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Meet Sima Taparia [Best Indian Matchmaking Service?]

Editor's Note: Sima Taparia appears to have shifted gears to “Mutual Fund Matchmaking.” On her LinkedIn profile, she describes her new focus as helping “India’s confused millennials find their perfect mutual fund.” To find the best matchmaking service for you, start with these top elite matchmakers!

If you’re considering hiring an Indian matchmaking service, it’s no wonder Sameera Sima Taparia is on your list! 

Our team has reviewed well over 200 matchmaking services, delving into their processes, client experiences, and success rates. With over 14 years of first-hand industry experience, our reviews are built on extensive research and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

Coming up, you’ll find out how this Indian matchmaker got into the industry, how much it costs to hire her, and more.

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Meet Matchmaker Sima Taparia

Sima Taparia matchmaker

Hailing from Mumbai, Sima Taparia is a businesswoman and a marriage consultant. In popular culture, she is fondly known as "Sima from Mumbai" or "Sima Aunty,” and has been in the matchmaking industry for two decades. 

From a young age, Taparia developed a love for meeting new people and exploring different cultures. At one point she had dreams of working for an airline, but after helping her sister find a husband her path became more clear.

As she explained in an interview with People, 

"Since childhood, I have always had a passion for meeting people and traveling the world. At first, I thought I would be an air hostess, but after I matched my own sister 25 years ago, people suggested I do this professionally."

Taparia embarked on her professional journey in 2005, drawing from her candid nature and extroverted personality.

Sima Taparia's Indian Matchmaking website

According to Taparia, a successful matchmaker needs to have confidence around strangers and enjoy being around others. 

Or as she puts it

"One must enjoy socializing, be unafraid to talk to strangers, and have a great memory." 

As Taparia shared in an interview, her matchmaking journey has been buoyed by her husband's unwavering support. The two are the result of an arranged marriage and she says their solid bond has had a significant impact on her career: 

"My husband is a pillar of strength behind me. If he had not stood behind me, I could have not gone to such great heights. He helps me anytime I ask for suggestions, he gives me a suggestion or sometimes he suggests some clients also. He helps me a lot and he's a pillar of support.”

While she operates primarily from India, her clientele consists of singles from various countries around the world, including the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. 

Her participation in the Netflix original series “Indian Matchmaking” played a role in bolstering her global client base. 

In her own words

"I received thousands of inquiries after season one and season two launched on Netflix. I wish I could take on everybody as a client, but I do the best I can and am working hard to satisfy their needs. My phone never stops ringing – I had to switch cell phone numbers at one point!"

How Indian Matchmaking Came About

Indian Matchmaking on Netflix
Source: IMDB

Sima Taparia met Smriti Mundhra, the producer of Indian Matchmaking, years before the show launched. The two actually met when Mundhra came to Taparia as a matchmaking client. 

At the time Mundhra was involved in producing a documentary called A Suitable Girl, a project following the matrimonial journey of 3 young Indian women. As it turns out, one of Taparia's daughters was involved in the project and as a result, the 2 women spent a significant amount of time together.

Upon the conclusion of the documentary, Mundhra pitched the idea of Indian Matchmaking to Netflix, and its first season aired in 2020. Not only did the show bolster Taparia’s name in matchmaking circles but it also offered audiences a novel look into Indian matchmaking practices. 

According to Taparia, the show highlights traditional Indian values and has resonated with a younger audience who now reach out to hire her for help. She explained in an interview with Hindustan Times the impact she feels the show has had on a global scale: 

"My traditional Indian values have spread throughout the world and now youngsters are saying 'Sima Aunty said we won't get more than 70% of our criteria and we should listen to her’. I'm just spreading my traditional values around the world and that's what's made me a star." 

What To Expect Working With Indian Matchmaker Sima Taparia

Taparia takes a detailed and hands-on approach with her clients, getting to know them and their family dynamics and lifestyles. 

As part of the process, she meets personally with every client to learn more about them and what they’re looking for.

As she explains,

I go meet (them), see their house, how they are living. I see their business, I ask the criteria (for their match), all the definitions, what you want, what type of partner you want.”

Detailed conversations, assessments, and observations guide her as she screens and suggests potential partners. According to Taparia, this comprehensive approach helps her to “recommend a match that is on an even keel.” 

The matchmaking journey with Taparia involves a mix of cultural and personal practices, such as developing "criteria" lists, coaching clients on first-date etiquette, consulting astrologers, and horoscope matching if a client requests it. 

Tapara also works hard to manage client expectations realistically. 

As she explains

"They want everything in one person. But as a matchmaker, I just tell them that they won't get everything. They need to be realistic. The real world doesn’t work like that.”

She reaches out to her network of contacts to find potential matches for her clients. However, the ultimate decision rests with the client who selects the person who resonates with them the most. 

Despite her detailed process, Taparia acknowledges her role is limited to finding the matches and facilitating introductions. The rest is out of her hands. 

"If the destiny is there, if the couple is aligned together, then it happens.” 

How Much Does Hiring Sima Taparia Cost? 

You won’t find any specific pricing on Taparia’s website. However, an article in Lifestyle Asia suggests her fees range anywhere from $1,300 to $8,000+. 

It’s not uncommon for matchmaking costs not to be openly disclosed due to the specialized nature of the service. Prices are often discussed after the initial meeting or toward its conclusion when the matchmaker gains further insights into the requirements of each client. 

According to Taparia, she quotes prices once she verifies someone is serious about finding a partner. 

My rates vary according to several factors: where the client lives, how long I work for them, and whether or not I am successful in finding them their match.”

Taparia charges both people when a successful match is made, and this type of “success fee” isn’t uncommon in the matchmaking industry. 

For instance, Janis Spindel of Serious Matchmaking charges her male clients an additional $65,000+ in the event they get engaged, move in with, or date a match for 12 months.

Ultimately how much your matchmaking service will cost is detailed in your contract. 

No matter which service you end up hiring, factors affecting the price tag are similar to what Taparia described: where your matches come from, the geographic scope of your search, contract length, how much work it will take to find matches who fit your criteria, etc. 

To get a better idea of how much you might be spending with Sima Taparia as your personal matchmaker, let’s take a quick look at what two other services that might be on your radar charge!

Enamour offers a highly tailored matchmaking experience to singles all over the world. As a client, you’ll be matched with compatible singles from the curated, invitation-only database. But that’s not where your search ends! 

Enamour’s matchmakers also leverage recruiting technology and a widespread network of scouts to pinpoint candidates both online and offline who meet all your criteria. All potential matches go through an in-person vetting process to ensure they meet your standards.

Matchmaking packages start around $20,000 for 6 months of service.

VIDA Select is also an option worth considering if you’re serious about finding your perfect match. VIDA’s approach leverages the single largest source of singles there is! 

VIDA’s packages are sold monthly, which gives you the flexibility to start, stop, and pause your search as needed.

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