, does background checks, and even conducts home visits with paying clients. She considers herself more of a headhunter for love rather than just a matchmaker. 

Once she understands a client’s preferences, Bekker searches her database for suitable candidates. However, that’s not the only place she pulls potential matches from. 

The Hunting Maven says she is always “on”, constantly scouting for compatible matches. And she’s not bashful about walking up to potential candidates. 

As she explained in an interview, she’ll approach women anywhere from elevators to gyms to the subway if they look like they might be a good pairing for a client.

Bekker also plays a pivotal role in helping clients break negative dating cycles, explaining that sometimes she has to give them a little tough love to help them kick their bad habits. 

As she puts it

I help my clients break the patterns which stand in the way of successful relationships. I also encourage them to become clear on what’s most important in a partner, which makes a huge difference when it comes to finding the right person.”

However, it’s not just paying clients that benefit from Bekker’s advice. 

She shares her dating tips via various channels such as print publications, podcasts, live events, and social media. She’s been featured in publications like the New York Post, Elite Daily, Bustle, and Fox Nation, among others.

Here are 3 of her best tips for singles looking to mingle:

3 dating tips from NY matchmaker Julia Bekker

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Julia Bekker?  

Packages range in cost from $5,000 for 3 matches and $25,000 for 12 matches. 

Matchmaking packages are tailored to the individual client, with the total price taking into account the services included, your match criteria, and the number of matches you want. 

For women, joining the database is free of charge. However, it's important to note that this doesn't guarantee you’ll ever be matched with a paying client.    

In addition to matchmaking services, she provides date coaching and image consulting at an extra cost.  

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