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Kelleher vs Selective Search vs VIDA [Which Matchmaker Is Best For You?]

Choosing the right professional matchmaking service isn’t a decision you should take lightly, since you’re about to invest your time, money, and trust.

Selective Search vs Kelleher vs VIDA Select - all viable options, but which one is the best matchmaker for you?

Our team of matchmaking experts has reviewed over 200 services, delving deep into their operations, cost, success rates, and customer experiences. Our reviews are built on 14+ years of industry experience, extensive research, and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

From cost to contracts to number of matches you’re guaranteed, you’ll see how these 3 exclusive matchmaking services compare, so you can decide which one is the best fit for you!

Selective Search vs Kelleher vs VIDA Select

 Selective Search logoKelleher LogoVIDAselect
Cost$25,000 - $500,000+ / year $30,000 - $300,000+ / year Basic packages start at $1195/month. Premium matchmaking starts at $1795/month, and Elite packages options start at $2395/month
Number of matchesUp to 10Negotiated into contractUnlimited
Scope of search1 city for $25,000
4-5 cities for $50,000
Local - $30,000
National - $45,000
International - $150,000+
Unrestricted; anywhere in the world.
Contractual commitment?Yes - 1 year, paid up frontYes - 1-3 years, paid up frontNo - month by month service
“Hold” timeYes - negotiated into contractYes - 12 monthsUnlimited

Let’s take a closer look at each matchmaking service:

Selective Search matchmaking website

Selective Search was founded in 2000 by Barbie Adler, an ex-corporate headhunter.

This exclusive matchmaking service is based in Chicago, and works with affiliated matchmakers all over the country.

Packages range from $25,000 to $250,000+, with "basic" matchmaking packages starting around $50,000.

Contracts typically span 1 year.

You are allowed to “freeze” your membership in 30-day increments. But you’ll have to estimate how much hold time you might need and negotiate it into your contract up front.

Basic and Elite memberships include up to 10 introductions. The Young Executives package comes with up to 6.

Becoming a Selective Search client begins with a 2-hour interview. You’ll discuss your goals, match criteria, and the finer details of your contract.

For more details, check out this Selective Search review.

Kelleher International

Kelleher International matchmaking homepage

Launched in 1986 by Jill Kelleher, Kelleher International is headquartered in San Francisco.

Her daughter Amber Kelleher-Andrews joined the matchmaking service in 1995, which now helps singles in major cities around the world.

Kelleher International offers 3 options. All of them come with a 13-month contract:

  • Local search - $30,000, with the ability to add cities for an extra $5k each.
  • National search - $45,000
  • International search - $150,000-$300,000+ (includes a personal consultation with Jill or Amber)

The number of matches depends on your location, and how specific your “ideal partner” criteria is. As Kelleher-Andrews shared in an interview,

“We don’t say ‘I’m sorry you’ve had 10 matches, you’re done.’ We don’t count the matches. We look for opportunities, not the numbers.”

The contract price is paid in full up front, and includes a year’s worth of “hold” time. That means you can pause the search if you need to travel for an extended time, or want to see how a relationship with a promising match plays out.

You can pause your membership as many times as needed, until you’ve used up all your hold time.

Becoming a Kelleher International client starts with a phone consultation. Next is a Skype session where the package levels, your match criteria, and other details are discussed in depth. If you decide to move forward, you’ll sign the contract and the search is on.

VIDA Select

VIDA Select matchmaker

Founded in 2009, VIDA Select takes a more modern approach to matchmaking.

No long-term contracts, no “hold” time, no pre-set number of matches. Instead, you pay only for the time you need. You can pause or end your service at any time.

Service is offered at 3 levels. Basic matchmaking packages start at $1195 a month. Premium matchmaking services start just $1795 a month. And Elite package options begin at only $2595/month. All packages are pay-as-you go.

Package prices highly correlate with the number of hours that your matchmaker should devote to the search for highly compatible matches each month. Factors like matching criteria and the number of locations are taken into account.

Becoming a client is simple. It starts with a free 20-minute phone consultation.

If you decide the service is a good fit, you’ll have an hour-long interview with your dedicated matchmaker to discuss your relationship goals and “perfect partner” criteria.

VIDA’s team of matchmakers has the world’s largest pool of eligible singles at their fingertips. And that means an unlimited number of matches for you. You can set the pace, whether you want one or two dates each week or just a few high-quality dates every month.

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