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Is Steve Ward The Right Matchmaker For You?

A veteran of the industry, Steve Ward is half of the mother/son matchmaking team at Master Matchmakers. JoAnn Ward started the service in 2002, and he came on board shortly thereafter.

And since you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if he’s the right personal matchmaker for you. 

From the small independents to the biggest industry players, our team has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services. Our insight comes from more than 14 years of firsthand matchmaking experience, comprehensive research, real customer reviews, and a deep understanding of the landscape.

Keep reading for all the details you need to decide, including how much it costs to hire Steve Ward, his approach to matchmaking, and more!

Meet Matchmaker Steve Ward

Master Matchmakers CEO Steve Ward

JoAnn Ward has been a matchmaker for decades, so Steve Ward grew up around matchmaking. His original plan was to be an investment banker, but at 22 he began organizing his mom’s business in his free time. 

As his role expanded, the first client he worked with ended up engaged to the first match he found for her. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he explained that this sparked his passion for helping others find long-lasting relationships.

Steve became his mom’s business partner, and now serves as the matchmaking firm’s CEO. 

He’s also known for his role on VH1’s reality dating show, “Tough Love.” Airing from 2009-2013, he and JoAnn Ward helped singles find fulfilling relationships while hosting a “women’s love boot camp”.

The two also authored a book together in 2009, titled “Crash Course in Love”. He shared some of his dating advice with Jimmy Fallon, including his “5 Rules Of Dating”:

  1. Don’t be weird.
  2. Don’t give away too much information.  
  3. Be positive; don’t harp on the negative.
  4. Don’t debate; avoid sensitive subjects. 
  5. Think about the other person before you think about yourself. 

He has also shared his thoughts about online dating, explaining in a Boston 25 News segment that it’s convenient and budget-friendly, but it takes up a lot of time:  

“Dating online has become ingrained in our culture… You’re meeting people that aren’t who they say they are, they’re running some sort of scam, they’re already in a relationship, they’re just looking to hookup. So people who are looking for serious relationships feel like it’s a full time job swiping through all these apps.” 

This is often why singles turn to matchmakers for assistance – it’s someone they can hold accountable to find them a real potential match. 

If a matchmaker is outside of your budget, then Steve recommends going somewhere public to try and spark a connection - especially when the weather is beautiful and there are lots of people outside. 

As he told Boston 25 News anchor Heather Hegedus: 

“Just get out there. Walk up to somebody, say hello, and see what happens!” 

He is also working to make dating apps a better tool for singles to find someone special. In 2013, he launched Love Lab: a dating app that verified, background checked, and authenticated every user. 

Then in 2018, Steve Ward founded Inc, which provides developer tools for verification and fraud prevention. This includes anything from social networks to peer-to-peer exchanges.

Now that you know more about matchmaker Steve Ward’s background, let’s take…

A Peek At The Process

Master Matchmakers process page

Clients are matched with singles from the Master Matchmaker’s database. When a potential candidate is found, you’ll review their photos, profile, and reasons why the matchmaker believes you two are a good pairing. 

If both singles are interested in meeting, contact information is distributed. From there, it’s up to you to reach out, set up a date, and see where things go. 

Steve Ward mentioned in his Boston 25 News segment that Master Matchmakers uses proprietary technology to verify the singles who create a profile on their website.

Joining the database requires submitting a photo of their ID and a selfie, or taking a knowledge-based authentication quiz. 

He goes on to add that Master Matchmakers also conducts background checks to help them decide who to accept into the service. 

How Much It Costs To Hire Matchmaker Steve Ward

Packages start at $2,500. But according to their website, working with Steve Ward or his mom JoAnn Ward directly can bring that price into the tens of thousands.

Other factors affecting cost include how much dating coaching the team feels you would benefit from, which coach you work with, how many matches you want to meet, etc. There are also a few administrative fees associated with adding your profile to the database, like the $450 “Qualification Fee”.

All the associated costs are discussed during the initial consultation, and also outlined in the contract.

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