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Meet Matchmaker Julia Bendis [Best OC Matchmaker For You?]

If you’re thinking about hiring Match by Julia, reading up on founder Julia Bendis is a savvy move. After all, with so many Orange County matchmakers to choose from, you want to make sure you’re hiring the service that fits you best!

With over 14+ years of firsthand matchmaking experience, our team of experts knows what aspects of a service are most important to clients. We’ve reviewed over 200 matchmaking services, digging deep into their processes, costs, client experiences, and more. 

Keep reading to find out how Julia Bendis got into matchmaking, how she approaches the search for your ideal partner, how much it costs to hire her, and more!

Let’s start with…

How Julia Bendis Became A Matchmaker

Matchmaker Julia Bendis

A third-generation matchmaker who also specializes in dating, relationship, and intimacy coaching, Bendis was born in Ukraine but spent her early life in Latvia before moving to California in 1989. She shared in an interview that her transition into a new culture was a very enriching experience. 

"Being an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I had to quickly adapt to a whole new life, new culture, and language, but I never lost my gift of connecting with people and building relationships."

Her journey also helped her gain a deeper understanding of generational struggles and the trauma associated with leaving one's homeland. Her family had to relinquish everything in their home country in the pursuit of a brighter future. 

Bendis described her immigration experience as having a profound impact and adding to her desire to help others. 

Because of that reason I have been on a path to help people: whether it’s just lending an ear or guiding people through life’s struggles, but one thing was always constant — even from a young age I wanted to know if they are single and how their sex life is!

Once her kids were in school, Bendis decided to turn her talent for matchmaking into her profession and established Match by Julia in 2009. In an interview with Voyage LA, she shared her motivation:

“I know that my purpose in this life has always been to help people and to be an educator of all things love, relationships and intimacy. But helping others in their time of need is just as important to me.”

Match by Julia works primarily with singles in Orange County and the surrounding areas. In addition to matchmaking, Bendis and her team offer dating coaching, image consulting, and relationship support groups.

Bendis says she relies on organic marketing efforts, with much of her clientele coming from word-of-mouth referrals or singles she meets as she goes through her everyday life. 

A Peek At Her Matchmaking Philosophy

Bendis stresses the importance of a client's mental health and emotional stability, both of which need to be in the right place before the matchmaking process commences.

When people come to me for online dating support or matchmaking, we first start with their mental health and get them prepared emotionally before any kind of dating can take place.

She also prioritizes authenticity and transparency when working with her clients. Even if the truth might be difficult to hear, she believes that honesty helps more than placating them.

In her own words

“In general, I am very upfront, I don’t sugar-coat things or say what people want to hear. I don’t see how that would help anyone in life.” 

Dating and relationship advice is a core part of her service, and she frequently imparts advice for singles in media appearances. 

Here are some of her tips for singles from around the web:

3 expert dating tips from Julia Bendis

What To Expect As A Match By Julia Client

Match by Julia logo

If you’re interested in working with Match by Julia, the first step is completing an online membership request. 

Next, you’ll have a consultation with Bendis to see if you’re a good fit for her services.There is a non-refundable fee of $175 for the consultation, which can be applied toward the cost of some services. 

This one-on-one meeting with Bendis helps her get to know you better and learn about the qualities you’re looking for in someone special. However, she emphasizes that she doesn't choose to work with every person that applies. 

As Bendis puts it

“I believe in high quality of matches for my clients over quantity, and sometimes that means having to keep your business small, in order to maintain the personalized service. Money isn’t everything, but human relationships are everything.” 

During the consultation, Bendis will discuss the range of membership options available, including various matchmaking packages. 

Matchmaking packages start at $7,500. As a client, you’ll be paired with singles from her database, other clients, or singles referred from another matchmaker’s network.

A database membership costs $510, but keep in mind that option comes with no proactive service. You’ll only be contacted should you match what a paying client is looking for.

Dating coaching runs $200 an hour or you can purchase a 15-minute call with Bendis for $20 to ask a few questions.  

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