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Meet Elite San Diego Matchmaker Sophy Singer

Curious about matchmaker Sophy Singer? If you’re thinking about hiring Sophy Love as your San Diego matchmaking service, doing a little research on its founder is a savvy move. 

You’re looking for details, and you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts have reviewed over 200 matchmakers, from the boutiques to the big leagues. With 14+ years of firsthand industry experience, we’re well-acquainted with what clients value most in a service.

Keep reading to find out how Sophy Singer got started, her matchmaking philosophy, cost, and more!

Let’s dive in!

How Sophy Singer Got Into Matchmaking

Sophy Singer matchmaker

With a background in sales and real estate, Sophy Singer turned a side gig as a dating coach into a successful matchmaking service: Sophy Love. 

As she explained in an interview, when her engagement ended she started actively dating again and found she had a knack for it. Her reputation as someone to go to for dating advice grew, and she leveraged that into a business opportunity.

“People started sending me their friends, and everyone was like, ‘Oh, Sophie has dated a lot. She dated a ton. She’s the dating story girl.’”

In 2010, she began charging people to help fix their online profiles and develop better strategies around how they approached dating and relationships. 

Six years later, she decided to focus solely on helping people find love. She left her position as a sales agency manager to join Tawkify, a national matchmaking service. 

After working as a Tawkify matchmaker for several years, she decided to launch her own executive dating agency on the side.

Sophy Love San Diego Matchmaker

Sophy Love was founded in 2018, and Singer left Tawkify in 2021 to focus exclusively on her own boutique service.

A Peek Into Sophy Singer’s Matchmaking Philosophy

As Singer explained in a podcast for Yes Collective, potential Sophy Love clients often have a list of requirements for their perfect match. 

“They come to me thinking, okay, the only thing that's missing is my person… Everything's ready now. I just need this partner, this and this is what he looks like. Or she looks like this, and this is what they're like. This is what type of career they have. They have, like, a big checklist.”

But in reality, she says, they haven’t done the introspection and reflection to understand why they want those particular things. They haven’t defined their values around dating and relationships. 

“They've just kind of based it on this story that they've built themselves like a narrative, a little plot, right? So when they come to me and I can tell that there's just like absolutely no idea going on there.”

Given her background, it’s no surprise dating coaching is intertwined with her matchmaking process. As she goes on to say in the podcast,

“If [a potential client doesn’t] want to be coached, if they just want introductions thrown at them, that's not what I do. That's not a service alone that I provide. They have to be open to the coaching part of the process.”

Want a taste of her dating advice? Check out matchmaker Sophy Singer’s top 3 modern dating tips from around the web:

Sophy Singer's Top Dating Tips

How Does Sophy Love Work?

While Sophy Love is based in California, Singer works with clients from all of the US and internationally. She collaborates with a network of certified matchmakers to pair clients together. 

As she tells Caitlin Murray in an episode of Big Time Adulting

“We’re matching our clients with each other, our database members with each other.”

If you are interested in becoming a Sophy Love client, start by filling out a contact form, which is available through their website. Then you will have a consultation, either with Sophy Singer or one of the matchmakers on her team. 

If you and your matchmaker believe this is a good fit, you’ll dig deeper to determine your search scope and the level of service you’re interested in. 

Sophy Singer charges anywhere from $6,000 to $50,000+ for 3 to 6 months of service. Package cost depends on factors like the scope of the search, duration of your contract, how detailed your match criteria is, and whether or not dating coaching is involved. 

For a full rundown on Sophy Love and what to expect if you sign up, check out our Sophy Love matchmaking service review next!

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