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Meet Katie Chen [Best Los Angeles Matchmaker For You?]

Trying to decide if you should hire Katie Chen to be your LA matchmaker? It makes sense to conduct a little research before investing your time, money, and trust in a matchmaking service.

Our team of experts has been in the matchmaking industry for over 14 years, so we know firsthand what clients value most in a service. 

We’ve reviewed more than 200 matchmakers, diving into their process, price points, client experiences, and more.

So, is Katie Chen the best matchmaker for you? This review will help you decide!

Who Is Matchmaker Katie Chen?

LA Matchmaker Katie Chen

Katie Chen pursued degrees in both Physics and Economics at the University of California. She worked in a corporate role for a number of years, then decided she needed a change of pace. 

As explained in an interview

So I got kind of started in matchmaking when I got burnt out from working 8+ years in the corporate world and just needed something more to be fulfilled.”

She openly shared her exhaustion with a colleague, and together they decided to start something different that brought more fulfillment and less stress.

As Chen recalls

Let’s get into helping fellow busy professionals find love because it’s not that easy… [this will be] for people who feel like they need more than their career to be fulfilled.”

In 2009, they launched Catch Matchmaking, which Chen has been the sole owner of since 2020.

Matchmaker Katie Chen’s Dating Philosophy 

According to Chen, the LA singles scene has shifted quite a bit over the years. 

"Men and women are settling down much later, and there are such diverse lifestyles that you can’t judge one thirty-year-old against another who holds different values."

Chen says part of her approach when working with male clients is helping them break away from stereotypes, a process that can often involve difficult conversations. 

One of the general trends she sees with her male clientele is ageism, predominantly with guys in their 40s. Chen mentions that how the media promotes women may be a factor. 

As she explained

"The men over age 45 tend to be more ageist because they are seeing what’s being marketed in the media - that they can have younger women."

When digging deeper into this dating trend, Chen explains that men may base these notions on past experiences or women they know personally. She described these clients as "very A type executives or they run their business life well."

Chen went on to share how unfair these stereotypes are and work to help these male clients move past this mindset. According to her, having those challenging conversations helps foster a more open-minded approach to dating.

"They can be pretty close-minded at first, but I think part of being a matchmaker is that you have to gain their trust. They need to see that you have their best interests in mind."

Chen often advises her clients to try speed dating to help maximize their chances of meeting someone. 

She says this type of activity is a great way to not only meet new people and see if there’s a spark. It also helps singles create a personal brand by giving them the opportunity to practice describing themselves in 5 minutes or less.

When guiding clients interested in cross-cultural dating, Chen emphasizes the importance of abandoning preconceived rules and starting back at the basics. 

Given that cultural differences can influence dating dynamics, she says it's important to understand the cultural contexts of potential partners for a successful relationship. 

In her own words

"When you’re dating cross-cultural you need to start at ground zero and work your way up."

Catch Matchmaking At-A-Glance

Catch Matchmaking logo

Established in 2009 and based in Los Angeles, Catch Matchmaking extends its services globally through affiliated matchmakers.

Chen’s matchmaking process does not rely on algorithms, as she takes a human-based approach. As she shared in an interview with Spectrum News 1,

"We don't have an algorithm. My team and I - we're the algorithm. We're sitting there on your behalf figuring out what's important to you."

The first step to becoming a Catch Matchmaking client is meeting for a free consultation. 

If you decide to become a client, you choose from an array of standard and VIP packages, The standard packages start around $5,000 and the VIP options begin around $15,000. 

Catch Matchmaking also offers dating coaching sessions for an additional fee. 

Once you’ve signed the contract, you'll complete a detailed profile and upload photos. You've got the option to either provide your pictures or you can opt to pay $250 for a professional photo session.

When your profile is complete, Chen and her team begin the search for potential matches in their singles database. 

The women in the database typically reside in or around LA, and have either been recruited by Chen, signed up at a Catch Matchmaking event, or were referred by an existing member.

Chen also uses her network of contacts to source potential matches.

You’ll be contacted when a match has been identified. You've got the option to accept or decline a suggested match after seeing their profile and photos. If there's a mutual interest, the "Catch Concierge Service" organizes all details for the date.

Want to take a deeper dive into Catch Matchmaking? For more details, plus what clients had to say about their experiences, check out our full Catch Matchmaking Review next!

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