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Meet Olivia Rigg [2024 Hamilton Rigg Matchmaking Review]

Wondering if Olivia Rigg from Hamilton Rigg is the best London matchmaker for you? We’ve simplified all that research for you!

Our team of matchmaking experts has reviewed more than 200 matchmakers and their services, diving deep into cost, process, client reviews, and more.

With over 14 years of hands-on experience in matchmaking, we know exactly what clients value most in a dating service!

Let’s get started with a peek at the founder and how she got her start.

Meet Elite London Matchmaker Olivia Rigg

Elite UK Matchmaker Olivia Rigg

Olivia Rigg initially began her professional career in the fast-paced world of fashion. 

However, life soon led her down a different path, landing her at London-based luxury matchmaking firm Gray & Farrar. Over her 4-year stint there, Rigg honed her skills in pairing compatible couples and expanded her professional network. 

She ultimately made the decision to leave the company in 2017, and was the CEO for a London charity. But matchmaking was never far from her mind.

As she shared in an interview:

"My first ever client was a friend who had got divorced and asked me to start match-making for him while I was still running a charity and that started the ball rolling. By word of mouth, they then began talking to their friends, and it ended up being a circle of people I was helping."

She launched Hamilton Rigg in 2019, headquartered in London’s Mayfair neighborhood.

Depicted as 'The billionaires wives club' by The Times, and often referred to as a billionaire matchmaking service, Rigg's clientele encompasses high-achieving men from diverse backgrounds. 

Her clients range from self-made millionaires, royalty and real estate tycoons to finance professionals and entertainment VIPs. They are men "who don't have time to waste meeting the wrong people" as Rigg shared in an interview with Tatler. 

But regardless of their respective professions, Rigg says her clients share common characteristics — they are driven, successful, and "results-oriented."

In an interview with Tatler, Rigg offered insight into why she chose this particular niche market: 

I decided that if we focused on very specific types of people, ones that I am familiar with either from my own personal life, or that I’ve socialized with or around, these are people I feel naturally quite comfortable helping as I have an organic network of people that I can introduce them to.”

Olivia Rigg’s Approach To Matchmaking

Hamilton Rigg logo

Rigg’s matchmaking process is based on attention to detail and a personalized approach. 

As a boutique London matchmaker, she normally works with 12 to 20 clients annually, bringing on 1 or 2 new clients each month. According to Rigg, this deliberate decision to limit her client base is a reflection of how "highly focused" she prefers to be with each individual.

For her, the heart of her matchmaking approach lies in being engaged in every step of the process. In her own words, 

"It’s important to me that I’m super involved in every aspect of it so it’s never going to be a massive number."

In a discussion with GQ UK, Rigg shed light on the qualities she looks for in her clients. 

Besides being results-driven, they also need to be "forward-thinking." Based on these shared attributes, she tends to turn away potential clients who don’t approach matchmaking with a similar outlook. 

For her, a successful client partnership is based on open communication and shared perspective. As she explains

"It works best if I have a really good, open committed relationship with them. That’s crucial.”

Once on board as a client, the matchmaking process begins with Rigg and her team gathering information about you, your lifestyle, your match criteria, etc. This typically happens over a Zoom call.

From Rigg's perspective, this learning process is as intriguing as it is insightful. As she explained in an interview

My team and I will find out as much as we can [about a client], and that’s always interesting: seeing how people often present quite differently to how they might be perceived in the media.”

Unraveling the client's past relationship experiences is an essential aspect of the process. As Rigg points out

"A lot of my job is listening to where things have gone wrong for clients before, and finding patterns. Understanding why they're making the decisions that they're making is key." 

But the ultimate responsibility of laying the foundation for a positive relationship, according to Rigg, falls on the clients themselves. 

While she paves the way to potential connections, the actual spark of attraction and compatibility is something only the individuals involved can identify. 

Once she has introduced a potential match, her role takes a backseat, with the clients taking the lead. In her own words

"My clients are fully-formed, high-functioning individuals and they're quite used to picking up the phone and phoning somebody up and asking them on a date."

The Cost Of Becoming A Hamilton Rigg Client  

Like many boutique matchmaking services, specifics about the cost of their matchmaking packages are not disclosed publicly.

Hamilton Rigg offers personalized packages that are tailored to each client's unique preferences. The final price takes into account the scope of your search and match preferences. 

However, in an interview, Olivia Rigg revealed that their packages generally start within the five-figure range for a 6-month membership.

Rigg clarified the pricing structure in an interview with GQ UK: 

"That's why the fees are structured so we have a minimum fee, with most people within that, and then depending on the complexity of somebody's brief and their lifestyle and everything else, it goes up from that.” 

Let’s see how that 5-figure price tag compares to other elite London matchmakers who may be on your radar.

Enamour, a matchmaking service for clients seeking a tailored experience, offers packages that start at around $20,000. 

Matches are sourced from an exclusive, invitation-only database, or via Enamour’s extensive network of scouts. If needed, the Enamour team also uses high-tech recruiting tools to select highly compatible candidates. This elite matchmaking service helps clients all over the world.

Maclynn International is another London-based matchmaking service, established by Rachel Vida Maclynn in 2011. They work with singles across the UK and have additional offices in LA, New Jersey, and New York. 

Maclynn International packages tend to start around $18,000 and go up from there, typically spanning a 12-month membership. 

And Berkeley International, helmed by elite matchmaker Mairead Molloy, has been in operation since 2001. 

Their pricing for a 12-month membership varies considerably, with packages priced anywhere between $15,000 and $100,000. The final cost is determined based on a client's specific search parameters.

VIDA Select is another option for London singles looking for a highly customized matchmaking experience. 

Taking a modern approach that leverages the largest source of London singles there is, VIDA clients typically meet someone special within just 3 months of beginning service.

Packages are offered on a monthly basis, which means no long-term, multi-month contracts. Basic matchmaking packages start at $1095 per month, with Premium options beginning at $1695. Elite matchmaking begins at just $2595 per month.

The final cost of your package highly aligns with the number of hours your matchmaker will devote to the search for your ideal partner, given factors such as the complexity of your criteria and geographical scope of the search.

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