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Kimberly Simonetti Reviews [Is The MatchPro Right For You?]

Wondering if Kimberly Simonetti is the best Maryland matchmaker for you? Doing a little research on The MatchPro makes sense. 

And we’ve made that task a lot easier, thanks to this MatchPro review! With over 14 years of firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the matchmaking industry, our team of experts is committed to helping singles find the right matchmaking service.

We have reviewed 200+ matchmakers and their services, from boutique firms to major industry players. Coming up, we’ll dive into The MatchPro’s approach, cost, client reviews and more. Everything you need to make an informed decision!

Let’s start with…

The Face Behind The MatchPro

Matchmaker Kimberly Simonetti

Kimberly Simonetti has 30+ years of business experience, having been a professional photographer since 1984. 

She specializes in classical portraiture, and had the idea to expand into matchmaking when many of her photography clients started asking for online dating photos.

In 2015, she joined licensed psychotherapist Tammy Tilson at The MatchPro. As Simonetti explained in an interview,

“I looked up Tammy, called her, and said, ‘Let’s meet for coffee.’ We hit it off, and the rest is history. We started referring business to each other, and one day Tammy said, ‘I need a partner.'

In 2022, Tilson left The MatchPro in Simonetti’s hands to start her own matchmaking company, Lucky in Luv.

Headquartered in Towson, The MatchPro caters to singles in the Maryland and DC area, as well as Florida’s West Coast.

The MatchPro website

A Peek At The Kimberly Simonetti's Matchmaking Process

Clients are matched with members from their international database of singles. Simonetti also collaborates with affiliated agencies around the world to find potential matches.

The MatchPro works with “upscale” men and women who are ready to find their partner in life. 

In an interview that took place prior to her leaving The MatchPro, founder Tammy Tilson explained that the service is selective.

“If people aren’t in the right headspace and their expectations are unreasonable, we don’t want to take them. It’s not worth it.”

As Simonetti told The Upside, The MatchPro clients also have to be in the right dating mindset, which is often based on timing.

“It’s all timing. You need to be right with the decision of finding that right person and being open and having an open heart towards it.”

In the same interview, Simonetti explains that an honest relationship with your matchmaker is necessary for a successful pairing. Your matchmaker needs to be confident that an introduction will be given a fair chance, as she says: 

“It’s really important to be honest with us… if we’re making that introduction we have to make sure that you’re ready to go.”

In an interview with JMORE - Baltimore Jewish Living, Simonetti said that making introductions based on what a client is willing to share about themselves is one of the limitations of matchmaking. 

We can’t guarantee that it’s going to be a 100% match for someone. I mean, that would be reckless of us to even think that because I don’t know what’s going on in your head… we’re only based on what you’re telling us.

And while that might be a drawback, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a professional matchmaker. She shared some of the biggest advantages in an interview with DatingAdvice

“We’re able to see if there are criminal concerns or if they’re still married. We set up the introduction; we make the reservations, and we follow up, just as any concierge would do.” 

Clients also have the opportunity to join The MatchPro single’s events, which provide an additional way to meet and connect with potential matches.

If you’re interested in learning more about the service, you can apply by filling out an online questionnaire. This is followed by a face-to-face interview with Simonetti. If you both agree it seems like a good fit, you’ll sign the contract and they’ll begin their search.

How Much Does The MatchPro Cost?

Based on internet reviews, you can expect to spend around $8,000 for her more expensive packages.

As with most services, factors such as contract length, how many matches you’d like to date, the scope of your search, etc. determine the final package cost.

Clients can choose from a variety of membership packages, two of which include both traditional matchmaking and dating coaching.

Contracts typically span 6 or 9 months, with the option to pause the search for either 2 or 3 months depending on your package level. 

Joining The MatchPro “library” of eligible singles is free. But database inclusion comes with no guarantee of ever meeting anyone. No active matchmaking will be done on your behalf, as you’ll only be paired with a paying client if you happen to fit their criteria. 

The MatchPro Reviews: What Clients Are Saying

The MatchPro 5-star Yelp rating

The MatchPro has a 5-star rating based on 1 recommended review:

5-star MatchPro Yelp review

The MatchPro also had 17 “not currently recommended” reviews, all 4 or 5 stars.

The MatchPro 5-star Google rating

On its business profile, The MatchPro has a 5-star rating based on 2 Google reviews:

The MatchPro 5-star Google reviews

The Better Business Bureau lists an A+ rating for The Match Pro, which is not BBB accredited. There are no reviews or complaints.

Is Kimberly Simonetti & The MatchPro Right For You?

There are quite a few Baltimore matchmaking services, so you have the luxury of choice. Online reviews are a great place to start narrowing down your options, but the “grain of salt” rule applies. Your experience may vary!

No matter which personal matchmaker you’re considering, you’ll want to gather intel on two key points during your initial consultation: how much it costs, and where your matches come from.

Fitting your budget is important. But you’re also making an investment in your love life, so you want the service that gives you the best odds of meeting your ideal partner.

Consistently making high-quality matches from within a limited database of singles in any one area is difficult, if not impossible. 

That’s because compatibility isn’t just one way. It’s not enough to meet singles who check all your boxes. That person has their own set of boxes to check. 

The larger the dating pool, the higher the odds of finding two checklists that align.

Some services match solely from within their own databases. Other services, like The MatchPro, include a limited number of “out of network” referrals. But there are other approaches you’ll want to consider as well.

Enamour, for instance, offers matches selected from an exclusive, invitation-only database. But the matchmaking team also utilizes both a network of scouts and recruiting technology to pinpoint highly compatible matches from a huge variety of sources.

And VIDA Select uses a tech-forward, proprietary process to leverage the single largest source of Maryland singles there is. Clients enjoy dates with relationship-worthy matches, and on average find someone special within just 3 months of service.

VIDA offers another potential advantage as well: matchmaking packages that are paid by the month. No long-term contracts! 

Whether you want to see where things lead with a promising match, want to travel, or simply need to take a break from dating, you can pause or stop your service. And if it turns out VIDA’s approach isn’t quite the right fit, simply don’t continue with the next month. It’s that simple.

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