The 5 Best Matchmakers In Phoenix (Cost & Reviews)

Finding your perfect match online isn’t easy – especially if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to swiping and messaging. And when long hours make it hard to meet people outside of the office, hiring a Phoenix matchmaker to do the legwork for you makes perfect sense.

There are a lot of options out there, and like any service provider the quality varies. Start here, with this list of the best 5 matchmakers in Phoenix!

Roseann Higgins, SPIES

Roseann Higgins

SPIES stands for Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective, and was founded by Roseann Higgins over 20 years ago. Prior to becoming a matchmaker, Higgins spent 16 years in the Navy.

Clientele: SPIES is based in Phoenix, but work with affluent clients all over the US.

Cost: $6,000+/1 year commitment

What To Expect: Women can apply to join the 70,000+ singles in the SPIES national database for free, however there are no guaranteed matches.

For men, the first step is a “discovery conversation,” where you’ll meet with a SPIES matchmaker and discuss everything from your relationship goals to your idea of a perfect partner. There’s a fee of several hundred dollars for the consultation, paid whether or not you’re accepted as a client.

Once you’ve signed the contract, the SPIES process is much like any traditional matchmaker’s. You’ll meet with matches pulled from their national database, and provide feedback after each date.

Clients can also meet people at members-only events hosted by the matchmaking service.

Contract Required: Yes

Founded In: 1994

Joann Cohen

Joann Cohen Phoenix Matchmaker

Joann Cohen’s 15 years of experience in both recruiting and human relations makes her a natural at matchmaking, and she applies many of her recruiting techniques to build up her database of high-quality Arizona singles.

Clientele: Cohen works with single men in both Phoenix and Scottsdale, often working in fields like engineering and technology. A boutique matchmaker, she only takes on up to 15 paying clients at once.

Cost: Price and commitment varies by client.

What To Expect: Women can join Cohen’s database at no cost, however inclusion does not come with a guarantee of ever being matched with a male client.

For men, the process starts with a 2-hour consultation, the fee for which will either be applied to your matchmaking services or refunded if she decides not to take you on as a client.

Cohen is a dating coach as well, so you’ll receive dating advice in addition to matchmaking services. She’ll also take a tour of your residence, which not only helps her get to know you better, but she can also offer suggestions on how to make a better impression on your date.

You’ll be introduced to people from her database, and Cohen also does “online sourcing” and recruiting at local events. Once she’s identified a compatible match, Cohen will meet with her in person before scheduling the introduction to make sure she’s a good fit for you.

Contract Required: Yes

Additional Services: Image consulting, date coaching

Further Reading: Joann Cohen reviews

Founded In: 2007

April Davis, LUMA Luxury Matchmaking

April Davis

A national matchmaking service with branches throughout the country, LUMA has a Phoenix office at 2303 N 44TH ST.

Clientele: This elite matchmaking services attracts successful Phoenix and Scottsdale singles, and both men and women can purchase a Premium membership.

Cost: $5,000 – $50,000+/commitment will be specified in the contract

There’s no charge to have your profile included in the Arizona database, but you may not ever be matched with a Premium member.

If you’d like a matchmaker actively searching for your soulmate, you’ll need to purchase a membership package. The cost varies based on factors such as how many introductions you’d like, how specific your requests are, and other details along those lines.

What To Expect: LUMA follows a slightly different process than matchmakers like Joann Cohen, although the end goal is the same. Instead of finding compatible matches one at a time, your matchmaker will pull up to 40 profiles of Scottsdale and Phoenix Singles.

From that group, your matchmaker will identify the people who are most compatible with your “must haves” – and then interview them. You’ll get to meet at least 3 of the singles who pass the screening process. If you and your match want to see each other again, you can exchange contact info during the date.

Contract Required: Yes

Founded In: 2010

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Susan Trombetti, Exclusive Matchmaking

susan trombetti

Susan Trombetti founded her elite matchmaking service on the East Coast, but has since expanded nationally – and offers matchmaking services to singles in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Clientele: Typically successful men in their 30s+.

Cost: $7,500 – $250,000+/commitment detailed in contract

Women can become VIP clients and pay for matchmaking services, or apply to have their profile included in Trombetti’s database of eligible singles for free. However the free option does not have any match guarantee.

Becoming an Exclusive Matchmaking client starts with a paid consultation – $350/Skype or $550/person.

Membership prices depend on the level of service you’d like, as well as other factors like your match criteria and the scope of your search.

If Trombetti’s matchmaking services are out of your price range, you can opt for a $4,000, one-time “Bachelor Party.” You’ll be introduced to compatible singles during the evening.

What To Expect: Your matchmaking team will introduce you to Scottsdale and Phoenix singles selected from the Exclusive Matchmaking database. As with most traditional matchmaking services, you’ll have the chance to give your matchmaker feedback after introduction.

Contract Required: Yes

Additional Services: Dating coaching, background checks (on your current romantic partner)

Founded In: 2011

Scott Valdez, VIDA Select

Scott Valdez VIDA

VIDA’s elite matchmakers not only have access to the largest pool of singles in Phoenix and Scottsdale, but can also find your perfect match in any city you want to date in – for no extra fees! That means VIDA is the perfect solution if you’re only in Arizona for part of the year.

Clientele: Successful men and women seeking a serious relationship, typically in their 30s to 60s.

Cost: $495 – $1,695/no commitment, thanks to VIDA’s ‘pay as you go’ structure

What To Expect: The first step to finding your perfect partner is a low-key phone conversation with a VIDA matchmaker to see if you qualify. Next, you’ll work hand-in-hand with your dedicated matchmaker.

VIDA is a modern matchmaking service, so she’ll use a data-driven process and the latest tech to find highly compatible singles. You’re in total control of the process, so you can approve or pass on each match after viewing a full profile. And the best part is you get unlimited matches each month you want service!

Because you aren’t locked into a contract, you can stop, pause, and being your service at any time – simply pay for each month you’d like to meet incredible, high-quality singles who meet all your ‘must haves’.

Contract Required: No

Additional Services: Image & style consulting, professional photography, dating coaching

Founded In: 2009

3 Ways To Ensure You’re Hiring The Best Matchmaker In Phoenix

You’ve just read about 5 great matchmaking services, but maybe you’re considering one that isn’t on this list! You’re about to invest your time, trust and in many cases a considerable amount of money, so make sure to do your homework before committing to a pricey contract.

1: Go Beyond Yelp

You’re likely no stranger to Yelp and Google reviews, and while local review sites can provide a general impression of what level of service a company may provide, keep in mind those reviews aren’t always accurate.

The bulk of them probably reflect genuine experiences, but it’s not unheard of for companies to post flattering reviews of themselves, or for competitors to post overly negative ones. For more accurate information, you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

The Better Business Bureau will often post “warnings” about matchmaking services that have garnered a lot of legitimate complaints, so a quick check of their website could provide crucial input for you to consider.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is another good place to see if a company has a history of complaints lodged against it, and local news outlets often do their own independent investigations as well.

A quick search of public records can unearth lawsuits, both pending and settled, so make sure to check the appropriate agencies for whichever state the matchmaking service is headquartered in.

2: Go Into The Consultation Prepared To Ask Questions

The first step in hiring just about any matchmaking service is an initial consultation – either in person or via phone/Skype. Your potential matchmaker will use this interview as a chance to get to know you and your relationship goals, but you need to use it as an opportunity to interview them as well.

Before talking with any matchmaking services, have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a company. It’s not just about having a budget in mind, although knowing what you can afford to spend is important.

Also put some thought into how important seeing a photo of your potential matches is, how often you may need to put the service on hold for things like travel, how many new people you’d like to meet, and that type of thing.

Here are 5 more crucial questions to ask a matchmaking service:

Good Questions To Ask A Matchmaker

Those questions don’t have a right or wrong answer per se – you need to decide for yourself what answers you want them to give, and hire accordingly. If you feel like a potential matchmaking service isn’t giving you a straight answer, that should be a red flag.

3: Put The Contract Under A Microscope

Depending on which matchmaking service you’re interviewing with, you may find the initial consultation seems more like a sales pitch – complete with ‘hard sell’ tactics. Don’t let a high pressure salesperson keep you from taking all the time you need to review and fully understand the contract – before signing it.

In most cases you’ll have 3 business days to change your mind, but after that time has elapsed you have virtually no recourse if you’re unhappy with the service. And while 3 days may seem like plenty of time to reconsider, consider this warning the BBB issued about Phoenix Singles:

BBB phoenix singles warning

Most matchmaking services who require lengthy contracts don’t offer refunds, so make sure you fully understand what you’re agreeing to when you sign.

For instance, if it’s an ‘endeavor to find’ type of contract, when you sign you’re acknowledging the service will look for matches who meet your criteria – but you may be meeting people who don’t.

Other companies may promise to provide a certain number of matches, but not specify the time frame during which you’ll actually meet them. That means it could be in a few months or a few years.

Those considerations may or may not be deal breakers for you – the important thing is that you are aware of how the service will work up front. And if the thought of committing to (and paying for) a year or more of services makes you nervous, consider starting with a matchmaker like VIDA that gives you exclusive service – on a month to month basis.

To learn more about how VIDA can find your perfect match, click here.

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